Audio Transcription Services

We offer high quality audio transcription services in a range of languages.

Locate Translate provided transcription services to a range of clients. Through our experience and by using native speakers we are able to offer high quality transcription services.

Our transcriptions services are used by a number of industries, we carry out legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions, interview transcriptions, board meeting transcriptions and regulatory and event transcription services.

Multilingual Audio Transcription

Our multi lingual transcription services are charged per audio minute of recording. We offer our services in a range of languages and with native speakers globally we are able to transcribed various dialects of languages.

At Locate Translate we take pride in providing quality results that is why, all transcription work that is carried out in quality checked to ensure only accurate and reliable results.

Benefits of using our Transcription Service

Multiple Languages

Over 50+ Languages


Native language translators

Fast & effective

Super fast turn around times.

Qualified team

Qualified industry experienced translators

Offering transcription in our specialised industries means we are able to deliver accurate results.

We are able to offer Verbatim transcription, Edited Transcription or Intelligent Transcription.

We are translation, transcription & language specialists!

Feel free to contact us with your requirements for a quotation or just to discuss a potential transcription project in further detail.