Translation Requirements For UK University Applications

For students whose academic certificates aren’t in English, certified translation of education-related documents is essential when processing applications for UK universities. So if you’re an international student wanting to study at a college or university in the United Kingdom – or even to work here – getting your documents translated to English is the necessary first step in the process. 

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Every year, millions of students like yourself apply to study in the UK. But not every university application gets accepted. Failing to provide officials with a certified translation of academic documents is one of the underlying reasons why millions of applications get rejected.

What are the academic applications for which document translation is a must?

International students must translate documents for all types of academic applications – whether applying for post-graduate or Masters study programme, PhD or foundation programme at a university in the United Kingdom.

What are the documents required for a UK university application?

If you’re an international student and want to pursue higher education in a UK university or college, keep the following academic documents with you for officials to authenticate the proof of your education: academic certificate, academic transcript and certificate of English proficiency.  

What is the Role of UK ENIC, Previously NARIC, in the Admission Process at a UK University?

UK ENIC is responsible for evaluating foreign academic certificates, a UK government agency responsible for issuing Certificate of Comparability

In other words, when you apply to a UK university, UK ENIC evaluates and verifies your educational documents. ENIC compares your foreign academic certificates with UK equivalents. Based on its evaluation, ENIC issues a Certificate of Comparability accordingly. That’s to say, showing how it collates in terms of standards and frameworks used in the UK education system.

Do I Need UK ENIC (NARIC) Certification to Process My University Application?

Whether your qualification is equivalent to British standards or not, how’d any university know? That’s why it’s mandatory to receive the certificate of compatibility from ENIC to process your university application further. Without getting your documents verified by ENIC, receiving certification is impossible. Therefore, it’s safe to say UK ENIC (NARIC) certification is inevitable for processing your university applications.

Do I Require Certified Translations for University Applications?

Before presenting documents to ENIC for perusal, ensure they’re in English only. If your certificates are in a language other than English, getting them translated is inevitable. 

One thing that you’ll require is certified translations of foreign academic documentation. But you can’t translate your certificates yourself from the native language to English. To make your translations legal for use in the UK for official purposes, you need a certified translation of your degree and other educational qualifications from an accredited language service provider (LSP).

That LSP will issue a certification confirming the accuracy of translation and affirming that it’s an accurate copy of the original document. Also, this certification will bear the name and signature of the translation company that has done the translation, along with contact details.

Why Choose Locate Translate for Professional UK ENIC (NARIC) Translation?

Getting an official translation of documents is as important as the documentation itself. Yet millions get duped every year because they can’t differentiate official from unofficial translations.

Students being delivered unofficial machine translation of documents in place of official certified translation is no longer an uncommon phenomenon.  Yet their hard-earned money is wasted on unofficial translations rejected by organisations.

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Our translations are accepted by all government and private organisations, including ENIC (NARIC). Our professional translators know what requirements you need to fulfil when translating documents for NARIC so that they’re accepted. Therefore, wait no more to order quality professional translation service from us.

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