Legal Language Services

Dedicated team of linguistic professionals with years of experience in the
Legal Industry.

Private Law

Providing second to none legal linguistics to private law firms around the globe.
Our experience in the legal industry allows us to successfully place the most relavent
linguistic on each project ensuring the best results are delivered. 

Legal Aid

We work with a wide range of  legal language specialists who can work at Legal aid rates on Legal aid cases.
Our Legal aid work includes, legal aid translation, legal aid transcription and legal aid interpreting. 
Each project is reviewed individually to ensure the most relevant linguistics are put on the project.  

Legal Translation

We are specialists in international legal translation services. Our experienced team of dedicated legal translators will be able to assist you with your language needs.

Many of our legal translators have a background in law and many years of experience in their chosen field. Our staff are also able to put translations into the context of the legal principles and terms of the target language. No matter your needs, we work with translators specialising in areas such as business, antitrust and contract law, corporate finance, criminal law, intellectual property, international trade, and litigation.

We are therefore experienced in dealing with international commercial disputes, contractual disputes, banking processes, cross-border arbitration, and international fraud. You just tell us your requirements and one of our account managers will assign the work to a language professional specialised in the field.   

Legal Interpreting

Interpreting in the legal field – for courts and authorities, the police, and other related official areas – places the highest demands on both the professional competence and the responsibility of the interpretation specialist. Because interpretation happens instantly and occurs between two languages, it needs to be non-biased and very accurate.

We only work with the very best interpreters in the industry. At Locate Translate, we understand the need for using impartial language experts who are not only proficient in the spoken word but who are also able to navigate the complexities of legal etiquette, cultural issues and expressions.

Once our dedicated account managers understand your needs, they will select the best person for the task. All interpreters are handpicked based on their experience and individual skills – subject matter, spoken language, location, type of interpreting, and country knowledge.

At Locate Translate, we offer a broad selection of interpretation services:

  • Whispered interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Ad-Hoc interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting

Legal Transcription

If you need transcription work done for an entire audio or video recording, Locate Translate has the right team in place to get the job done. We can help qualitative market researchers overcome language barriers by creating written facts sourced from audio recordings.

Our well-trained transcription experts not only have professional linguistic knowledge in one or more languages, but also the legal and technical know-how for a fast and accurate transcription service of audio and video files. This can be done in English or any desired target language.

The transcription of focus groups, interviews, in-depth interviews or online groups is part of our daily work and our optimized service enables short processing times for the insight you are aiming for.

 We work with all common audio formats such as digital file formats, video files, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, video streams and podcasts.

Legal Document Translation

A combination of linguistic competence, know-how in the field of text creation, and specialist legal knowledge makes it possible for us to translate any document size, legal topic, and language quickly and efficiently.

Patent Translations

Patent law involves special terminology, structure, and accuracy. Patent translations pose a special challenge because translation professionals usually cannot use existing terminology. That is why a technical understanding of the respective field is essential. Our patent translators are just as familiar with patent law and classification as with the content of the European Patent Convention.

 Our highly qualified and experienced translators know how to navigate the complex nature of the language used in patent offices, corporate patent departments, and law firms for patent law. Every translator at Locate Translate is a specialist in their field, be it law, medicine, science, or electronics.

Court Document Translations

Our team of native-speaking specialist translators can translate legal and official court documents in most languages quickly and efficiently. Locate Translate is an ISO17100 certified translation agency specializing in the delivery of high-quality legal translations and certified translations.

 We work together with sworn professional translators who are authorized to officially certify translations with a stamp and signature. The translator stamps and signs the translation, thereby guaranteeing that the content is complete and correct. Such certified translations are legally binding.

Commercial Law Translations

Commercial law, also known as mercantile law or trade law, is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law.

 Understanding the complex and international nature of commercial law is imperative when working with legal documentation. Our team of native-speaking specialist translators are highly skilled and specialise in the field of commercial law. We can help you with your translation needs.

Legalised & Certified Translations

Translated contracts that are legally binding, and proof of identity are important documents that are only recognized by authorities if the translation has been certified. Such translations can only be certified when the translator has the necessary legal authority.

 At Locate Translate, we work together with expert translators who are legally mandated to officially certify translations. They guarantee the accuracy and completeness with a certification formula, a stamp and signature.
This process makes the translation an officially recognized document.

Financial Translations

When it comes to translating balance sheets, P&Ls or annual reports, precision and the correct use of technical terms are essential.

At locate Translate, we guarantee that your specialist financial translations are done by experienced and specialized language experts. Of course, all orders and documents are always treated confidentially and discreetly.

 We only work with competent native-speaking translators with a financial background or training. Our experts either have a finance or business degree or have relevant professional experience. Thanks to this specialization, all financial documents can be made to fit the regional market and target group by employing the appropriate technical terminology.

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