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Locate’s UK Translation Services | Translate UK English to 30+ Languages

Locate Translate is the #1 translation company wholly based in the United Kingdom. Here at Locate Translate, we’ve got professionals from around the world to cater to your language needs.

Translate UK

We can be your trusted agency as American English to British English Converter. For example, we can translate foreign languages into UK English. On the other hand, our professionals can also translate UK English into 30+ languages.

That being said, clients from all over the world entrust us with their translation projects. In short, they find us reliable to deliver premium language solutions!

Locate Agency

Want to locate an agency for your next translation project? Well, you don’t have to look elsewhere as long as you have Locate Translate by your side. Based in the United Kingdom, Locate Translate provides top quality, affordable and fast language solutions. For instance, we offer services such as Translation, Remote Interpreting, Zoom Interpreting, Localization, Certified Translations, etc.

Translation & Localization

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Whether it’s the translation of documents or the localization of apps and websites, we’re pleased to announce that Locate Translate is the place where all your language needs can be met. Additionally, you will get knowledgeable and experienced translators to provide you with top language solutions.

Transcription & Subtitling

translation company UK - Locate Translate | locate agency | translate co uk

At Locate Translate, we have a flair for transcription. So much so, our transcribers write accurate transcripts of audio and video interviews at speed unmatched. As part of transcription, we also offer face to face, telephonic, Zoom interpreting services. In addition to that, we subtitle business videos.

Interpreting & Moderation

translation company UK - Locate Translate | translate company | locate agency | translate co uk

It won’t be wrong to say that sometimes you may need one kind of interpreting service during one situation. But when circumstances change, the old one may no longer serve its purpose. Creating in its wake, need for a wide range of interpreting services. Services such as Simultaneous, Consecutive, Video, Telephone, and Conference Interpretation. You always need to have these at your disposal. In fact, we also offer multilingual moderation for clients who need it.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

#1 Translation Company & Language Service Provider | Translate UK

Get full-service DTP solutions from UK’s leading language solutions provider. Consequently, with us as your language partner, your presentations will have the desired impact on your target audience. Request a FREE QUOTE on Multilingual Desktop Publishing.

Multilingual Market Research

#1 Translation Company & Language Service Provider | Translate UK

Get Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis in English or in any other source language at Locate Translate. That is to say, we deliver analysis in the format and language specified by our clients. In other words, tailored services remain a hallmark of Locate Translate. Request a FREE QUOTE on Multilingual Market Research and Content Analysis.

Proofreading & AE Reporting

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It’s true that at Locate Translate we can help proofread and edit documents. In addition, you may also need proofreading of translations as well. Especially if case local teams and subsidiaries have done the translation. Moreover, we also specialize in services like adverse event reporting, coding and transcription.

We work with and are trusted by global brands

Translate UK Assigns the Most Fitting Linguists to your Projects

Locate Translate is more than just a business name. In the same vein, it’s more than just a brand founded by experts from the medical, legal and commercial sectors. It represents our commitment to take clients needs into account while offering our services. In simple terms, while providing translation, transcription, localization, interpretation, etc. we tailor our services according to client needs. Suffice it to say that Translate UK ensures that only linguists who fit your needs get to do the allocated work. That’s to say, ones who can provide quality work at an affordable price get assigned to client projects. By reaching out to us, you locate an agency that cares for your needs and offers tailored solutions.


Client Oriented

Meanwhile, when you use our services, we will assign a dedicated account manager to your project. Doing so will help us understand your business better and allow us to work in close contact with your team. It’s because of this that we’re able to deliver quality results. Moreover, we understand that every business is unique. Therefore, the translation or transcription service we offer is also unique. At our agency [Translate Co UK], this helps us provide better service to our clients! Besides that, timescales are also important. That’s why in most circumstances we deliver results in advance of any deadline.

We deliver value to our clients by:

Assigning a dedicated account manager specialised in the client’s industry

Offering competitive pricing

Ensuring on time delivery of projects

With our use of native and experienced linguists, we offer the highest standard for all our language services ensuring accurate, consistent, cost-effective and fast results. You can get in touch with us to translate UK English into American English or vice versa. In fact, we translate over 30 languages into UK English since we have a vast pool of native English translators working with us! Find out more!

I am impressed by Locate Translate’s work. In fact, I got in touch with them after a supplier backed out of a project at the last minute. Yet, they were able to get me a quote (competitively priced). Accordingly, confirmed they could take on the work in a matter of minutes. What amazed me was that they did not complain about tight timelines!

Research Director- CRO

“ 6-month Global localisation project to launch our new product, Locate Translate was always available and on time. Additionally, they’ve proved to be the most reliable translation suppliers we have ever worked with.”

Director - International Technology Company

 “Finally a translation company with the expertise to provide an accurate, fast, reliable, flexible service.”

Head of EU Localisation - Global Engineering

Your success is our responsibility

As a top language service provider, we care about your end goals. This responsibility drives our actions through every step of your project.

Why work with us?

  • Unparalleled Language Expertise: Native-speaking, industry-specialized linguists for accurate translations.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailor-made services aligned with your brand and objectives.

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance: Error-free translations through multiple editing rounds.

  • Timely Delivery: Meeting deadlines without compromising quality.

Confidentiality | Quality | Security

Simply put, we have dedicated ourselves to exceeding client expectations. Unlike other agencies, we pride ourselves on our human-done translations rather than machine translations that are full of errors. That also means, we thrive to deliver the best quality service, on time, every time.

Find out more about our commitment to quality and bespoke service provision.

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Corporate Responsibility

At Locate Translate we commit ourselves to responsibilities that go beyond commercial activities. Part of our mission is to help international communities and the environment. Whether that be here or in the wider world.

Find out more about how we look to do our bit here.

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