Many people ask us to explain what is certified Apostille translation as they fail to comprehend its full meaning. While official translation is easily understood by almost all people but the majority are found wanting guidance when it comes to Apostille translation services. To make things easier, we will explain to you what it means and when you need it!

Every year, hundreds of businesses and individuals use Locate Translate for certified translation services. We are trusted for we provide industry-leading services at the most competitive translation rates. And that the translation is always performed by native-speaking, qualified translators. What makes our language solutions in over 30 languages truly invincible are the duo of expert project managers and translators. Together they help ensure hassle-free delivery of secure, fast and accurate translations across multiple sectors in multiple languages.

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is an official certificate issued by a government and added to the translated document to prove that it’s genuine and legal and that it can be used in another country.

So if you’re asked by foreign authorities to get your documents translated and apostilled, you don’t have to worry about anything but contact us to let us know. At Locate Translate, we do not only translate personal and business documents but also Apsotille them for presentation before foreign authorities. Additionally, we arrange for the notarisation of your documents by our in-house dedicated notary before getting them legalised by the FCO.  

As you can see, it’s a complex process and can get out of your hand if you don’t know how to do it correctly. But you don’t have to shoulder all this responsibility all by yourself when you can outsource the whole process to us. While you tend to the tasks that are urgent to you, we will prepare your documents for use in foreign countries.

When Do Documents Need Certified Apostille Translation?

All your British documents, irrespective of whether you intend to use them for personal or business purposes overseas, may need certified Apostille translation to be legalised or officially recognised and accepted for use in a foreign country. Rember that the only thing that can make your document legal for overseas use is an Apostille or a stamp of authenticity.

Can you Apostille an Original Document?

Depending on the authority requesting the Apostille, you may or may not require to Apostille an original document. Though generally speaking, Apostille certificates can be issued on both original and certified copies of UK documents. Again it’s the prerogative of who’s requesting it and may choose to accept only an original document or ask for a copy of the original document. 

That’s why at Locate Translate we take every Apostille request we receive on the case for case basis to cater to the individual requirements of each case. For example, in cases where an original document isn’t required, we ask for photocopies. Just scan the original document and sent it over by email; you can also post it to our office address or personally hand it over to us if you happen to be in or around our office’s address in London.

When Do you Need to Submit Original Paperwork?

We may ask you to send over original paperwork if the case involves documents like Court Documents, Criminal Record Disclosures, or any UK Registry Office-issued document.

Locate Translate Provides Certified Apostille Translation

At Locate Translate, we specialise in all kinds of certified translations, including Apostille and Notarised translations of documents. We have a team of qualified, native-speaking linguists whose knowledge concerning legal matters associated with Apostille translation is flawless. As said before, we can tailor our services as per your requirements. When you require us to notarise your documents we can do it expertly and with ease; if you rather require us to legalise your documents, you’re in the right place. Our sole mission is to make your documents presentable before foreign authorities.

In short, contact Locate Translate for flawless Apostille translation services that are radically affordable and delivered with a quick turnaround and guaranteed acceptance by the UK and overseas authorities. If something is not clear and you need further information from us, please feel free to call us today on 0208 609 4852 or email Our project managers will happily provide you with the required information regarding certified Apostille translation services. Alternatively, you fill out our contact form here.

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