Korean Transcription Services

Our Native Korean Transcribers Transcribe Korean Audio to Text Providing Quality Korean to English Transcription.

The Korean language has cemented its place in the world economy as one of the vital business languages. With around 78 million native speakers, its status as South and North Korea’s official language makes Korean key for businesses to succeed in one of the manufacturing hubs of electronic goods. Then there’s a large Korean diaspora residing in the United States, China and Japan. However, they may not speak it with the same fluency as native Korean speakers do, creating, as a result, a need for Korean translation and Korean transcription services. Concerning the growing global popularity of K-drama, as can be seen from the mammoth success of Squid Game on Netflix,  Korean to English transcription, translation, subtitling, and closed captioning is going to play a key role in according Korean cinema a truly global reach. In this journey, Locate Translate can be your valuable language solutions partner assisting with Korean translation,  Korean audio and video transcription, Korean subtitle and closed captioning, to drive outstanding results for your business.


Korean Transcription Services

Best Audio & Video Transcription Service

As UK’s top transcription service provider, Locate Translate boasts of a talented pool of professional native Korean transcribers, Korean transcriptionists, Korean audio typists, Copy typists, whose proficiency and knowledge enable us to transcribe Korean audio to text. Here at Locate Translate, we can provide Korean language transcription into the following language pairs:

Korean to English Transcription Services

English to Korean Transcription Services

Korean to Korean Transcription Services

But that’s no way the end of it, as we, in fact, can provide transcription of the Korean language into 30+ languages, including Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and more languages, the info about which can be found here. To give you the sense of what we offer and who is it for, whether or not it’s for you, here are the areas/sectors whose content or material we transcribe to and from Korean:

Market Research Interviews Audio and Video Transcriptions Medical Conferences Timecode Transcription Services  Face to Face Interviews and Telephonic Interviews  Video and Audio Podcast Transcription Services Medical Transcription (Doctor-Patient Interviews) Legal Transcription ( Of Court Hearings, Depositions, Confessions, etc.) Interview Transcription Business Meetings Corporate Training Sessions Academic Conferences Over-the-Phone Conferences.

Reasonably Priced

We provide affordable Korean language transcription in 30+ language pairs. Flexibility to handle last-minute amendments with rapid turnaround.

Human-Done Transcription

We deliver human-done transcripts carried out by expert Korean transcribers to ensure transcripts are error-free. No machine-generated transcripts.

100% Accuracy

At Locate Translate, we provide 100% accurate Korean to English transcription and vice versa. It’s a guarantee backed by our skilled team of native transcribers.

30+ Languages

We’re well equipped with understanding and knowledge of the major languages and can provide transcription in 30+ language pairs.

Degree Translation Services

24x7 Availability

Should you need urgent transcription, we’re available 24×7 to help.

Degree Translation Services

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign a dedicated account manager to every project so that our transcribers and clients better understand one another and respond to client requests within 30-60 minutes.

Degree Translation Services

ISO 9001 Certified Agency

We’re an ISO 9001 transcription company, following standard quality procedures to deliver accurate Verbatim Transcripts, Intelligent Korean Transcript.

GDPR Compliant & Confidentiality Sensitive

As a GDPR compliant and confidentiality sensitive transcription company, we care for your privacy and ensure everything remains confidential.

Best Audio & Video Transcription Service

Same Language Korean Transcription Services

In addition to our capability to transcribe Korean audio and video into 30+ languages, we’re equally capable to deliver top-quality Korean to Korean transcription services, done by native Korean transcribers, who will convert the Korean speech from audio or video files into Korean. Moreover, with expert linguists available for every major language, we can deliver a fast transcription service of unmatched quality.

Native Korean Transcribers

At Locate Translate, we prefer native speakers of a language over someone who is proficient but the non-native speaker of the target language, which is why we house native transcribers, who can provide accurate transcripts to and from Korean at the best prices. With an eye for detail, our transcribers leverage their multi-domain expertise to provide services across various fields.

To say the least, we’ve experienced professionals in our team, who have expertise in various fields, to cater to all your transcription and translation needs, including legal transcription services, audio transcription services, Arabic to English transcription, German translation services, Japanese transcription services, German Legal translation, German Market Research translation, German marketing translation, German medical translation, and legal document translation. All legal profession related services are provided by our in-house team of transcribers who do so with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Things That Set Us Apart From Rest of the Korean Transcription Service Providers

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Our understanding of transcription is thorough at Locate Translate, and so is our expertise in the various sectors such as legal, medical, business, market research, etc. It’s the linguistic knowledge alongside domain expertise that makes us the top professional Korean transcription service provider. Because we’re an ISO 9001 certified full-service transcription agency, we deploy expert linguists and follow quality control procedures to deliver error-proof Korean transcripts.

With specialization in 30+ languages, we provide top-notch transcription to transcribe Korean Audio to Text, transcribe Korean to English, and also transcribe in Korean language recordings, audio and video, in other languages, accurately and timely. Our transcribers can handle complex and large volumes of data meticulously, paying attention to the detail while doing Korean Audio Transcription, Korean Video Transcription and Live Note Taking Services.

How to Transcribe Korean Audio to Text Online?

1. Upload your File.

Visit www.locatetranslate.co.uk and upload your audio/video files you want to be transcribed into Korean text or into any other language, including English.

2. Select “Language”.

Whether Korean is your source language or target language, know that we can transcribe to and from Korean into over 30 languages. so select the language, dialect, and accent you want us to transcribe your recording into.

3. Receive your Transcript.

Our human Korean transcriptionist will convert your audio/video file to Korean text and deliver the same to you securely via email or through a mode of delivery opted for at the sign-up.

Korean Transcription Services for Your Business

A business must deliver its message effectively and connect with its potential clients in Korea to cash in on Korean markets. To that end, it’s safe to say that audio and video transcription is a necessity, so is to translate Korean to English accurately.

It’s pertinent to ensure communication is effective and non-stop to reap the benefits of business opportunities in Korea. Our Korean transcribers have impeccable expertise in their field and are native Korean speakers.

Powered by a strong understanding of the Korean language and its various dialects, we’re able to translate and transcribe audio and video for many industries as part of our Korean transcription services.

Legal Transcription Services UK

Confidentiality Sensitive Transcription Company

Trust is key to the transcription service we offer. After all, what you’re sharing is sensitive information demanding utmost discretion. We’ve transcriptionists who’ve signed a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’, which is a prerequisite to guarantee the safety of your data.

Besides that, we’re also an ISO 9001 certified, GDPR and UK Data Protection Act compliant transcription agency in the UK and can be trusted to adopt discretion while handling your sensitive data.

Transcription of the Korean Language into English
Korean to English Transcription
Legal Transcription Services UK

Korean Audio & Video Transcription Service

We offer a reliable Korean transcription online for accurate, human-done, and superfast service to transcribe Korean audio to text or cater to your Korean video transcription need. Here at Locate Translate, we’ve provided countless businesses with high-quality Verbatim transcripts, Intelligent Korean transcripts that are 100% accurate.

However, it’s to be borne in mind that some agencies sell machine-generated transcriptions at through-away prices, which though attractive for their affordability, leave businesses utterly frustrated because of their cheap quality as they’re error-ridden. In comparison, we offer reasonably priced Korean transcription services by skilful transcribers.

Legal Transcription Services UK

Flexible Korean Transcription Services

Our service, though accurate and affordable, isn’t rigid. On the contrary, it’s flexible. You can customize it the way want it or as dictated by your requirements. You’re free to choose the language of your Korean recording transcript whether you want it to be in Korean, English, or any other language.

Shortest to say, our native-language transcription service is so flexible and customizable that you can get your transcript translated into 30+ languages, owing to the team of native transcriptionists and translators at Locate Translate. Our services have been used by clients from academia, business and professionals from the healthcare and legal sectors, who’ve found our services to be top-notch.

Korean Language Transcription
Korean Translation and Korean Transcription Services

Our Transcription Process

Korean audio or video transcription can be done in 4-5 steps depending on the size of the audio/video recording, transcript format and other requirements. Anyway, the following are common steps in our painstakingly carried out Korean transcription services.

Step 1 – We assign an Account Manager to know your requirements before assigning a fitting transcriber, who’s also a signatory to NDA, to your project.

Step 2 – We transcribe your files as per your requirements and in the format and language you want your transcripts.

Step 3 – We do a rigorous linguistic quality analysis to ensure that the translation is accurate.

Step 4 – We assign a team of quality experts to run a detailed analysis to ensure transcript is accurate.

Step 5 – We deliver the transcripts to our clients securely after we’ve established its accuracy.


Why Locate Translate?

If you’re looking for an accredited, professional, ISO 9001 certified, GDPR compliant transcription agency, we make a perfect fit. Locate Translate is a professional UK-based transcription agency, which has been providing premium transcription services to a number of industries. Known for its commitment to professionalism, privacy and confidentiality, we promise our clients peace of mind when we transcribe their sensitive material/content/recordings.

Also, we’re a 24×7 language service provider and remain available for urgent transcription requests all the time. Even with such a fast turnaround, we keep the standard of quality high and promise unmatched accuracy on transcripts we deliver day in and day out to our clients from around the world.

Our team of skilled transcribers, who’ve got years of experience in their respective fields, provide transcription in over 30 languages and remain committed to delivering quality service, priced competitively.

Can’t I Just Use Transcription Software?

The problem with automated speech to text software is that it’s not accurate. At maximum, you can get an accuracy of 85%, which isn’t enough given the sensitivity of the content involved and can jeopardize your business interests. Human transcribers, on the other hand, deliver transcripts at 100% accuracy. Just upload your audio/video file and we will assign a professional transcriber to get the job done.

Video and Audio Formats We Transcribe?

Video Formats – avi, mpg, mp4, dat, wmv, 3gp, amv, divx, dpg, mov, qt, rm, swf, flv and more.
Audio Formats – mp3, wma, wav, ra, ram, rm, mid, gg, m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, caf, amr, dvf and more.

Which Audio Formats are Preferred?

We can work with any digital audio formats, most common among ones include:

ACT, AAC, DVF (Sony recorder), AIFC (Compressed AIFF), AIFF, APE, AMR, CAF (Apple Core Audio Format), AU, DSP TrueSpeech, DCT (Express Dictate, MSRS, etc.), OGG, DSS, FLAC, DVS (Royal recorder), M4A, MP2, MP3, MPC, MSV (Sony recorder), RA / RM (RealAudio), QCP, SPX, SHN, VOX, VOC, WAV (aLaw, ADPCM, PCM, GSM 6.10, uLaw codecs) and WMA.

How Do I Send the Files for Transcription?

At Locate Translate, we can work as comfortably with audio and video files in any format. Sending is easy and hassle-free with email. So you can email us the file or upload one directly via our contact form. However, we don’t rule out the possibility of originals completely because we might need them when carrying out Apostilled or Legalised translation. Mostly the documents that need to be sent in original include Criminal Record Disclosures, documents related to the Court of Law, and UK Registry Office issued documents, but only if such documents need Apostilled or Legalised translation. Once we’re done with the translation and certification process, you will receive back the documents via post or you may choose to collect the documents in person, who knows.

How Do You Deliver Transcripts?

The most preferred way to deliver transcripts has been to email them to the client. At the time of upload, the email address registered with us will receive the transcript as an email attachment in the editable Word .docx format. However, if you would rather prefer to download it directly from the client area, you may need to sign up for an account.

Who Will Transcribe my Audio/Video Files?

At Locate Translate, we assign only vetted professional transcriptionists, who are experts in the language in question and conversant in the niche involved – legal, medicine, finance, etc – to transcribe audio to text.

How Long Does Transcription Take?

At Locate Translate, we offer transcription in two variants: standard and express. In both cases, however, the time taken is determined by the length of the recording, besides the type of transcription needed. After you request a FREE TRANSCRIPTION QUOTE and let us know your requirements, we will give you the more exact turnaround time and price it may cost you.

How Do You Keep Client Data Confidential?

At Locate Translate, only transcribers who have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us are assigned transcription projects.  So, for sure you can rest assured that all your files are secured against unauthorized access.

Looking for Native Korean Transcribers?

Locate Translate houses specialized Korean transcribers to provide Korean transcription services. Write to us at hello@locatetranslate.co.uk and we will get back immediately with a FREE QUOTE.

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