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Locate Translate is an international translation and language solutions’ agency based in London. Among other things, we offer multilingual proofreading services along with the creation of specialist and reactive texts for companies, individuals and research teams, no matter the requirements.

Our proofreading services in both English and a wide range of other languages cover the creation of technical manuals, medical and legal documents, pharmaceutical documentation, advertising texts and more. We rely on an internal team of native speakers, who specialize in a wide range of specialist areas and industries, in order to guarantee high-quality services directly in the language requested by our clients.

Our professional team of account managers can arrange tailored multilingual proofreading projects as part of a comprehensive editorial and translation service.

The comprehensive Locate translate editing service only uses the very best native-speaking editors and proofreaders. Our service is aimed at companies or institutions occupying a wide array of sectors that have specialist texts that require a comprehensive proofreading in the desired language.

In addition, this type of service is exceedingly useful for specific industries, such as marketing communication and research agencies, that require syntactic and stylistic precision in foreign language texts that only native speakers are able to do.

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Why Proofread?

Proofreading services are indispensable and form an integral part of the content creation process. That’s why we only work with carefully selected, competent and experienced editors and proofreaders in the designated language. This is how we ensure that only high-quality texts are produced on our managed service platform.

We always guarantee high quality results through routine correction, editing and quality assurance processes. You will always receive a perfect text by the time we are done with it.,

Types of Proofreading

multilingual proofreading


Multilingual proofreading involves checking a text for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. At Locate Translate we check your text for grammatical errors, syntax errors, incorrect commas etc. and make it right.

All proofreading projects at Locate Translate are conducted by our team of multilingual proofreading professionals who are native speakers in the assigned target language. This is essential when you are trying to communicate to an international audience. We will always make sure that the true meaning of your text is maintained in the target language.

review translations


Translation review forms an integral part of our translation and transcription services. We operate using the four-eyes principle where each document that crosses our desk is reviewed and analysed for errors after the initial translation has been done.

Even the most competent translation experts get it wrong on occasion, which is why we have a second pair of eyes doublecheck their work. This process ensures that you will always get 100% accuracy in anything we produce for you. For trust is the cornerstone of our business.

comparative review


A comparative review is when the target text was translated in-house based on a source text provided by the client.

Our team of language experts will proofread the document by correcting any grammatical errors, syntax errors, incorrect commas, terminological and typographic nuances and make it right. We at Locate Translate always deliver on our promise of an error free and accurate text.

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AE REPORTING / Adverse Event Reporting

Any agency, organisation, company or individual collecting information on specific drugs, treatments and medical devices need to be able to anticipate the need for adverse event (AE) detection, processing, and reporting.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines an adverse drug experience as any AE associated with the use of a drug in humans, whether or not considered drug related. While the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guideline ICH E2A similarly defines an AE as an untoward medical occurrence in a patient administered a pharmaceutical product, whether or not the occurrence is related to or considered to have a causal relationship with the treatment.

Medical device reporting regulations differ from those for drugs and biologics in that reportable events include both AEs and problems with the device itself. Medical device reporting is required for incidents in which the device may have caused or contributed to a death or serious injury or may have malfunctioned and would likely cause or contribute to death or serious injury if the malfunction were to recur.

At Locate Translate, we have the necessary team in place to aid you with AE reporting. Being such an integral part of many medical transcriptions and translations and documents, our proofreaders are well-versed in the intricacies of AE reporting.  .


We had some translation done by our in house team and luckily we got them proofread by Locate translate, the client was over the moon the with the results

– Sam W. CRO


Publishing literature and books for international audiences is a key part of our growth strategy. We recently teamed up with locate translate to proofread and translate in 15 languages. Quick and reliable service as always 😀

Elliot C. Publishing House


Locate translate is our goto for all of our medical and pharma work, and their proofreading capacity is superb

Lisa A. Pharma 

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