Document Attestation Services for UAE

Need a Document Attestation Services for UAE?

Navigating document attestation complexities for the UAE can be challenging. We simplify the process. No more hassles with finding the right documents, booking flights, or waiting at embassies. Trust Locate Translate for streamlined document attestation services. Send us your documents, and we take care of the entire process.

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What is Attestation?

Attestation is the process of taking documents issued in one country and making them legally recognized in another. The process will vary from country to country, and by document type. It’s vital you get the process right for your circumstances, or you could lose time and money if your documents get rejected.

Make Things Easier with our 3-step Procedure

Step 1

Send your documents to our UAE-based office, or have them collected by one of our specially allocated couriers.

Step 2

We’ll send them to the country of origin, where they’ll be legalised by the relevant government departments and attested at the UAE Embassy.

Step 3

They’ll be returned to the UAE and attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), before being sent back to your chosen address, safe and sound.

    Which types of Documents can you attest? 

    You might need to attest different documents depending on your circumstances – whether you’re just moving to the country to work, bringing a family member, or starting a business. We’ve got you covered in all circumstances. Here are the list of Document that Locate Translate can assist for your Document attestation for the UAE.

    Educational Certificate

    • University Degree Certificate
    • College Transcript
    • QTS Document
    • Other Educational Documents

    Medical Documents

    • Doctor-Issued Sick Notes
    • General Medical Council Documents
    • Medical Reports and Fit-to-Work Notes
    • Other Medical Documents

    Commercial Documents

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Articles of Association
    • Power of Attorney
    • Other Commercial Documents

      Police Documents

      • Police Clearance Certificates (ACRO, ACPO)
      • Disclosure Documents
      • Fingerprints
      • Other Police Documents

        Financial Documents

        • Financial Accounts
        • Bank Statements
        • HMRC or other Government        Issued Documents
        • Other Financial Documents

          Personal Identification

          • Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate
          • Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI)
          • Passport
          • Other Personal Documents

          Documents From Any Country

          We’re able to attest a range of documents for use in the UAE, no matter where you’re from. You can rest assured that by using our service, your attested documents will be accepted within the UAE.

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