Market Research Translation and Transcription Services

Multilingual Specialists in Global Market Research to Carry Out Market Research Translation and Transcription and Multilingual Interviews of Highest Quality.

Market Research Translation and Transcription Services

Market Research

Market research focuses on the systematic collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of data on markets and market influencing options for the purpose of obtaining information to solve market-related business problems by analysing information about the relevant market, its relevant participants and their attitudes. Market research is one of the most important tools of marketing and data driven solutions.

At Locate Translate, we offer tailored market research solutions and continued support from start to finish. Your collected data are systematically determined and analysed using scientific methods. We have the right market research experts for your project. We will design your study, locate the respondents, field the study and compile the report on the results. Your one stop shop for all your market research solutions.

Market Research Translation and Transcription Services

Global Market Access

As a multilingual language solutions agency, Locate Translate has the necessary team in place to provide you with global market access. Global reach has never been easier.

We combine customer insights, creativity and technology into a holistic concept that suits your needs. We bundle our specific understanding of the target industry with functional excellence and scientific foundation to offer you a truly global solution to your market research requirements in financial and other sectors.

Market Research Translation and Transcription Services


Use expert knowledge for all of your market research projects. You may lack the necessary resources, or you just want to use an expert in the field. At Locate Translate, we have a team of multilingual market research professionals who can advise you every step of the way.

It is all about instinct and experience when planning such an all-encompassing and challenging project. This is where our market research consultants step in. We know that the right configuration of different market research methods determines the quality of the data collection. Our consultants know which statistical methods to use – always get the report you wanted from the start.

Market Research Translation and Transcription Services

Multilingual Market Research Translation and Transcription Team

Understanding your project

In an increasingly interconnected world, the requirements for modern communication solutions and market research are becoming increasingly demanding and complex.

We support companies and clients internationally with the most innovative market research solutions. Our multilingual research team supports clients concerning strategy and coordination. We understand your project and are able to present the acquired knowledge and data in multiple specialist areas.

We attach great importance to efficiency and quality and explicitly use multilingual structures for this.

Our Expertise in Market Research Translation and Transcription

market research translation and transcription uk

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

We deliver well-founded solutions to your questions by establishing the ideal link between qualitative and quantitative methods of market research.

Because without statistics, target group data and analyses, market trends and developments, you cannot run your business successfully in the long term. Market research is a complex area that differs fundamentally in two major areas: quantitative and qualitative market research.

We us both methods and each of them individually – it all comes down to what you, the client, needs.

Multilingual Qualitative Methods

Qualitative market research treats your target group much more individually. Accordingly, group discussions or expert interviews are in the foreground. The results or samples of this research remain small and are not representative. The evaluation is also carried out according to a precise scheme. In qualitative market research, you pay close attention to the participants, for example to find out needs and preferences.

At Locate Translate we are able to conduct such qualitative research on a truly global level. We only work with the very best multilingual qualitative research specialists. Your project and data will always be safe in our hands. Our experts not only speak the target language, but they also understand the market and its peculiarities, guaranteeing high-quality multilingual qualitative research.

Multilingual Quantitative Methods

Quantitative market research is what is commonly understood as market research in the context of surveys and opinion research. The samples are large and representative. The survey follows a rather static, closed and rigid scheme in which all factors and elements are standardized as much as possible. As part of the evaluation, an attempt is made to test a previously existing theory, i.e. to verify or falsify it. For this, empirical parameters are used, for example frequencies.

And we at Locate Translate are able to conduct such quantitative research on a truly global level. We only work with the very best multilingual quantitative research specialists. Your project and data will always be safe in our hands. Our experts not only speak the target language, but they also understand the market and its peculiarities, guaranteeing high-quality multilingual quantitative research.

Multilingual Quantitative Research

Questionnaire Translations: Doc, Xlsx, & Xml
• Open Ended Question Translations
• Overlay & Link checks
• In-language Coding in over 30 languages
• Adverse Event Reporting
• Research Report Translations

multilingual interviewing

Multilingual Interviewing

In an increasingly globalised world where language barriers are ever more prevalent, multilingual interviewing moderation has become unavoidable when communicating effectively across multiple languages. Strong stakeholder relationships are key to any company or brand.

Multilingual Qualitative Research

TDIs SimTran (web-based & telephone)
• Discussion Guide Translations
• Content Analysis
• Community moderation
• Adverse Event Reporting
• Editing Discussion Guide & Concepts

multilingual moderation

Multilingual Moderation

At Locate Translate, we only work with carefully selected and trained multilingual moderation professionals. Once our experts have been briefed with regard to your project and have fully familiarised themselves as to your needs, they are then able to deliver comprehensive multilingual interviewing moderation for all of your content.

market research translation and transcription uk

Multilingual Transcription

Locate Translate provides transcription services to a range of clients, including a diverse selection of industries. Through our multi-year experience and by using native speakers, we can offer targeted, high-quality transcription services in a broad array of languages. We can transcribe your market research results based on your unique specifications.

Getting Started is Easy


Multilingual Team

Our language experts cover a broad range of languages and industries. We guarantee that we only work with the very best talent. Not only are our content analysis experts native speakers in the required language, but they also possess the necessary skills and knowledge to support you with your project.

Fast Turnarounds

We have the flexibility and skills to handle last-minute amendments with rapid turnaround

As a London based translation agency with a global footprint, we are able to process, allocate and complete your needs within even the most demanding timeframes. Adherence to deadlines is the key to our success. All you need to do is say when and we will deliver.

Data Protection

During market research personal data is collected from identifiable people. Sensitive data such as health status information can also be recorded. For this reason, data protection law and professional rules of conduct place strict requirements on the conduct of market research in order to protect the personal rights of the participants and to protect their data from misuse.


market research translation and transcription uk

Our Approach

Our approach is that each of our clients are assigned a dedicated project manager who will take the time to understand their business model to be able to deliver the best results. We use qualified linguistic professionals that are specialised to your specific industry.

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