German Legal Translation Services

Locate Translate is the top provider of professional legal translation services in the German language, covering German to English and English to German legal translations. We’re a specialized agency based in London and translate legal documents to and from German. Not just the expertise in German and English, but our translators also boast of impeccable legal understanding and are well versed with the workings of legal systems and terminologies involved.

Certified German Translations

For general translation purposes in German please visit German Translation Services.  Other than that, we also provide German legal translations, German certified translations, marketing translation in German. All these services are carried out by translators with in-depth legal knowledge in addition to excellent language skills.

Each translator is trained and has experience in a specific niche area, this means that Locate Translate is able to provide high-quality legal translations. This is especially important given that different countries have their own set of legal structures, knowledge of which is imperative for translators to possess before they can render their service. We also have in-house attorneys working with us, who make sure that the translation provided is accurate.

German legal translation

German Legal Translators

Our specialized team of legal translators are natives of the German language to ensure that translation is as accurate as possible with no error. Due to our ISO translation process, our super-fast translation delivery is one of the fastest in the industry without compromising quality. We also provide German legal transcription and German legal interpreting within our legal translation services.

We work with our legal clients to ensure their projects are completed within the set deadline and if necessary, we are also able to provide certified legal translations as well. So, get your legal document translated by the best translators in the industry who have got years of experience doing so. With us, you can rest assured that your documents are in the right hands and will be translated accurately.

The Best Legal Translation Agency London

We’re a London based legal translation agency performed by professional legal translators with a background in law. Our translators can translate legal documents from German into English and vice versa. And have unbeatable language skills which they leverage in addition to experience in the legal industry to deliver legal translation. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to get in touch with us for reliable, fast, and accurate translation services that too at competitive prices.

When Do You Need Legal Translation?

In a real-world scenario, suppose you partner with a valuable client in Germany. You have much to gain if the deal completes and much to lose if it doesn’t. But then you realize that the language barrier is a real impediment to the closing of the deal. It’s because the client speaks German and you, English. So to bridge this gap, you need language solutions from someone expert in German English translation.

It’s here Locate Translate plays its part. We will assign a translator who will localize your documents, contracts, and other company-related information so that you both understand the legal requirements before finalizing the deal. With our expertise, we can help with the translation of legal documents accurately and confidentially.

German Language Translation Services

Translation Assistance

A dedicated account manager is assigned to help you with legal translation. He will ensure most fitting translators translate for your project.


Secure & Safe Translations

All work including German legal translations is protected under NDA’s and the Data Protection Act 2018. Your privacy is cared for.


Experienced Translators

Experienced and expert German legal translators who can deliver the translation to and from German of all documents.

Native German Translators

We house native speaking German translators for legal translation to and from German.

Competitive translations prices

We offer the most competitive translation prices without compromising the quality of translation.

Interpreting & Transcription

Besides translation, we also provide legal interpreting and transcription services.

English German Legal Translation

How we differ from other translation agencies is our unique linguistic capability and understanding of the legal field. In other words, our mastery of complex legal terminology makes us a reliable legal translation agency. With our German professional translators by your side, you can translate legal concepts no matter which language or country.

We have assisted our legal client on a number of legal translations. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the legal documents we have translated in German or vice versa for our clients:

  • Distribution, Sales & Employment Contracts Translations
  • German Filing Complaint Translations
  • German Legal Procedure Translations
  • German Terms and Condition Translations
  • German Expert Report Translations
  • German Regulation Translations
  • German Patent Translations
  • German Inheritance Record Translations
  • German Divorce Petition Translations
  • German Clauses of Non-Competition & Non-Confidentiality Translations
  • German Letters of Intent Translations
  • German Proxy Translations
  • German Court Release Translations
  • German Articles of Association Translations
  • German Immigration Application Translations

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find a Good German Translator for Legal Translation?

At Locate Translate all of our translators undergo a strict vetting process to ensure our translations are accurate.

I Need German Interpreting, Can This Be Done?

Locate Translate offer a variety of language services including German interpreting. Our German interpreters are on hand to assist clients with their interpreting needs.

Where to Get Certified German Translation?

If we complete any translations we are able to offer a certification service. This means the translators will receive our official certification stamp which means the documents can be accepted by government agencies.

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