Certified Translation of Documents Services

At Locate Translate, we offer certified translation services in over 30+ Languages. We also offer Translation, Interpreting and Transcription Services.

Our Certified translations are accepted by government agencies worldwide including the Home Office, UK Courts, Local Councils.

Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Legally Stamped and Certified

* Fully certified, accredited and recognised all of the world.
* Our certified document translation is accepted by government bodies such as the Home Office, Courts of law, DVLA and many other organisations both public and private.
* We offer competitive pricing for all of our certified translations service whichever language you require.

Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Native Qualified Translators

We offer translation services in over 30+ languages.

All translators are native speakers and are experienced and qualified to carry out our certified translation service.
Our translators also offer Interpreting and Transcription services.


Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Fast Turnaround

Locate Translate has a team of in-house translators that complete our translation services.

This means that we are able to offer a quick and fast turnaround for all certified translations and document translations.

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Other Translation Services

text translation and proofreading

Text Translation and Proofreading

In a fully globalized world where businesses are expanding, we offer translation and proofreading services to assist with their marketing and expansion plans.

Our translation services include the translation of websites and marketing material.

interpreting services

Interpreting Services

We offer interpreting services in all of our specialised languages.

We carry out face to face interpreting, telephone interpreting and even video interpreting.

transcription services

Transcription Services

Our transcriptions services are used by a number of industries, including legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions, interview transcriptions, board meeting transcriptions, and regulatory and event transcription services


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Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

International Translation Services

International translation services allow our clients to communicate internationally with people across the globe. No matter where you are in the world, we can arrange a fully qualified translator who will help you with your language needs. All certified translations are stamped and certified for authenticity.



Why use translation Services?

fly to new markets with translation

Global Reach

Understanding different languages overcomes barriers and crosses borders, allowing for communication across the globe. The ability to interpret what is being said between various parties speaking different languages creates synergies, fosters cooperation and grows businesses. Global reach through expert interpretation brings people from different cultures together by opening up dialogue.

translation services of highest quality

Increased Opportunities

Doors automatically open when language barriers fall, resulting in increased opportunities for companies and people. Without language interpretation one would be limited to the borders of one’s country. Experienced interpreters create opportunity and communication between people.

audio video interpreting

Audio & Video Interpreting

Audio and video interpreting allow for instant access to clients, stakeholders and people without the need for travel. Meetings between different parties speaking another language can take place from anywhere on the planet. Audio and video interpreting make talking to other people easy.

legal interpreting and translation

Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting requires expertise. Every word and every nuance of an expression is important here. Interpreting legal dialogue involves understanding the associated terminology in two or more languages. A profound knowledge of the respective legal and administrative systems is of crucial importance in order to be able to produce precise legal specialist interpretation.

Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Business Travel & Communication

Business travel and communication focus on a country’s respective target culture, people and language. For this reason, Locate Translate attaches particular importance to native and foreign language competence among its specialist interpreters. Furthermore, a high degree of intercultural competence is essential for seamless interpretation when communicating during business travel.

Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Speak With More People

The ability to communicate in foreign languages brings people together, fostering dialogue and business opportunity. Speaking with more people from across the globe creates synergies through the exchange of ideas that were otherwise not possible due to language barriers.


Why Work With Us?


Fast Service

Super fast turnarounds. Same day and weekend service available.


Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager to understand your requirements.


Native, Certified & Experienced

Certified & Experienced linguistics within industries niches.


NDA & Quality

All projects protected under GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018.
As well as Non Disclosure Agreements

Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate


Quality Assured

Languages Covered


What Our Clients Say

Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Our clients needed an interpreter for their complex legal matter. We come across locate translate through their website and I have to say their interpreting service was second to none!

our translation services

Jane Wilkinson


Translation Services of Highest Quality in UK - Locate Translate

Locate translate were are able to provide a quick and cost effective interviewing moderating service for our market research across eastern Europe. Allowing us to meet our global market research objectives within budget

our translation services

Arnold Wang

Market Researcher


Areas we Cover

market research translation

Market Research

marketing translation


medical and life science translation

Medical & Life Sciences

legal translation

Legal & Government

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