Korean to English Medical Transcription Service London (UK)

Medical Transcription Services London (UK)

At Locate Translate we’re the leading provider of medical transcription services in London, UK. Our in-house and remote team of professional medical transcriptionists perform transcription of interviews with doctors, clinical trials, and medical market research.

We provide fast delivery of affordable, accurate, and reliable medical transcription services tailored for the unique needs of the medical field and its allied areas like market research.

Why Choose Us for Medical Recordings Transcription?

Medical Transcriptions

Leading Provider of Spanish to English Medical Transcripts

Outsource Transcription Projects to Us

Our Medical Transcription Process

Spanish into English Transcribers Required

Why Choose Us for Medical Recordings Transcription?

Data Security

Irrespective of whether it’s audio/video medical recordings, interviews, market research interviews, or clinical trials, as long as it’s related to the medical industry it’s highly sensitive. You won’t want to share it with just anyone! If you’re looking for a confidentiality-sensitive medical transcription company in London, UK, Locate Translate is the best transcription company to go with. 

Accurate Transcriptions

The transcripts we deliver are 100% accurate. We’re better positioned therefore to store your valuable information in a written format for a longer period of time. Our transcriptionists come from medical backgrounds with years of experience in the field. And can pick complex medical terms accurately.

Fast Medical Transcriptions

Our Project Managers are quick to respond to your queries and dig deeper into your requests to come up with solutions tailored to your needs. We’ll find you the best transcriber to cater to your transcription requirements. In addition, we’ll write a perfect transcript and deliver the same right to your inbox within the agreed-upon time. 

Medical Transcriptions

Speak or write to our Project Managers at +44 208 609 4852 and hello@locatetranslate.co.uk respectively for more information about how we manage your Korean to English transcription projects.

Leading Provider of Korean to English Medical Transcripts

Locate Translate is a go-to agency of medical professionals, pharmaceutical market research companies, and healthcare providers for medical transcription services. 

We’ve been in the health care, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors for years now, and have the top team of medical transcribers who are experienced in delivering:

  • Medical transcription for companies
  • Medical transcription audio files for cardiology
  • Medical transcription audio files
  • Medical transcription interview questions
  • Medical transcription for mental health
  • Medical transcription for cancer
  • Medical transcription for clinical trails
  • Medical transcription for market research
  • Medical transcription for multiple sclerosis and glaucoma
  • Medical transcription for nuclear medicine, sonography and mammography

At Locate Translate, our medical transcriptionists convert audio to text from a range of sources, including the following:

    • Telephone interviews 
    • Dictations 
    • Medical records
    • Medical reports
    • Medical conferences
    • Presentations

Outsource Transcription Projects to Us

As has been the case, healthcare and pharma companies find transcribing interviews extremely time-consuming and gruelling. Instead of trying to do it yourselves, why not outsource the whole project to our professional medical transcription company in London, UK?

Our project managers will leave you worry-free and you’d accomplish much more with us by your side! We’ll get the top transcribers to transcribe recordings of patient interviews or transcribe clinical trials of a prospective drug if you’re a pharmacist.

Our Medical Transcription Process

We follow a straightforward Korean to English medical transcription process which is done in 4-5 steps depending on the size of audio/video recording files and other requirements. Given below are the common steps in our transcription process.

Step 1 – A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to work on your project and liaise with your team to dig deeper into your requirements before assigning a transcriber.

Step 2 – A transcriber with relevant experience in the field of medicine is selected to convert German audio recordings into English text.

Step 3 – Transcripts generated go through a rigorous linguistic quality analysis to establish the accuracy of the translation.

Step 4 – A team of in-house quality experts runs a detailed analysis to ensure the transcripts ready to be delivered are accurate.

Step 5 – Transcripts are delivered to our clients securely after we’ve established their accuracy.

Korean into English Transcribers Required: Hire Experienced Medical Transcribers to Transcribe Interviews, Clinical Trials, Market Research


Irrespective of whether you’re a pharmacist company, healthcare professional or medical market research company, converting spoken medical information into text makes the data accessible and referenceable. Contact our professional transcribers today and reap the benefits of Korean to English medical transcription!

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