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Locate Translate, based 100% in the UK, is the leading provider of court-approved legal transcription services and court transcription services. Law firms, attorneys, and other legal professionals deploy our court transcribers to help them with legal transcription. You too can leverage our service for certified transcription done by our accredited transcriber in court. Our perfectionist court transcriptionist delivers accurate court transcripts on time and within budget.

Since we offer a confidential transcription service,  we’re ranked among the most trusted transcription agencies in London delivering court transcription service to clients from around the United Kingdom. We assign a court transcriber who has a background in the legal sector to help with court transcript services. Simply put, leverage our domain knowledge and keen understanding of legal matters for premium quality legal transcription, legal document translation, and face to face legal interpreting. Professionals from the legal industry, law firms, courts rely on Locate Translate for legal transcription services UK for we’re an ISO 9001 certified full-service transcription agency. While our transcription is done by expert linguists, we also follow quality control procedures to keep errors in check from appearing in legal transcripts.

For transcription in 30+ languages, we have in-house native court transcriptionists working with us to provide top-notch transcription services.

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Legal Transcription Services UK

Legal Audio Transcription by Certified Court Transcribers

Locate Translate is the leading provider of professional legal transcription services done by certified court transcribers who’re reliable and experienced in the legal industry. Our linguists have impeccable skills and are equipped with knowledge of legal matters to provide quality court transcription services.

Why is Professional Legal Transcription Imperative?

Legal transcription is important for many reasons foremost being sifting through voluminous court data in order to make a robust case.  But the problem is most of the data is piled in audio and video form. Therefore, getting the audio and video content transcribed into transcripts requires transcribers experienced in legal terminology. It’s here Locate Translate plays its part as we house court transcribers for 30+ languages with a sound background in law. Watching or listening to such a huge repository of audio/video content is time-consuming and legal professionals find it extremely daunting. The solution lies in legal transcription services that we offer at affordable rates.

So get accurate court transcripts delivered in record time by our court transcriptionists who can handle your data meticulously, paying attention to the detail while providing legal audio transcription services, legal video transcription services and live note taking services.

Reasonably Priced

We provide affordable legal transcription in 30+ languages. Flexibility to handle last-minute amendments with rapid turnaround.

Human-Done Transcription

We only deliver the human-done transcription by expert legal transcribers to ensure it’s error-free. No machine-generated legal transcript.

100% Accuracy

At Locate Translate, we provide 100% accurate legal transcription services UK. It’s a guarantee backed by our skilled team of native transcribers.

30+ Languages

We’re well equipped with knowledge of all major languages and can provide transcription in 30+ languages.

Degree Translation Services

24x7 Availability

Should you need urgent transcription, we’re available 24×7 to help.

Degree Translation Services

Dedicated Account Manager

We will assign a dedicated account manager to your project so that we respond to your requests within 30-60 minutes.

Degree Translation Services

ISO 9001 Certified Agency

We’re an ISO 9001 transcription company, following standard quality procedures to deliver accurate transcripts.

GDPR Compliant & Confidentiality Sensitive

As a GDPR compliant and confidentiality sensitive transcription company, we care for your privacy and ensure everything remains confidential.

List of Court Transcription Services We Offer

→ Legal dictation and correspondence services

→ Transcription services for depositions

→ Court transcription services

→ Transcription services for preliminary hearings

→ Transcripts of the proceedings of meetings and conferences

→ Verbatim legal transcription

→ Transcripts of sworn statements

→ Administrative hearing transcription

→ Police interviews

→ Transcriptions of arbitrations

→ Legal pleadings

Legal Transcription Services by Top Court Transcriber

If you’re in the UK, looking for professional transcription services, know that Locate Translate houses accredited court transcribers who provide accurate court transcripts to legal professionals and law firms in the United Kingdom. You can work with our experienced court transcriptionists to meet your transcription needs at reasonable rates.

To say the least, we’ve vetted professionals in our team who are UK based and are experts in the legal industry to cater to all your legal needs, including legal translation, legal transcription, legal interpreting, and legal document translation. All services related to the legal profession are provided by our in-house team of transcribers who do so with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Why Choose Locate Translate for Court Transcription Services?

Transcription is a complex task. Therefore, it’s important to hire a reliable, trustworthy and confidential transcription service provider to deliver court transcription service.

Legal Transcription Services UK

Confidentiality Sensitive Court Transcription Agency

Trust is key to the transcription service we offer. After all, what you’re sharing is sensitive information demanding utmost discretion. Let’s assure you that all our court transcriptionists have signed a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’, thereby guaranteeing the safety of your data.

Besides that, we’re also an ISO 9001 certified, GDPR and UK Data Protection Act compliant transcription agency in the UK and can be trusted to adopt discretion while handling your sensitive data.

Legal Transcription Services UK
Legal Transcription Services UK
Legal Transcription Services UK

Customizable Court Transcripts

Your requirements are at the centre of our transcription process. Since it’s highly customizable, it can be personalised to meet your needs in the best possible manner.

Therefore, whether it be audio or video, we can transcribe it in the manner best suited for your needs. We provide all types of court transcripts including the most common ones, such as a) full word-for-word legal transcript, b) detailed notes transcript, c) interview transcripts and d) tribunal and court transcriptions.

Legal Transcription Services UK

Accuracy and Value for Money

Legal documents can’t afford accuracy less than 99%, though, at Locate Translate, we aim for 100% accuracy! It has been our policy ever since our inception that we won’t deploy automated apps. At Locate Translate, only the professional human transcribers get to work on your transcription project to ensure it’s free from mistakes of all sorts.

What we offer instead is a quality transcription at affordable prices. Hence, providing a great value for money to our clients, hard to get anywhere else!

Legal Transcription Services UK
Legal Transcription Services UK

Where Can You Use Our Legal Transcription?

You can use our transcription services in the legal industry for a variety of purposes, including.

Tribunal & Court Transcriptions

Tribunals, court hearings and disciplinary hearings are goldmines of valuable data, which our transcription services will make readily available to you.

Interview Transcripts

The same holds for interviews and witness statements that are of considerable length that it’s hard to sift through. Our court transcriptionists will transcribe the same into easy to read series of notes or transcripts.

Meeting Transcriptions & Minutes

Our Live Note Taking, part of meeting transcription services, can help you store, parse and retrieve information, which could otherwise be easily lost.


Why Locate Translate?

If accredited, professional, ISO 9001 certified and GDPR compliant is something you’re looking for in a translation agency, then I bet we make a perfect fit. Locate Translate is a professional UK-based translation agency providing top-quality, accurate and confidential legal transcription services. Known for its commitment to professionalism, privacy and confidentiality, we promise our clients peace of mind when we transcribe their sensitive data.

Also, we’re a 24×7 language service provider and remain available for urgent transcription requests all the time. Even with such a fast turnaround, we keep the standard of quality very high and promise unmatched accuracy on legal transcripts we deliver day in and day out to our clients from around the world.

Our team of skilled transcribers, who’ve got years of experience in the legal sector, provide legal transcription in over 30+ languages. That’s the reason we remain committed to delivering quality transcription service that are competitively priced so that anyone could afford them without burning the pocket.

Secure and Confidential Court Transcripts UK

Locate Translate houses transcribers and linguists who have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we ensure, therefore, secure and confidential legal transcription services. Information security and privacy are of utmost importance to us and we’re fully committed to upholding the security of sensitive information contained in documents shared with us, additionally, we’re willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients, if they so request.

How Do I Send the Files for Transcription?

At Locate Translate, we can work as comfortably with audio and video files in any format. Sending is easy and hassle-free with email. So you can email us the file or upload one directly via our contact form. However, we don’t rule out the possibility of originals completely because we might need them when carrying out Apostilled or Legalised translation. Mostly the documents that need to be sent in original include Criminal Record Disclosures, documents related to the Court of Law, and UK Registry Office issued documents, but only if such documents need Apostilled or Legalised translation. Once we’re done with the translation and certification process, you will receive back the documents via post or you may choose to collect the documents in person, who knows.

Our Legal/Court Transcription Service Process

Legal transcription can be easily done in 4-5 steps depending on the size of the audio/video file and your legal requirements. Anyway, the following are common steps in our painstakingly carried out legal transcription services.

  • In the first step, we assign an Account Manager to work out your details so as to assign a fitting transcriber to your project, also a signatory to NDA.
  • In the second step, we transcribe your files as per requirements, legal as well as linguistic.
  • In the third step, we do a rigorous linguistic quality analysis to ensure that the translation is accurate.
  • In the fourth step, we assign a team of legal experts to run a legal analysis to ensure transcript is in accordance with legal parameters.
  • In the fifth step, we deliver the legal transcripts securely after we’ve established its accuracy.

Which Level of Certification Do I Need?

Honestly, there’s no straightforward answer to that, except that it depends on the receiving country and authority or institution you’re submitting the Apostilled document to. Remember that requirements change from one country to another, and change with time as well. Therefore, the best thing to do as far as the level of certification is concerned is to consult the authority, country, or institute requesting the Apostille translation of your documents regarding the level of certification before requesting Apostille translation service for the same.

How Long Does Legal Transcription Take?

At Locate Translate, we offer legal transcription services in two variants: standard and express. In both cases, however, the time taken is determined by word and length of the audio/video, besides the level and type of certification needed. After you request a FREE QUOTE from us and let us know your requirements, we will give you the more exact turnaround time and price it may cost you.

Looking for Legal Transcription Services?

Locate Translate houses specialized legal transcribers to provide legal transcription services in the UK. Write to us at and we will get back immediately with a FREE QUOTE.

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