You’re a market research company, you’re well aware of the importance of transcription services in getting insights from studies. Whether in the form of interviews or surveys, market research companies rely on transcription to store, analyse and drive results from data.

      • Unless you have accurate transcripts you can’t draw satisfactory conclusions from studies.
      • Without a secure service, you can never rely on the process. 

So you need a service which is secure, accurate, and affordable at the same time!

This guide is for market research firms so they know their priorities and choose the right transcription services that meet their expectations.

Transcription Accuracy

Superfast delivery of transcripts ( of market research interviews ) won’t benefit your agency much if it isn’t accurate. With inaccurate transcripts, you’re losing not just your precious time and money, but insights as well. 

⇒ Only accurate transcription service is beneficial for a market research agency.

Transcription Security

Market research is synonymous with ‘sensitive data’ because day in and day out you deal with data that’s highly sensitive and confidential.  What you need therefore is a secure transcription service, not just a transcription! Any compromise on the confidentiality of information could potentially destroy your firm’s reputation.  

⇒ It’s vital for a market research agency to choose a secure transcription service when outsourcing transcripts.

How About Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Software?

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) software is one of the most disruptive technologies of modem times. It’s a cheaper and fast alternative to human transcription services — but relying blindly on software for transcripts would be a mistake.

      • ASR is around 80% accurate
      • Human transcription is over 99%+ accurate

On the accuracy front, ASR lags behind by a mile and can get further compromised by low-quality audio, background noise, cross-talk, and complex grammar, delivering as a result totally inaccurate outcomes.

On the other hand, human transcriptionists can proficiently identify and handle multiple speakers and cross-talk respectively and can edit transcripts to perfection.

⇒ Where accuracy and security are concerned cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap!

Experienced Transcriptionists

Experience is priceless! And market research companies would be better off if they adhere to this saying! Take any market research company, it has to look into loads of data, mostly in the form of recordings. For a researcher listening to a recording is a time-consuming process. And reading from a transcript … much easier and fast!

Different types of transcripts capture different levels of detail, you may choose one suited to your needs. Here’s the breakdown of the most common types of transcripts and the levels of detail they capture.

Verbatim Transcripts 

Also referred to as intelligent verbatim, these transcripts capture a word-for-word account of the recording, leaving out stutters, verbal tics, ‘hmms’, ‘ahs’, and interruptions to deliver easy-to-read and comprehend delivering details.

Full-Verbatim Transcripts

Full verbatim, as the name suggests, includes every detail, including non-essentials like stutters and interruptions. For a few extra bucks, transcriptionists may also deliver pauses and laughter and annotations on tone. Clearly, it’s detailed and slower to read.

Detailed Notes Transcripts 

Detailed notes are edited, to the point and on-topic transcripts and are usually delivered by transcriptionists who happen to be market research specialists. Anything off-topic is edited out, so you will find no chit-chat, no rambling answers in a detailed notes transcript. Only a concise summary and on-topic details find a place in such transcripts.

Other Things You Should Consider To Choose the Right Transcription Services

HTTPS and Encryption

Choose only encrypted transcription services for your market research firm and ones that use only HTTPS websites. Avoid transcription companies lacking an HTTPS website to safeguard your data and ensure data exchange is encrypted.

NDAs and Privacy Policies

A transcription company that you choose to work with should be willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Another measure to take is checking their privacy policies to ensure data security.

ISO Accreditations

Companies that have ISO accreditations should top of your priority list. The ISO accreditations like 27001 and 9001 mean that the company has in place a robust information security management system for a high standard of security and management.

Freelancer, Software or In-House Transcriptionists

Data security is tied to who’s transcribing your data. If you’re using a freelancer,  you lose control over privacy. If it’s software, the data breach will be highly likely. If the company has in-house transcriptionists, your data will be transcribed under strict privacy laws.

If you’re happy with a transcription service from a company you worked with recently, aim for a long-term relationship with them. Look for a company specialising in B2B transcription services that could be your reliable partner and can save your firm a considerable amount of time and money, and loads of headaches as well!

You can benefit hugely from a reputable transcription service provider and enjoy peace of mind when you have a trustworthy partner to deliver transcripts on time and within budget.

Locate Translate

Locate Translate is a London-based transcription company that specialises in Audio and Video Transcription and On-Site Note Taking. We offer formidable customer support and robust standards of security and accuracy.

      • Dedicated staff like project managers, QA team, etc, and linguistic resources for transcription in multiple languages
      • Transcribe accurately unscripted conversations that have poor audio quality to generate more value
      • In-house QA team to run daily QA checks on each transcriber’s files to improve transcripts’ accuracy
      • Strict data security measures, GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 compliant,  to protect your clients’ data & privacy

Locate Translate stands for human transcription of audio recordings bound by laws of privacy like GDPR and Data Act 2018, with transcribers who are signatories to a ‘non-disclosure agreement’, guaranteeing, therefore, your data is in safe hands.

Care, discretion, and finesse are our gold standard in professional transcription, contact for a FREE QUOTE.

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