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International Legal Translation Services

Providing Legal Translations, Legal Transcription Services, Legal Interpreting services to the legal industry.

Legal Document Translation

With legal of experience in the legal industry our translators are able to assist with legal document translations. Legal translation are often contain highly technically legal terminology and at Locate Translate our skilled and reliable translators are able to assist with your legal document translations.

Our translators are highly skilled with years of experience in and translate in their mother tongue to ensure we deliver quality results.

Legal Transcription

Providing accurate legal transcriptions requires a high level of skill and experience. We offer on demand legal transcription services. This includes PACE, IUC transcriptions, witness statements, depositions, and recorded interviews.
We are able to produce verbatim transcripts, this includes every cough, pause, unfinished sentence.
We work with a number of organisation providing transcriptions in their original language format and we also provide transcription with a direct translation to English.

Legal Interpreting Services

We offer Interpreting services to the legal industry, using impartial, expert and professional interpreters. Our interpreters are not only experts in the language they are interpreting but also in culture issues and expressions.
We offer simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, ad-hoc interpreting, telephone interpreting and consecutive interpreting.
We provide court interpreters, immigration interpreters and legal aid interpreters.

Experts in Legal Translation

With years of experience in the legal industry specialising in legal translations, legal interpreting, proof reading and legal language services.

  • We provide a dedicated account manager for each client
  • Established and trusted
  • Translators translate in their mother tongue
  • An account manager who understands your requirements

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Our Philosophy

Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are part of what differentiates our translation services from most others. Strong relationships allow us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise.


5 Years Translation & Legal Experience
Our team of experienced translators deliver accurate and consistent results for our partners every time.


GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 Compliant
We understand each business is unique and each translation or transcription will be unique. Every project is unique.

Fast Results

The fastest turnaround in the industry!
We understand timescales are important and in most circumstances we deliver results in advance of any deadline.

Quality Guarantee

100% Quality Guarantee!
When using our services you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will understand your business and work with you to delivery the best results.

Our Practice Areas

Our legal translators provides languages services in their mother tongue, meaning that accurate and reliable translations are always delivered.

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1. Contact us with your requirements

2. You receive a fast response with a quotation

3. You send us your NDA or we send you a copy of ours for approval and you send us the project

4. A dedicated account manager will keep your informed and updated throughout the project

5. We deliver your project within your deadline

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