Hey, podcasters! Transcribing podcast audio to text offers the following benefits.

    • A podcast transcript connects you with a larger audience.
    • Transcribing podcasts helps you create blog posts, infographics, emails, and other informative content.
    • Search engines can index audio transcripts of podcast episodes in text format.

I’m sure you’d want to reap these benefits! Then what are you waiting for, connect with us to transcribe podcast audio to text today!

Getting a Transcript from a Podcast

Getting transcripts for podcasts is a time-consuming process and costs money. Yet, it’s safe to say that the benefits of having a transcript far outweigh the time and cost that go into producing it. Get access to our podcast transcription services here!

Transcripts increase the accessibility of podcasts and make them discoverable to search engines like Google and Bing. Google is not capable yet to index audio files. That shortcoming can be overcome by converting podcast audio to text and adding it to your podcast on the audio platform of your choice wherefrom Google will index and rank it in SERPs. 

Coming to accessibility. There are persons with cognitive disabilities, completely deaf or with impaired hearing, who will benefit from your content if transcripts were uploaded. Sometimes, technological barriers force even people with normal hearing to prefer text over audio. So with transcripts, podcasts become accessible to a wider audience who may not otherwise benefit from the informative content peddled through podcats.

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Using a Transcription Service to Generate a Podcast Transcript 

As said transcribing podcasts word by word is time-consuming. Hiring a transcription agency which offers a professional transcription service is a much easier way to get a transcript for your podcast. Just provide us with the audio file or a direct link to the podcast, and we will deliver an accurate podcast transcript within a few hours.

Get Podcast Transcripts in 3 Steps

We follow a straightforward process to help you get podcast transcripts. Depending on the size of the audio/video podcast audio or video file, and other requirements we’ll deliver the transcript within hours. 

Step 1 – You provide us with an audio or video file of your podcast or in case it’s not downloaded on your local drive, provide us with the URL of the podcast.

Step 2 – A transcriber with relevant experience in the field of audio transcription transcript file formats will be assigned to convert audio recording into text.

Step 3 – Once ready, the transcript will be delivered securely to you via email or the preferred delivery method. So within a few hours, you get your podcast transcript.

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More About Podcast Transcription Services

Creating a podcast transcript is what we specialize in. Know that if you plan to do it yourself, typing out every word accurately along with timestamps is a time-consuming process. But with Locate Translate, you can create accurate transcripts via our human transcription services at the best transcription prices.

Transcription Services for Spotify, Amazon Music, and Other Podcast Hosting Sites

Create podcast transcripts with us for all podcast hosting platforms including Spotify and Amazon Music. We deliver transcripts in multiple languages. Not only do we provide English to English podcast transcription services, but we also offer transcript translation services whereby we translate a transcript from German to English, Arabic to English, Korean to English, Italian to English, Japanese to English, etc. 

Call us on 02086094852, email hello@locatetranslate.co.uk or contact us using our online transcription quote form for more information about our podcast transcription service!

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