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Audio and Video Subtitling and Voiceover services in over 30 languages. As one of the leading subtitling companies, we strictly follow subtitling guidelines when providing subtitling services.

Multilingual Subtitles and Voice Over Services by Native Linguists

Multilingual subtitling involves the transcribing of the source audio or video into a source script by paying close attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. At Locate Translate, we make sure the end result is perfect.

A dedicated account manager will assign your subtitling project to a carefully selected multilingual transcription professional who is a native speaker in the assigned target language. This part of the process is essential when you are trying to communicate to an international audience. We will always make sure that the true meaning of your audio or video is maintained in the target language.

Subtitling & Voiceover Services | Best Captioning & Transcription
Subtitling & Voiceover Services | Best Captioning & Transcription

All in One Solution – Quality Assured

We first transcribe the source audio into a source script including time codes. We then have one of our specialised team apply the translation in the target language (following our quality procedures).

The next step is applying the translation to the video as subtitles matching with the relevant time codes. But before it is all completed a native linguist reviews the final work ensuring cultural nuances and accurate translations are 100%.

Reach your Audience

Subtitling services in almost any language for a truly global reach. Expect fast turnarounds and high-quality work because your audience will not wait. We follow the subtitling guidelines that include our strict formatting process, making subtitles easy to read and understand.  We offer a wide variety of subtitling services, including Japanese subtitling.

Subtitling & Voiceover Services | Best Captioning & Transcription
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Voiceovers to reach your audience

We work with advertising companies, production companies, TV stations, Film providers and marketing agencies offering multilingual voiceover services.
We ensure that the vocal artist is a native speaker, ensuring accuracy and cultural nuances.
Prior to starting production our dedicated account manager will submit a proposal of a variety of artists most suited for the role.
Once you have approved the voice of the artist production starts with a dedicated account manager reporting on progress throughout the project.

Subtitling & Voiceover Services | Best Captioning & Transcription
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Subtitling & Voiceover Services | Best Captioning & Transcription

"Using locate translate we were able to successfully launch our series worldwide - fantastic service"

– Ali Sayed 

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