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Locate Translate provides cost-effective Arabic legal transcription services for diverse sectors, including Legal, Market Research, Manufacturing, and E-learning. Our skilled transcribers ensure accurate results. Trust us for reliable Arabic Legal Transcription. Contact us for expert support!

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Arabic Legal Transcription Rates

Locate Translate specializes in tailored translation and transcription services for legal aid cases, where the government covers legal representation costs. Our skilled transcribers offer exceptional service at legal aid rates, ensuring accuracy and quality.

Our Services

Locate Translate provides comprehensive Arabic legal transcription services for London’s legal aid agencies. Our expert legal transcribers excel in the legal field, delivering precise transcripts in multiple languages while capturing intricate details. With competitive pricing and a commitment to excellence, we’re your trusted partner for accurate legal transcription solutions.

Why Choose Locate Translate for Arabic Legal Transcription?

When it comes to legal aid cases, our specialization in language solutions sets us apart. We ensure unparalleled quality by assigning skilled legal experts to manage transcriptions. With our tailored expertise, precision, and unwavering commitment to meeting your needs, we are the ideal choice for your legal transcription requirements.

    • Specialized Excellence: Our dedicated team of professional transcribers specializes in the legal field, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant transcripts for legal aid cases.

    • Multilingual Proficiency: With mastery in over 30 languages, including Arabic, we seamlessly transcribe legal documents from various sources to English or vice versa.

    • Precision and Detail: Recognizing the importance of accuracy in legal matters, our transcribers pay meticulous attention to details, guaranteeing dependable and correct transcripts.

    • Timely Delivery: We understand the urgency in legal cases. We offer quick turnaround times, ensuring prompt delivery without compromising quality.

    • Cost-effective Solutions: Our competitive rates are tailored to meet the budget requirements of legal aid agencies and professionals, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

    • Confidentiality and Security: Legal documents often contain sensitive information. We prioritize data security and uphold strict confidentiality protocols.

    • Customized Approach: Each legal case is unique. Our services are adaptable and customizable to match the specific needs of your legal aid project.

    • Experienced Team: With years of experience, our transcribers understand legal nuances and terminology, delivering accurate transcripts that capture legal subtleties.

    • Dedicated Support: We are committed to excellent customer service. Our team is readily available to address queries and provide support throughout the transcription process.

    • Trusted Partner: Many legal aid agencies and professionals rely on us for their transcription needs. Our track record of delivering superior results positions us as a reliable partner in the legal industry.

A Quick Look at Legal Aid Transcription Process

We follow a straightforward transcription process to deliver quality translations within a few hours.


You upload the audio/video recording or just email us your file directly via secure channels.​

Choose Service

You select from a variety of transcription options and place your order according to your needs. ​


We assign a qualified transcriber to perform transcription within agreed upon time.​

Receive Transcript

You receive the transcript via email, which is rightly formatted and deliver on time.

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