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Locate Translate specialises in market research translation services. We have a dedicated team of market research translators who have got years of experience working with businesses around the world, helping them understand their customers better by translating their responses into their native language. So if you too want to glean valuable insights from responses of customers towards your services and products, get in touch with us today and improve your brand image significantly.  We can act as a bridge between your German-speaking customers and your business and help translate what they say from German into English.

German Market Research Translation


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German Market Research Translation

Our German Market Research Service

Our market research services in the German language include translation of survey responses, focus group transcripts, and any other piece of information you may have with you from your market research study. In a similar vein, we may help you with the translation of German-language questionnaires for the English-speaking market. Similarly, we can translate feedback forms to and from German and English.

Working with healthcare research agencies who are part of the BHBIA, EphMRA, MRS and other organisations we regularly receive requests for German translation for the market research industry. Our dedicated market research translation team assist agencies with a language solution for every stage of their research.

Targeting and researching in Germany and within other German-speaking markets is regularly done by research agencies. Locate Translate is able to assist in multilingual qualitative projects as well as multilingual quantitative projects.

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Types of German market research translation we have done include working with web-enabled formats such as XML exports and carrying out the relevant German translations of the web-enabled overlay. Assisting in the German proofreading and editing of German translated text, we understand that sometimes local staff or software are used to carry out translations, we are here to make sure that those translations are accurate.

Having experience in translating surveys into German allows us to also have a great experience in live link checking from start to finish ensuring that the QA survey links are 100% valid and working. Types of German translation work regularly requested from our market research clients are German questionnaire translations, German discussion guide translations, research presentations translated from German or into German.

Once all the relevant materials are have been translated we then assist our clients further with their language requirements by offering German interpreting and German interview moderating services. Our German interpretation services can be conducted in a variety of ways by carrying out German telephone interpreting, video interpreting or even face to face.

Our interview moderation service is where our client would be assigned a dedicated account manager to understand the project in-depth and then our native German interviewer would conduct the German interview on behalf of our client.


German Transcription and German Content Analysis

We also offer German transcription services, German content analysis services. This is where we transcribe recorded face to face or telephonic in-depth interviews for our clients, transcribing from German to English or transcribing English to German.

Our skilled German market research translators are experienced in the research industry and also have the ability to complete content analysis in German. This can be directly from German to English to even as content analysis from English to German.

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Choose a Specialist Healthcare Research Translation Agency

Choosing a specialist healthcare translation means that we have fully aware and trained in adverse event reporting and pharmacovigilance. This means Locate Translate are completing any type of language project for our clients we ensure that we adhere to the BHBIA compliance guidelines and adverse event reporting guidelines.

Market Research Agency with Language Skills

By contacting Locate Translate for market research translations, we assigned a dedicated account manager who is attentive to our client requirements and ensures all requirements and deadlines are satisfied.

Our team of market research project managers and translators are specialized in the research industry. Working with Locate Translate for your market research translations means that you will receive competitive pricing, speedy turnarounds, quality work and assistance from an experienced project manager.

Our business is built on long term relationships and 100% of our market research clients are repeat customers, due to the flexible and adaptive service we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Market Research Project in Switzerland and Austria?

If you have a project in a German speaking market such as Switzerland or Austria. We ensure that local natives are able to assist with your market research projects.

How to Get German Transcripts?

We assist our clients with ever aspect of translation and that includes offering German transcription services. With our skilled team we are able to offer native German transcription. As well as direct German to English transcription service.

Should I Use Machine Translation for German Translation?

We would never use machine translation services for any of our translation services. A language is linked to its culture,  therefore no matter how perfect a  translation is, if the cultural elements of the language are not taken into account, the translated text will fail to communicate the intended meaning.

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