Times have changed dramatically since the arrival of the unwanted guest: CORONAVIRUS. Especially the way we conduct our businesses and offer services.

Pandemic transitioned our day to day mundane life from offline to the realm of digital, forced businesses of all types and sizes to operate over the internet, and shifted in its wake focus from onsite events to remote events. 

Interpreting Amid Pandemic Restrictions

One of its consequences for businesses has been the shift from onsite interpreting to remote interpreting services

You may have found yourself utterly frustrated due to the lack of interpreting services to provide linguistic support during the scheduled conference with your foreign stakeholders, clients, and partners. 

But not anymore …

At Locate Translate, we’re better equipped now with technology-enabled solutions to provide you with remote interpreting services as well as onsite interpreting services under a one-stop shop!

We leverage the latest remote interpreting tools and pieces of equipment, to deliver without a delay interpreting service by video and telephone.

zoom interpretation services

Reques Zoom Interpreting Services

Sign up for our Zoom Interpreting Services directly from here, and communicate non-stop in multiple languages without a hindrance!

Irrespective of the field you’re in – medicine, legal, business – our multilingual interpreters assist professionals of all kinds to communicate with their respondents, be they patients (in the medical setting), claimants and case subjects (in the legal setting), partners and clients (in the business setting). 

Pandemic Restrictions Being Lifted

Slowly but gradually the restrictions enforced amid the surge in COVID-19 all over the world, are now being lifted. 

As a consequence, offline events are once again in vogue, creating an intense upsurge in demand for onsite interpreting support. In a way, you have to juggle between onsite and remote interpreting, due to the rise in hybrid work culture.

Put bluntly, you cannot partner with an interpreting agency that’s specialized only in one type of interpreting: either onsite or remote. What you need is someone who can deliver both services equally with clarity, efficiency, and quickness.

Hybrid Interpreting Solutions

Our one-stop hybrid interpreting solutions cater both to your offline and online interpreting needs. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve come up with a unique solution wherein we offer hybrid interpreting services to allow our clients to transition smoothly between onsite interpreting services and remote interpreting services as per their requirements and worry-free avail both services at competitive prices.

hire professional interpreters

Hire Professional Interpreters

At Locate Translate, we house a vast pool of professional interpreters who are native speakers of your target language and can translate accurately and quickly between languages.

The Benefit of Hiring a One-Stop Interpreting Service Provider

A major benefit of hiring a one-stop interpreting service provider like Locate Translate is that it can provide you with multiple services under one roof

Sometimes interpreting alone may not suffice, you may need to supplement it with translation and transcription to support your language project. Used in tandem, they help overcome the most major linguistic challenges one may face in one’s professional life!

Take the example of the legal profession …

In order to form a solid case, a lawyer gathers all sorts of information, from documents to audio/video recordings. 

All the documents and recordings he gathers and sifts through, may not be in the same language. Some may be in English, others in German. That creates a scenario where a legal professional is found wanting not just interpreting but translation and transcription as well. 

Here’s how …

First, he’ll require translation services for the translation of court documents from one language to another. 

Second, he’ll need transcription services so that a professional transcriptionist will transcribe an audio/video interview, witness statement or whatever recorded in a foreign language.

Third, he’ll have to use interpreting services if say one of the witnesses in the courtroom speaks a language other than his.

Now as a law firm you’d not want to hire different service providers for each of these services. Wouldn’t it help if we told you that we offer all of these services under one roof? 

Not only will it save you time but money as well! As you’d no longer have to renegotiate prices with language service providers every time you need a service!

This is not just for the legal industry, businesses and healthcare professionals too will get to benefit from one-stop language service providers.

Our interpreting, transcription, and translation services could support you with client meetings, medical assessments and courtroom interpreting both online and offline. 


From the above discussion, one can’t deny the inevitability of remote and onsite interpreting services. Today businesses need it more than ever as hybrid work – onsite and remote – has become a new normal. Irrespective of whether you’re conducting an online workshop, conference, or client call, or doing the same offline, the need for a reliable interpreting service provider is inevitable to help with interpreting between languages.

It’s here Locate Translate plays its part as an expert provider of both onsite and remote interpreting services. Think of Locate Translation as the one-stop destination for all your interpreting needs!

Want to use our network of professional interpreters for best in class interpreting services in the United Kingdom? Please get in touch with us on 0208 609 4852 or hello@locatetranslate.co.uk to discuss your interpreting needs further!

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