Video Game Localization Services

Professional Game Localization Services

We assist video gaming companies in adapting a game so that players in different locations around the world feel as though the game was made for their particular region. Video game localization is the key difference that can make a game loved or laughed at. With Locate Translate video games are localised by native gaming linguists for particular regions.

Game Translation & Transcreation

Professional Translation

Our professional gaming translations are designed for clients with a lot of content.

Our team of native linguists with extensive gaming experience will translate content into one of the 30 languages that we cover.

After the translation, a sample of the translated text is proofread by our in-house experts whose task it’s to make sure the text retains its natural flow.

Pro Translation Plus

For clients looking for the best possible gaming experience for their international players.

Our pro translation plus services includes translation service by native gaming enthusiasts, and then a second senior linguists carries out proofreading and editing of the translated content to make it’s done accurately.

Gaming Transcreation

Creative writing at its very best completed by translators who are fanatics about gaming. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure the transcreation (creative writing) delivers the feel and message of your original content.

We work closely to establish a tone of voice for characters and the gameplay to ensure the best gaming experience.

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Game Box & Marketing Translations

Alongside our in-game translations services, we also offer translation for gaming marketing materials. We localise PR, websites, posters, and app store descriptions.

Quality Assurance & Review

Linguistic QA

We are able to provide a linguist review for any gaming content that has been crowdsourced or done internally.

Our translator’s fresh pairs of eyes can give quality assurance to clients. We can provide a report only or report and fix the quality assurance translation service.

Localization QA

Native language testers are able to through your localized game and point out any implementation bugs or contextual errors.

We can test at our location, remotely or on-site. All of our linguists follow our strict Non-Disclosure Agreement ensuring confidentiality throughout the project.

UI UX Testing QA

Whatever device your game is made for we are able to provide functional testing. We have a linguist who would love the chance to test video games to ensure the localization is complete and delivers the required message. On-device testing to ensure UI and UX gaming experiences.

Audio Game Translation

Voice Overs

Users prefer games which not only have voiceovers in their native language but also the option to choose the original version. We work with voice-over artists to understand the tone of voice of the game and story in order to deliver an excellent gaming experience.

We compose a detailed technical specification and define clear line length and of course offer test recordings of artists.

Script Adaptation

It is very important to take into account cultural nuance and etiquette and for that reason, Locate Translate provides a script adaption service.

Whether our clients have their own voice-over artists or whether we are providing the talent. Our script translation adaptation service ensures the dialogue flows naturally and makes sense for the target audience.

Project Managed Solution

With a team of project managers at Locate Translate, we take the stress out of managing the localization tasks.

Our project management team works with our clients as an extension of their own business. Providing language services without stress and complications to gaming companies has been the halmark of Locate Translate.


Types of Culturalization

At Locate Translate, we go beyond localization and adapt a game or application to particular cultural aspects of a country where it is planned to be released.

Reactive culturalization involves native linguists with gaming experience identifying and removing elements which may make users quite a game.

Proactive culturalization is when we identify and game culture-specific facts and elements of a region that make the game more relevant for the market. For instance currency and measurements.

Enhanced Gameplay

Our aim of culturalization is to enhance gameplay to make the game easily understandable and enjoyable. This includes translating or adapting jokes, analysis for compliance, no violation of etiquette, adapting age requirements, and amendment of the scripts.

Multilingual Optimisation

We assist our client’s in-app store optimization and SEO marketing. This includes creating key content to reach your target audience in their native language.

Our translation marketing services cover a wide range of services to assist our gaming clients in boosting their global presence and marketing their video games to a wider audience.

Why USE Locate Translate for Game Localization

At Locate Translate, we only use native linguists who are either gaming enthusiasts or have real gaming industry experience.

gaming linguists


The linguists that work on video game localization are passionate about games. Not only are they talented translators but experts in gaming.

dedicated project manager


Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated account manager who handle the localization process from start to finish in accordance with our client’s requirements.

video game localization


Unlike other agencies, we use human translators for gaming translation. And provide accurate and reliable localization services completed by native language experts.

video game localization


We take quality assurance seriously and that it why even with our most basic package we offer quality assurance. Our standard services include sample proofreading while our PLUS service includes a 2nd senior translator checking the full content of translated work.

game localization


At Locate Translate we have formed a team that can assist our clients which the 360 cycles of gaming localization.

This means that we offer a one-stop shop for all gaming localization requirements.

video game localization


With offices across three continents, we provide the best language talent from around the world.
All of our offices are in Cosmopolitan cities where native linguists reside. London, Dubai, Tunisia.

go galactic with localization

At Locate Translate, we help companies expand around the globe by providing video game localization services.

Offering an all-in-one solution for gaming developers and app developers. 

Native Gaming Translators in 10 Languages –

Arabic Video Game Localization, French Video Game Localization, German Video Game Localization, Japanese Video Game Localization, Korean Video Game Localization, Mandarin Video Game Localization, Spanish Video Game Localization, Turkish Video Game Localization, Dutch Video Game Localization and Hebrew Video Game Localization.

Transcription & Subtitling Your Game

Locate Translate can provide transcription, subtitling and caption services in over 30+ languages. Our native linguists are able to assist with transcriptions and subtitles for games, videos and films.

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