Enhance Your Market Research Outcome With Our Suite of Transcription Services

For years, Locate Translate has been providing market research companies with secure audio transcription to text whenever conducting qualitative research. From transcription of focus groups to converting in-depth interviews audio to text, we have you covered.

On top of audio and video transcription, we also transcribe voice memos; provide not-taking services where our professionals convert dictation to word securely and accurately besides other audio transcribing services. Simply put, we can convert audio to transcripts that are easier to share and skim through.

By delivering accurate transcripts that read like a book, market researchers are able to extract more precise insights. Send over all your recordings in the audio format that you’ve collected from a research study and receive back the same converted into text files using our transcribing services.

What is Manual Transcribing Service?

Manually transcribing is when a professional human transcriber converts the audio to text. Usually, manual or human transcriptions are over 99% accurate and are carried out by transcriptionists who have actual niche experience. 

In other words, your focus groups or in-depth interviews are transcribed by transcribers with proven experience in the market research industry. We can offer English-to-English transcription services besides offering voice translation services in 30+ languages. 

For market research transcription services, the accuracy of transcripts matters more than anything else. And you cannot convert audio to text with any degree of accuracy if human transcribers aren’t assigned to do the transcribing.

Human transcription services might look expensive in the beginning but auto-transcribed transcripts aren’t accurate and need editing services on top, which makes auto transcription doubly expensive.

Live Transcription & Offline Transcription Services

When it comes to live transcription services, Locate Translate offers services like minute-taking, note-taking, and dictation services. So if you’re looking for transcribers to convert audio to text in real-time, you’ve come to the right place. All your live audio transcription to text requirements can be met at Locate Translate where certified transcribers convert audio to text in real-time. 

For example, you can be a court reporter, a medical doctor or a market researcher and need someone to take notes on your behalf. You need court and NHS-certified transcribers who’re allowed to offer services inside courts or healthcare facilities and Locate Translate offers just that.

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But it may also be the case that you already have recordings of market research interviews, whether focus groups or in-depth, hence are looking for professionals to transcribe your audio recordings in an offline setting. Rest assured that Locate Translate provides data-secured and affordable transcription services that are used by market research firms all across London, UK. 

Although we’re London based, we cover the whole country and offer you online transcription without you leaving the comfort of your office, hence causing little to no disruption to your daily schedule. And delivering transcriptions with over 99% accuracy and quick turnaround time.

Use Cases of Converting Audio to Text for Market Research Industry

All market research firms require transcription services for multiple use cases. Whether it’s to transcribe audio recordings or convert video to text, or as is mostly the case, to translate the voice before transcribing it. Locate Translate offers a full suite of transcription and translation services.

Telephone Interview Transcription

Locate Translate’s professional transcribers can transcribe with utmost accuracy all your phone interview recordings and deliver easily understandable transcripts. Transcripts are easier to store for future reference or to share with team members. So with our transcription services, you can store information more efficiently and review transcript copies as needed without losing sight of vital findings.

Focus Group Transcription

There’s a level of complexity associated with focus group conversations. You may have the recordings but you will need expert help to turn recordings into transcripts that can be of any value to your team. But by outsourcing transcription of focus group conversations to Locate Translate, you can save money and countless by letting our team of authorised transcribers do the transcription.

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In-Depth Interview Transcription

Without a doubt, in-depth interviews are a great source of information, but you won’t want the information to remain trapped in the recordings. Much better would be to get the information extracted and neatly converted into a written document from audio format. To do just that, we offer research firms like yours highly secure and quality in-depth interview transcription services.

Voice Translation Services for Multilingual Transcription

Just to bring to your notice, at Locate Translate we don’t just transcribe voice recordings of conversations, interviews, and conferences, but we also translate voice recordings from one language to another. 

Suppose, you have a project to conduct in-depth interviews with Chinese doctors regarding a new medicine on behalf of a UK based pharmaceutical company. All is done and you have a recording of the interview, but the problem is your client, which is a pharmaceutical company based in the United Kingdom, they don’t speak Chinese. 

To help you out, we offer foreign language transcription translation services in over 30 languages delivered by our team of in-house team native linguists who provide our clients with multilingual transcription services. 

We can translate audio recordings from the foreign language into your clients’ native language so that they can extract useful insights generated from the research. We have years of experience translating and transcribing audio-to-text from interviews, webinars, teleconferences, podcasts, and videos with 99% accuracy.

Simply put, we’re a specialised transcription agency for multilingual audio transcription services whose clients are some of the top market research firms from the UK and abroad who use our services to transcribe audio/video recordings from the source language into multiple target languages.

Types of Transcripts That We Can Deliver

What type of transcript you may require will depend on the level of detail that you want to be captured in transcripts. Here’s the list of the most common types of transcripts and the levels of detail they capture.

Verbatim Transcripts 

Verbatim transcripts contain the word-for-word accounts of the recording, except that it leaves out stutters, verbal tics, ‘hmms’, ‘ahs’, and interruptions to deliver transcripts that have an easy-to-read flow.

Full-Verbatim Transcripts

Full verbatim transcripts are more detailed and contain in addition to all spoken words non-essentials like stutters and interruptions. You can also request transcribers to include pauses, laughter and annotations on tone.

Detailed Notes Transcripts 

Detailed notes transcripts are edited to make them more to-the-point and on-topic and usually takes a specialist to deliver such transcripts. Anything off-topic like chit-chat and rambling answers is edited out to ensure the delivery of a more accurate and concise summary of the recordings.

Benefits of Transcribing Audio to Text

Research doesn’t end with recording interviews. Documenting, and preserving the data is equally important. Transcribing audio files helps accomplish exactly that. Other benefits of transcribing audio to the text include:

1. Written Record of Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews

When it comes to storing, analysing and sharing data with colleagues, written transcripts come in handy. On the technical side, you may be aware transcripts are written documents and take significantly less storage when compared to audio and video recordings. 

With your recording converted into a document, you can read it more objectively and review responses from participants. Moreover, sharing transcripts with coworkers is extremely easier and less cumbersome. 

Additionally, written transcripts lend themselves to translation more easily, so you can have different translations of the same transcript into multiple languages.

2. Render Market Research Analysis Less Time-Consuming

A written transcript is easier to read or sift through compared to audio recordings. Therefore, renders the analysis of market research data less time-consuming. Converting lengthy recordings into transcripts saves your team countless hours and makes it possible to search for specific words and timestamps when you’re looking for a particular piece of information.

3. Draw More Accurate Conclusions

A disadvantage of listening to an audio recording, from the researcher’s point of view,  is that most of the time goes into note-taking, which is actually a distraction because he isn’t able to pay attention to what’s being said.

Transcript solves that problem by converting an audio file to a text document, hence saving researchers plenty of time that would have otherwise gone into note-taking, and focusing their attention on the text itself.

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How to Transcribe Audio to Text Professionally

At Locate Translate, we can translate and transcribe all types of market research interviews including focus groups and in-depth interviews, and deliver transcripts that are accurate, easy to read, and in your preferred format. 

We follow a straightforward process when it comes to transcribing audio to text or translating audio recordings. 


Using our data-secure systems, you can upload the audio/video files that you need to be transcribed. You can also email us recordings directly.​

Choose Service

Let our project managers know what you need. Is it transcription alone, or a combination of translation and transcription and place your order.​

Transcribe & Translate

Based on your requirements, we assign certified native transcribers to take over your project who can perform transcription or a combination of translation and transcription according to your needs.​

Receive Transcripts

All the transcripts received from transcribers are forwarded to our QA team who make sure transcripts are accurate and readable. After done with quality checks, transcripts are delivered to you via email or via our secure channels. 


Call us on 02086094852 or email hello@locatetranslate.co.uk to inquire more about how we translate and transcribe audio recordings into multiple language pairs.

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