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App translation services have become imperative for businesses with apps becoming preferred mediums to do everyday choruses like shopping, sifting through news, banking, etc. That calls for service providers to see to it that their apps’ support multiple languages to give local users a chance to access these apps in their native language.

Consequently, you’ll be needing to translate your app’s descriptions, offer a multilingual user interface, alongside providing an in-app purchase process in various languages to ensure more people install and recommend it to other users.

App Translation Services - Locate Translate

Our App Translation Features

If you are looking for App translation service, choose Locate Translate UK’s professional, human app translators. While we translate your App to make it user-friendly for local consumers, here’s what we consider:

Target Country

For App text translation, we take the target country into account and translate and localize your app accordingly. We focus on language-specific marketplaces when offering mobile app translations. If there’s no specific target locality, our multilingual app translation will cover all relevant languages.

App Language Translation into English

If your app doesn’t support English, you are definitely at a loss because English continues to remain one of the world’s high priority languages and translating into English your App makes sense. Get in touch with Locate Translate, our professional translators will do it right away at best prices with no compromises on quality!


Locate Translate doesn’t want the App translation service to be a burden on small businesses.  That’s why we’ve kept our app translation service within your budget. We offer a per-word basis pricing on translations into 30+ language pairs. We have kept our services affordable for small businesses to access our translation services.

Shortest to say, people have become accustomed to Apps of all kinds: mobile, web, and desktop. Day in and day out, people use Apps for ordering food. If they are running short o time and need to book a plane ticket instantly, App is the way. Moreover, paying bills of all sorts has become a lot easier using Apps. 

As a result, the number of people using Apps has also skyrocketed. We’ve billions of people using Apps on daily basis, even to the extent where Apps have become integral to their daily activities. With so many people, coming from different linguistic backgrounds, using Apps, App translation and localisation services have become indispensable, especially if you’re targeting a global market.

How Locate Translate Helps?

Mobile app translation is necessary, and we fully understand the implications of wrong translations. Our certified, native linguists offer app developers, businesses, organizations top-notch app translation services of unmatched accuracy. So get your App manually translated into any language with Locate Translate.

One of the reasons why Apps are developed in the first place is to achieve universality of sorts where people across national and linguistic borders can use your Apps. While the internet has rendered national borders useless, App translation agencies like Locate Translate are bent on removing linguistic barriers. 

As part of the process, we will translate your App’s content into multiple languages so that it propels your expansion into foreign markets in a manner exceeding your expectations. Our native linguists will ensure your App speaks people’s language so as to cater to the linguistic needs of diverse audiences.

Why Translate your App?

improve user experience through app translation

Improving International User Experience

How do you improve user experience? One way to ensure a top-quality user experience is by offering service in the language of your target audience. That way they can relate to it better, and ensure user engagement while building trust. Therefore, App translation is needed to ensure your App is user friendly.

app translation services

Expanding to New Markets

Expanding into foreign markets demands overcoming language barriers. Our App translation and localisation service will ensure you not only overcome the language barrier but also localise your App to adapt to local cultures. Our translation service is cost-effective, accurate, and fast turnarounds guaranteed.

app translation to boost income

Boosting your Income

Through our App translation service, we ensure improved conversions, sales, and ROI. Therefore, at the end of the process, you’re guaranteed a significant boost in your earnings. By reaching more people through translation, you’ll see more revenue being generated through your App when it supports multiple languages.

App Translation Services - Locate Translate

Looking for App Translation Services?

Get us, Locate Translate, onboard if you’re looking for top-quality and affordable App translation and localisation services. We’ve years of experience in app translation and offer our service in 30+ language pairs. Drop us a message and our certified, native linguists will get back to you to discuss your translation project and offer instant App translation quotes.

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