Arabic to English Transcription

Locate Translate provides 100% human-done Arabic transcription services. Headquartered in the world’s metropolitan hubs,  London and Dubai, we’ve pooled together the best Arabic and English linguistic talent under one roof at Locate Translate to transform the landscape of Arabic to English transcription and vice versa. Alongside to and from Arabic transcription, we also provide top-quality Arabic to English translation, subtitling, and voiceover

Done by skilled transcribers, our transcription from Arabic to English is accurate, human-generated, and error-proof. Given that we’re a trustworthy agency, entrusted with transcription projects by reputed businesses and organisations from a variety of sectors, including legal, healthcare, education, finance, market research, technology, and more, we never deploy speech recognition technology to deliver machine-generated transcripts in place of human-generated. Some agencies do so to cut costs so that they can offer low-cost transcription services only to the clients’ frustration who feel let down by errors and mistakes that permeate such transcripts. So beware and choose only human-done transcription services we at Locate Translate specialise in and provide at competitive prices. 

Arabic to English Transcription

Professional Arabic Transcription Services

At Locate Translate, we transcribe audio and video files in 30+ language pairs. With vigorous quality checks in place and strenuous proofreading and editing, we provide professional Arabic transcription services. Our in-house team of vetted transcribers deliver quick, accurate, and affordable transcripts, trusted by hundreds of clients all over the world.

Shortest to say, Locate Translate is your finest destination where you can meet talented Arabic and English transcribers and linguists and leverage their professional expertise to quickly and affordably transcribe Arabic audios and videos into English.

We offer Arabic transcripts in a wide variety of text and subtitle formats. So depending on your requirements, you may choose from 1) Plain Text (.txt), 2) Microsoft Word (.docx), 3) PDF (.pdf), and 4) SubRip (.srt) formats. In addition to the format, we also provide speaker names, timestamps, and highlights in the export file.

Therefore, get in touch with our transcriptionists to transcribe in Arabic. We will get back to you within minutes to discuss your project requirements and assign a dedicated project manager to streamline your collaboration with Locate Translate.

100% Accuracy

At Locate Translate, we provide 100% accurate transcription from Arabic to English. It’s a guarantee backed by our highly skilled and experienced team of transcriptionists.

Human-Generated Transcriptions

Are you fed up with machine-generated transcriptions replete with errors? Now is the time to switch to human-generated transcriptions carried out by our native transcriptionists.

Competitively Priced

We provide affordable transcription services in 30+ languages.  So we can not only help with Arabic to English transcription but to other language pairs as well.

No Speech Recognition Software Used

At Locate Translate, we don’t use speech recognition software to write transcripts to sell to clients at low prices despite being aware of its low quality. So, don’t fall for the trap and choose instead error-proof transcripts typed by human transcribers.

Degree Translation Services

Quality Assurance

At Locate Translate, we provide quality-driven transcriptions carried out by a pool of talented transcribers. Come and get what you want: accurate and reliable Arabic to English transcription services.

Degree Translation Services

Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager to each project to ensure you receive the best service, delivered in quick time, and professionally carried out.

Degree Translation Services

ISO 9001 Certified Agency

We’re an ISO 9001 certified transcription agency. That means we follow standard quality procedures and quality checks to deliver accurate transcriptions.

GDPR Compliant & Confidentiality Sensitive

We’re a GDPR compliant and confidentiality sensitive translate company. Therefore, all your data is safe with us and your privacy is protected.

Arabic to English Transcription

Arabic Subtitling Services

Home to native and professional subtitlers, Locate Translate provides premium quality Arabic subtitling to video content creators so that they can reach a much wider audience and explore the untapped potential of new language markets by reaching out to your potential audience in their native language. Locate Translate can play a part in this as your valuable language solutions partner. 

If you’re a media house that wants to capture English markets, our Arabic to English subtitle services might interest you.  Whether it’s news, film or TV program, our subtitling service can make your content accessible to non-Arabic speakers all over the world. Yours can be the next blockbuster in the United Kingdom if you’ve added English subtitles to your video content, bet it a movie, TV program, or Netflix series.

It’s high time, therefore, for Arab media houses to opt for professional Arabic subtitling services for high-quality and reliable translation of non-Arabic video content, news broadcast, movies, or TV shows, to make it consumable to the domestic audience in the Arab world. Or make Arabic content accessible to the international audience through our premium quality Arabic subtitling services.

Death Certificate Translation Services

Professional Arabic Voice Over Agency

Locate Translate has been in the voice-over industry for years now and we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience as one of the advanced and reliable providers of Arabic voiceovers and subtitles. Choose us for a voice-over service that’s perfect, delivered in quick time, and affordable

Locate Translate’s unmatched quality standards mean our to and from Arabic voice-overs are accurate. We’ve got the best in-house Arabic voice-over talent working with us who make sure our service is cost-effective, fast and perfect by all quality standards. We assign only the best voice-over artist and linguist whose skills match perfectly with your voiceover projects, to carry out the service. Their prior experience in ads, corporate narration, character voices, comes in handy and can be of much help.

Arabic to English Transcription
Arabic to English Transcription
Death Certificate Translation Services

Professional Arabic Transcriptionists

Locate Translate houses professional Arabic transcriptionists, audio-video typists, who provide quality Arabic transcription service. From full-verbatim transcription to intelligent verbatim transcription to detailed notes transcription, our transcribers specialise in every type of transcription.

Other aspects of transcription that include speaker identification and timestamps are provided if required. No matter whether it’s Arabic to Arabic transcription or Arabic to English transcription, we can assist either way. Our Arabic and English transcribers will expertly type out the audio and video files into text format. 

Death Certificate Translation Services

Industry-Specific Arabic to English Transcription

Locate Translate provides specialised transcription services in varied sectors. From converting Arabic audio/video files into English text, and English audio/video files into Arabic text, we’re also an industry-specific transcription service prover. 

Some of the industries we work in include:

→ Media houses, news organisations and TV production companies

→ Market research agencies, businesses, financial institutions

→ Academic institutes, research organisations and libraries

→ Legal organisations, law firms, law enforcement agencies

Moreover, we can transcribe immigration interviewscourt tapes and recordings, research materials, TV productions, client meetings, police interviews, etc.

Arabic to English Transcription

Arabic to English Transcription from Audio and Video

In short, there’s nothing to worry about if you have Locate Translate as your language solutions partner, specialising in transcription from any Arabic audio or video file into English.

Our proficient transcribers and linguists will listen to the Arabic audio or video file and carry out a written transcription of the same into English. It’s the quick turnaround time transcription service that we promise to our clients.

In addition to speed output, we also ensure textual clarity and quality that only human-done transcriptions can promise.

Why Choose Us?


We’ve years of experience in providing transcription services that have resulted in lasting relations, based on trust, with our worldwide clients who keep coming back to us for transcription.

Affordable Pricing

Human-done transcription with impeccable quality delivered to our clients despite affordable pricing. Low prices don’t have to mean machine or automated transcription, we can offer competitive prices on transcriptions carried out by human transcribers.

Client Satisfaction

At Locate Translate, we focus on client satisfaction. Till they’re 100% satisfied with our transcription work, we keep polishing our transcripts. In short, for us client satisfaction is the heart of the matter, only human, not machines, can understand that.

Contact For Arabic to English Transcription

If you need Arabic to English transcription service, feel free to contact us for professional transcription services in the United Kingdom. Write to us at and we will get back immediately with a FREE QUOTE on professional transcription services.

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