All your doubts or questions that you may have regarding notarised translation services will be cleared in this blog. So keep reading till the end!

The basic translation process remains the same where text from one language is converted into another language. However, criteria change significantly when it comes to certified translations, apostille translation services and notarised translation which confuses many users. 

As providers of notarised translations in London which are used by individuals as well as businesses Locate Translate is the right authority to be answering your questions regarding the same. We’ve expert native translators working with us who have performed notarised translations in over 30 languages and helped companies and individuals worldwide prepare their documents for overseas use. So without further ado let’s dive straight into explaining various facets of notarised translations and answer your frequently asked questions about the same.

What is a Notarised Translation?

The foremost question that we get asked: what is a notarised translation? Let’s try to answer it for you in a simple language. 

Notary translation involves a notary or solicitor who adds a stamp in order to legally certify translated documents. The stamp added to the translated document by the notary authenticates its use as legal in foreign countries. Here at Locate Translate, we can assign an official notary to process notarised translation on your behalf.

Are Certified and Notarised Translations Different? If ‘Yes’ Then How Do They Differ?

On the face of it, the difference lies in who carries it out. Certified translations are carried out by an official translator. Notarised translations, on the other hand, require a notary or solicitor to authorise and approve the translation of a document. While certified translations are required in most cases, there are occasions where authorities in some countries require you to provide an extra level of certification with your translated document in order to legalise it.

What Documents Need Notarisation?

Broadly speaking, all documents that you’re presenting before overseas officials need notarisation in order to be considered legal. It all depends on regulations and procedures put in place by your destination country that will determine whether notarised translation service is called for. However, for these documents you may certainly require notarised translations:

Notarised Translation Services at Locate Translate

Here at Locate Translate, we house native language specialists in over 30 languages who are experienced, professional and certified to carry out notarised translations. Consequently, we always delivered within budget and deadline most accurate notarised translation services that have exceeded client expectations in terms of turnaround time and quality of translations. With direct access to a qualified solicitor, we accelerate the notarisation process to deliver fast notarisations of legal, personal, and private documents.

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