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Wondering how to translate a death certificate into English? At Locate Translate, we just do that, and more, of course. As one of the UK’s top professional translation providers, we provide Spanish death certificate translation, birth certificate translation, and degree translation services of the highest quality.  We have the understanding that death certificates are extremely important documents and that people need such documents for documentation purposes of all sorts. Real-life situations necessitate the translation of Spanish death certificates into English. For example, for insurance compensation to be released it’s crucial to present to the officials an original death certificate. But if it’s not in the language official to the insurance provider, in all likelihood, you may need to translate it to that language, or else be prepared for a delay. The same holds for inheritance issues where you surely need to produce the death certificate in the original and in the official language of the country you’re submitting to for inheritance matters so that the officials there can understand it.

Certified Marriage Certificate Translation Services UK

Professional Translation Provider UK

At Locate Translate, we house a pool of talented translators teeming professionalism and vetted skills that make us the best professional translation provider in the United Kingdom, providing certificate translation services to our global clients. With expertise in 30+ language pairs, we can provide death certificate translations between, literally, any language pair you can think of, and also get it Apostilled. So, if you’re looking for an Apostille translation of a death certificate in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Locate Translate provides Apostille death certificate translation in the UK with guaranteed acceptance when presented to foreign authorities.

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Competitive Prices

We provide cost-effective translation of documents, competitively priced.

Native Linguists

We house native linguists to carry out translations as accurately as possible.

Foreign Degree Translation

We provide accurate foreign degree translation and certification to submit with your application.

30+ Languages

We provide degree certificate translation services in 30+ languages.

Degree Translation Services

24x7 Availability

Should you need urgent translation of your degree and other certificates, we’re available 24×7 to help.

Degree Translation Services

Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager to each project to ensure you’re delivered exactly what you were looking for.

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ISO 9001 Certified Agency

We’re an ISO 9001 certified translation agency. Hence, follow standard quality procedures.

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All your data and privacy is safe with us because we’re a GDPR compliant translate company.

Certified Marriage Certificate Translation Services UK

Death Certificate Translation

Get us, an ISO 9001 accredited translation agency in the UK to translate a death certificate respectfully. Locate Translate is capable of translating between any language pair certificates of all sorts, including death certificates, birth certificates, and more. With us, providing evidence of demise and its cause is made easy with our death certificate translation services.

Equipped with the legal understanding of the certifications required when translating death certificates, we ensure translations done by us are accepted as legal, valid, and legitimate, abroad as well as in the United Kingdom.  We can even advise on legal requirements and how to go about it when it comes to certified translation of death certificates since we have practising solicitors working with us to leverage their legal expertise.

Death Certificate Translation Services
Death Certificate Translation Services

Death Certificate Typesetting Services

With our DTP and typesetting services, we efficiently typeset translated death certificates in various scripts. This expedites the death registration process with sensitivity and respect. Our competitive pricing ensures error-free translations for global clients. We also provide Apostille death certificate translation services

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Death Certificate Translation Services

Certified Translation of Death Certificate

We understand the significance and urgency of Spanish death certificate translation and offer expedited services. We also provide Apostille certifications for foreign authorities. Our specialized service ensures accurate and certified death certificate translations for our valued clients.

Some of you may even need a certified translation of a British death certificate with an Apostille from English to Spanish, or the language required in the receiving country. Suppose you need a death certificate, received in the United Kingdom, translated so that you can use it in Albania, clearly what you need is translation and certification of a British death certificate with an Apostille from English to Albania. That you will have to attach an Apostille to the translated version of the original document, means its legitimacy is tied to it being Apostilled by an accredited translation agency, which Locate Translate UK is.

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Death Certificate Translation Services

Locate Translate offers swift legal translation services for birth certificates in the UK. Whether you require translation from a foreign language to English or vice versa, our efficient services are designed to meet your needs. Just send us your birth certificate by email, and we’ll promptly deliver the translated certificate to your doorstep. Our expertise extends to translating various personal and corporate documents, such as marriage certificates, diplomas, medical reports, and more.

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If you need a certified Spanish death certificate translation service contact us for professional translation services in the United Kingdom. We will happily provide all sorts of assistance with your international paperwork in Spanish or any language pair, besides the 30+ language pairs, we specialize in. Write to us at and we will get back immediately with a FREE QUOTE on document translation services.

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