Out of all documents, contracts are a bit difficult to translate from one language to another. Not just do contracts require utmost linguistic accuracy, but business terminology that contracts are so profuse with has to be incorporated into the translated version without losing the original meaning. Then the translator also needs to have enough legal expertise to make the translation as perfect as the original.

That’s why at Locate Translate, we assign professional contract translators to offer our clients accurate contract translation services. Our translators pay due attention to the cultural aspect of the language and work within the legal framework as set by the local market. Therefore, you can rest assured that with us, you work with proficient native translators only who have a commendable understanding of legal matters.

Why Locate Translate?

Respects Client Privacy and Confidentiality


As the UK’s best translation agency, we take pride in having served clients across the globe and having carved for ourselves a name as a trustworthy company. Your privacy matters to us, and we respect confidentiality. So much so, at Locate Translate, we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place, requiring each translator to protect each client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Offers Specialized Contract Translation Services


Top skills are needed to offer contract translation service. You don’t just have to have expertise in language but legal proficiency also to provide legal translation services. Our in-house translators have experience in both domains and translate contracts with maximum accuracy and precision, and our translation service is error-proof.

Tailored Service According to your Needs


When you let us know your needs and requirements, we tailor our service accordingly. For us, it is how you want our service, not how we offer it, that matters. Whether you want us to translate an employment contract or a rental agreement. Our service is for you. Similarly, we offer purchase and non-disclosure agreement translation at a cost-effective price with top-notch quality. Moreover, we have in our agency translators who have target language as mother-tongue, therefore, promising sheer quality on translation work done.

Fast Delivery of Contract Translations


At Locate Translate, we respect deadlines and make sure tasks are completed within the stipulated time. Yet not compromising in the least our translation’s quality and accuracy. We understand how delicate a contract document is and how meticulously we need to translate it, keeping an eye for detail.

Shortest to say, we’ve got a bunch of experienced translators to undertake your contract translation project. Also, there’s nothing to worry about concerning your confidentiality with the Non-Disclosure Agreement in place. Furthermore, what sets us apart from others is our twin expertise in legal and language domains, guaranteeing that all our translation work conforms to the law of the land and that the language is fully adapted for the consumption of the target audience.

Types of Contracts We Translate


There are various kinds of contract documents businesses need to be translated, and our translation service covers most, including:

    • Employment Contracts
    • Commercial Contracts
    • Purchase Agreements
    • Rental Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Leases
    • Deeds


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