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Benefit from a fast and dependable service as Locate Translate’s team collaborates seamlessly with a notary. Locate Translates notarized translation services are specifically designed for situations where the receiving authority mandates an additional level of certification to legalize a document. The notary ensures the authenticity of your translation independently and provides a notarial certificate as proof of validity. Ensuring their acceptance and legal recognition. 


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What are the use of Notarized Translation?

Notarized translations are necessary for various situations, such as immigration applications, academic qualifications recognition, legal contracts, or court proceedings. They are often requested by government bodies, universities, professional organizations, or businesses when dealing with international matters that require accurate and legally recognized translations. Locate Translate is your go-to as they are partners with this government bodies.

Why Choose Locate Translate?


Navigating the process of correctly certifying your documents can often be perplexing. At Locate Translate, we understand this challenge, which is why we have a specialized team that handles certified, sworn, notarized, and legalized/apostilled translations every day. Locate Translate has a team of experts and native linguists with industry-specific experiences who can tend to your translation needs with fast and reliable services. Offering various options for turnaround from a standard turnaround of 2-3 days, to an express turnaround of 24 hours or an over the weekend services for those clients who have last-minute documents received from Friday and need them as soon as Monday. 

When it comes to notarizing translated documents, we prioritize efficiency and promptness, aiming to complete the process on the same day. This ensures a rapid response, particularly in urgent situations. Our in-house notary, who is a qualified solicitor with extensive experience, specializes in attesting the validity of translations on various types of official, legal, public, and private documents. With their expertise, you can trust that your translated documents will receive the necessary notarization efficiently and accurately.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Notarised Translation?

Notarized translations are official translations that have been certified by a notary public. These translations are commonly required for legal, official, or government purposes in the United Kingdom. Notarization involves verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the translation and attaching an official stamp or seal to the document. Notarized translations provide assurance that the translated document is a true and accurate representation of the original.

How long will it take to process my documents?

Locate Translate offers a 2-3 days standard turnaround or an express turnaround of 24 hours. However, both options will be mainly reliant on the number of words and level of certification required. We advise our clients to certify their documents in advance before proceeding with Notarization.

What Level if Certification Do I Need?

Each authority and country have different requirements. It is advisable that you check with the authority requesting the translation of what level of certification they will require. Locate Translate can check this for you as long as all details are provided.

Can I have a Certification with an already Translated Document

We cannot provide you with a declaration on any translation that we have not carried out ourselves. Therefore we need to re-translate the document. If however the original document is already in the required language and you only need the service of a Solicitor or Notary Public, please contact us and discuss your requirements directly.

Legalisation/Apostille of Translations

When utilizing British documents abroad for business or personal purposes, it may be necessary to undergo a process of legalization or obtain an Apostille (an authenticity stamp) for official recognition and acceptance. The legalisation or Apostille provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office serves as a guarantee of the authenticity of the translated document. In English, the term ‘Apostille’ is commonly used to denote the process of legalizing a document for international use. Currently, most documents originating from the United Kingdom can undergo legalization as long as they bear the original signature, stamp, or seal from an authorized UK public entity. In certain cases, photocopies of specific documents may also be accepted. For further information, please feel free to inquire with us.

How to get Notarised Translation?

In certain jurisdictions, it is a requirement to notarize commercial or personal documents that have been translated or originated from another country in order to obtain legal recognition. To fulfill this requirement, a Notary Public will attach a notarial certificate to validate the accuracy and authenticity of the translation. Typically, notarization is completed on the same day, although the timeframe may vary depending on the volume and complexity of the documents. Our comprehensive notary translation services cater to both individual customers and businesses, offering a prompt, efficient, and top-quality service.

What is Standard Certification?

This kind of Translation is normally accepted in the UK by most Authorities.

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