Legal Aid Transcription Services London (UK)

At Locate Translate, we have made legal aid transcription services accessible at legal aid rates for transcription to legal aid agencies in London, UK. 

We deliver legal aid transcripts in 30+ language combinations performed by legal transcribers with a specialisation in the legal industry. Wait no more to get legal aid transcription and translation for legal aid cases at legal aid rates in London, UK and transcribe and translate transcribed documents in multiple languages without breaking the bank! 

Call us, email, or fill legal aid form for requesting a transcript, whatever you’re comfortable with as a channel for communications with our experts!

legal aid transcription services

Transcription Rates for Legal Aid?

To say the least, we provide the translation and transcription service for legal aid cases in which government pays for the legal representation of someone in the UK through its legal aid system at a special rate. Put simply, we charge legal aid rates for transcription without compromising on quality as we assign skilled transcribers to provide the service. 

What We Offer

At Locate Translate, we offer legal aid agencies and other legal professionals and law firms, transcription in English and other 30+ languages. Additionally, we also provide quality and cheap translation of transcribed material in multiple languages – all within budget and time.

Why Choose Locate Translate for Legal Aid Transcription?

Our expertise lies in language solutions for legal aid cases. Because we assign legal experts to write transcripts, we always deliver quality service, one that caters to your requirements perfectly. Other reasons to choose us are as follows:

You Need Accuracy, We Guarantee Accuracy!

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to transcribing legal documents. That’s why we assign professional transcribers to deliver transcripts, not some automated apps.

You Need Data Protection, We Guarantee Data Protection! 

Legal documents contain sensitive data, hence requiring maximum discretion. We guarantee the data protection as we’re ISO certified and UK Data Protection Act and GDPR compliant language service provider.

We Transcribe The Way You Need It!

Our solutions are tailored to your needs! We transcribe audio/video files the way you want us to transcribe. From word-for-word legal transcripts to intelligent verbatim, we offer it all, and more!

Legal Aid Rates for Transcription!

We offer you value for money as we charge legal aid rates for transcription in London, UK. Therefore, you get the best services at the best prices at Locate Translate!

A Quick Look at Legal Aid Transcription Process

We follow a straightforward transcription process to deliver quality translations within a few hours.


You upload the audio/video recording or just email us your file directly via secure channels.​

Choose Service

You select from a variety of transcription options and place your order according to your needs. ​


We assign a qualified transcriber to perform transcription within agreed upon time.​

Receive Transcript

You receive the transcript via email, which is rightly formatted and deliver on time.

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Legal Aid Transcription Services

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