Canadian French Translation Services | Canadian French Translation to English

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Canadian French Translation Services | Canadian French Translation to English
Canadian French Translation Services | Canadian French Translation to English
Canadian French Translation Services | Canadian French Translation to English
Canadian French Translation Services | Canadian French Translation to English
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Best Canadian French Translation Services!

Locate Translate, as a specialized translation agency, offers professional Canadian French Translation Services, including Canadian French Translation to English. Our team of native Canadian French translators are qualified and specialized in their niche industry.

Our translators provide Canadian French Translation to English and English to Canadian French translation in industry niches, such as legal, medical, market research, marketing, patents, software, gaming and financial. With proven success in delivering top-quality to and from Canadian French translations to our global clients, we’ve always exceeded their expectations. Want us to translate Canadian French to English, or vice versa? Let’s know your translation requirements now!

Quick Canadian French Translation into 75+ Languages

Our team of professional Canadian French translators for hire handle large volumes of translation projects in over 75+ language pairs and deliver projects with fast turnarounds. Our competitive pricing and quality make us an ideal language service provider for large volume Canadian French Translation to English or vice versa while adhering to strict deadlines.

Certified Canadian French Translation Services

Locate Translate is an ISO certified translation agency and specializes in Certified Translations. If you’re looking for a certified translation to and from Canadian French and vice versa, you’ve come to the right place. Our strict compliance and ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications mean that we carry out standard translations. Locate Translate prides itself on delivering consistent, reliable and accurate translation services.

Fast, Accurate, and Quality Canadian French Translation to English!

Quality Canadian French Translation of Documents

Locate Translate strictly follows ISO quality procedures while translating to and from Canadian French. Some of our specialized services include Canadian French Financial Translation, Canadian French Legal Translation, Canadian French Medical Translation, Canadian French Document Translation, Canadian French Market Research, Canadian French Business Translation, and more.

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Our Translation Services:


Canadian French Marketing Translation


Canadian French Medical Translation


Canadian French Document Translation


Canadian French Finance Translation

To and From Canadian French Document Translation 24/7

Partnering with Locate Translate implies you’re joining hands with a top translation agency in the UK. Our Canadian French document translation service is one of the fastest in the industry with 24/7 availability. Whether you want us to translate Canadian French to English or to other language pairs, Locate Translate offers it all.

We’ve native Canadian French translators working with us with proven expertise in niche industries, such as legal, finance, medicine, etc. Linguistically and technically equipped to carry out the translation in a variety of sectors, such as tech, science, medical, legal, marketing, research. and more!

Our fixed price policy for certified translations enable us to deliver quality Canadian French translation services within stipulated deadlines.

Document Localisation Services 24/7

Localisation is the skill that requires adapting your text to the target culture, its subtle nuances and preferences. For example, the cultural preferences and linguistic styles of Canadian French speakers differ starkly from other cultures, say, English. Even then, English speakers in the UK have different linguistic and cultural tastes than those in the US. Through localisation, we will localise your content to the cultural preferences of the Canadian French-speaking populace living anywhere in the world.

Given our vast experience and network of Canadian French translators, we proficiently translate all dialects of the Canadian French language.

You can bank on our Canadian French localisation services to localise your websites, games, marketing materials, and more.

Canadian French Life Science Translation

Locate Translate provides top-notch life science translations into Canadian French. Through our Canadian French translation to English, or vice versa, we aim to break down language barriers assisting global organizations in the development of new drugs and medical devices. Our Canadian French life science translation services are managed by expert project managers and native Canadian French translators.

Canadian French Website Translation

We offer a professional Canadian French website translation service to businesses and organisations worldwide. Customers in local markets now demand localised, native content and this is where the need for Canadian French website translation comes into effect. If your business wants to succeed in Canadian French, it is vital to ensure that the website is localised for the target country, and thoroughly optimised to appear on Google for the keywords in your target language that your Canadian French audience might be searching.

Canadian French Marketing Translation

Locate Translate provides Canadian French marketing translations, Canadian French desktop publishing and transcreation services to companies around the world.

Our dedicated native Canadian French linguists are able to work on localising your marketing content to ensure your brand and message is communicated effectively.

Canadian French Medical Translation

Whether you require Canadian French medical translations or pharma translations, we can help. We deliver accurate and reliable Canadian French medical translations to our clients from the healthcare sector.

We have a specific team of experienced native Canadian French linguists to work solely on Canadian French medical translations.

Canadian French Market Research

When conducting Canadian French market research, it is important to note cultural insights. Our Canadian French market research translation services include transcription, interpreting and localising content for the Canadian French market. Our market research language specialists are able to assist when conducting market research in Canadian French. Ensuring you get quality and reliable data from your Canadian French respondents.

Canadian French Legal Translation

Our Canadian French legal translation services can be provided to legal firms, companies and individuals. Assisting in translation and certified Canadian French translation. Legal translation services can also include English to Canadian French translation, Canadian French translation from English, besides interpreting, and Canadian French audio/video transcription.

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Skilled Canadian French Translators

english canadian french translation

At Locate Translate, we have a team of in house Canadian French translators and linguists and can therefore respond to urgent Canadian French translation requests quickly.

Our Canadian French translators provide services, including translating documents to and from Canadian French into 75+ language pairs.

Our promise is that all our translation work is carried out by native Canadian French speakers to ensure quality, accuracy and most importantly, that the translations sound natural.

Canadian French translation is one of our most sought after translation services, however, we have also seen a rise in the request for Croatian to English translations, Spanish to English translations, French Translation Services, Japanese to English translations, Swiss-German to English translations and many more languages combinations, which we successfully offer.

Quick Turnarounds on Canadian French Translations

We offer a variety of turnaround translation times, including Canadian French same day translation services, 24-hour translations service and even over the weekend service.

Our standard turnaround is 48-72 hours, and unlike other agencies where they limit the number of words that can be translated in a day, we organise and work closely with the linguist team to complete the maximum we can in a 24 hour period.

As Canadian French translation experts, we assist individuals, businesses, corporations, and organisations from around the world. They trust our translation work. We are also able to assist in other Canadian French language pairs, such as Canadian French to Arabic, Canadian French to Spanish Translation, Canadian French to Mandarin, and more.

We understand that time is valuable and important and that is why we adhere to strict deadlines to deliver translation projects in quick time. While managing a translation project can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming, therefore, we offer a fully managed Canadian French translation service where one of our qualified project managers will be handling all of your translation needs.

Our Canadian French Translation Process

We follow a very straightforward process with rigorous checks in place to ensure the highest quality of our Canadian French translation services.

Just get in touch with us with your requirements and one of our relationship managers will give you a comprehensive quote as well as an estimated deadline.

You will then be introduced to a dedicated project manager who will understand more about your project, objectives and goals. Once you have sent your documents to be translated or audios to be transcribed. They will assign your project to the Canadian French linguists or whatever language you require. The project manager would be your point of call and they would ensure your translation project is delivered back to you within the promised deadline.

With an extremely strict data protection policy in place, you can rest assured that original or translated documents are always kept confidential and never exposed to third parties.

We are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements and work with password protected files for your Canadian French translation project. Rest assured your translation project is 100% safe and secure with Locate Translate. If you need more information about quality or data control procedures, feel free to contact us.

Canadian French Translation Services for Businesses

Canadian French is basically a regional dialect of the French language spoken in Canada. With 7,300,000 native speakers, it is an important language from the business point of view. Canadian French-speaking markets are important for businesses from UK, USA, and other countries looking to capture Canadian French markets. Locate Translate can work with businesses looking to target Canadian French-speaking markets and offer volume discounts for business enquiries on Canadian French translation services, such as Canadian French translation to English, or vice versa.

We have seen an increase in the number of companies expanding to Canadian French-speaking countries. We assist businesses and organisations achieve their goal of becoming more global by translating documents, website content, marketing materials to and from Canadian French.

Our professional and experienced linguists can assist as well as advise which documents, in particular, your business should have translated.

Our language services do not stop at translation, we also assist with Canadian French transcription, Canadian French subtitling and voice-overs as well as Canadian French interpreting.

Certified Canadian French Translation Services

We carry out thousands of Canadian French translation certifications every month and are familiar with the forms, requirements and official applications.

Our experience, efficient and speedy certification delivers work that is recognised by Canadian French authorities, institutions, employers as well as UK authorities and other countries from around the work.

We have extensive experience in the certification of passports, letters from government departments, medical histories and letters from doctors and hospitals, driving licenses, financial documents and contracts.

Our service allows you to prepare UK documents for Canadian French-speaking nations or prepare Canadian French documents for use in the UK. 

A Bit About Our Canadian French Translators

They are highly qualified and experienced in a particular industry niche. For example, for legal translations, a Canadian French linguist with experience in the legal industry would be completing this project. Their experience may be academic or practical, as an example, we have qualified retired solicitors who are native Canadian French. This means that your translation will be completed not only with linguist accuracy but also with industry terminology included.

Industries that we have immense experience in include legal, medical and pharmamarketing, market research, market research, financial and luxury goods.

Canadian French Interpreting

Our Canadian French interpreting services are available at short notice at competitive rates. We provide Canadian French interpreting services to individuals, the public sector, GP practices, solicitors and businesses.

We offer a variety of Canadian French interpreting services, including over the phone, face to face interpreting or video interpreting.

Canadian French Transcription

We offer transcription services in Canadian French from audio or video files.

Our Canadian French mother-tongue speakers are able to transcribe your file accurately. Our skilled linguistics can transcribe in Canadian French or directly into English or vice versa.

english to canadian french translation

At Locate Translate, we understand that the Canadian French language and dialect can vary depending on the country. With our team of in-house and external linguists, we are able to assist with all Canadian French dialects. We do this to ensure cultural and grammatical nuances are included in all Canadian French translations and that consistency in the translation is kept throughout.

As a leading language service provider, our translations are accepted and recognised around the world. We are able to provide certified translation services that are accepted around the world by private and public institutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Canadian French Spoken?

Canadian French is basically a regional dialect of the French language spoken in Canada.

Is Localised Canadian French Translation Necessary?

Localisation in Canadian French is very important due to the number of people that speak Canadian French. Our Canadian French localisation service means that the Canadian French translations will be adapted for their specific Canadian French audience.

How Can I Translate a Canadian French PDF to English?

At Locate Translate, we have straightforward pricing for Canadian French translations of PDF documents. We price all translations based on the number of words, after inspecting your Canadian French PDF we can give a fixed price for the Canadian French translation services.

We also offer certified Canadian French translation to English and vice versa if required, which is where the translated document would receive a certification stamp from our company.

Request Canadian French Translation to English

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