How Do I Get a Document Translated?

How Do I Get a Document Translated?

Send Scan Document and Translate it to English

It doesn’t matter who you are: a business or an individual. If you’re moving overseas you will need to get your documents translated from your native language to the official language of your target country. If you’re an immigrant here in the UK, and if you want to apply for a Visa or Passport, you can’t do that without translating and legalising your documents.

Similarly, if you’re a law firm, the best way for you is to get your documents translated by native linguists who specialise in legal document translation services. Locate Translate houses professional translators with a background in the legal industry who can translate in over 30+ language pairs, including translating legal documents from English to Italian.

Locate Translate is a professional document translation service provider and can translate and notarize a document if needed. Our cross-industry translations cater to the requirements of multiple industries, including medical document translation, gaming document translation, technical document translation services, etc.

Who Can Legally Translate a Document?

Locate Translate provides official document translation services as well as certified and notarized translation services for immigrants worldwide who want to migrate to the United Kingdom or are still in the UK but have not yet submitted their paperwork. Not to mention, we can also provide students and workers with NARIC translations for UK universities and foreign offices that bear the following features.


Want to know how long it takes to translate a document? Know that Locate Translate offers unmatched turnaround times even when contacted to perform translation on short notice.


Wondering how much document translation costs, we assure you that Locate Translate offers the most competitive translation rates in the industry along with discounts on large volume documents.


For medical, financial and legal industries where privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance, we offer secure and ISO-certified translations performed by in-house translators who have signed strict ‘Non-Disclosure Agreements’.

Do You Perform Document Translation for Immigration?

Yes, we provide the official translation of documents for immigration in the UK as well as worldwide. Whether you need document translation for citizenship or for a UK Visa, email your requirements and the deadline to Locate Translate and receive back the translated document within the agreed-upon time. 

Competent Translators for Civil Documents Requiring Translation

Locate Translate’s translators are competent and provide accurate translations of all civil documents, including the following:

Need Document Translation to English?


For businesses and for individuals alike, we can provide document translation to English and other 30+ language pairs, including document translation to and from Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Korean, etc. all performed by native translators to ensure accuracy across all documents. 

Looking for Certified Document Translation Services, UK?

Locate Translate specialises in the translation and legalisation of documents. Regardless of where you’re based, in UK or worldwide, we’re here to help you with official document translation services without a hassle.

Just let us know via email or call your requirements and we will send the translated document right to your inbox or mailbox without you leaving the comfort of your home.

Certified Turkish to English Document Translation London

If you’re one among the 90% of Turks who live in and around London and need translation of educational documents, contact us today. We provide certified translations from Turkish to English of documents at special prices for the Turkish community in, London, UK.

Explore our Turkish translation services here!

Certified Urdu Document Translation East London

For Pakistani communities living in Ilford, Leyton, Walthamstow, Newham and Barking, Locate Translate offers certified translations of Urdu documents to English, which you may need if you’re applying for UK citizenship, passport or visa. 

Explore our Urdu translation services here!

Certified Hindi to English Document Translation Leicester

Indian expatriates in Leicester, Birmingham or Harrow who are in need of document translation services may contact Locate Translate for affordable, accurate and manual translation of their educational and personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, work permits, wills, degree certificates, death certificates, etc. 

Explore our Hindi to English translation services here!

Ukrainian to English Document Translation for Ukrainian Refugees London

If you’re one among some 93% of Ukrainian refugees who have fled Ukraine for safety to London, know that we offer Ukrainian translation services for refugees in London. Along with translation, we also provide refugees with certification and notarization services to assist in documentation for the immigration process. 

Explore our Ukrainian translation services here!

Certified Arabic to English Document Translation Westminster

For all Arab inhabitants of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Locate Translate has come up with a specialised document translation service from Arabic to English. So get your documents translated without leaving your home at Locate Translate and use it whenever and wherever: for immigration, UK visa, UK universities, UK passport office, etc.

Explore our Arabic translation services here!

Top Translation Agency London, UK, for Document Translation

Locate Translate is ranked among the top translation agencies in London, UK as well as worldwide specialising in best-in-class document translations delivered by native translators who can translate documents in 30+ languages covering over 100 subjects across industries. 

We make sure translated documents are identical in layout and formatting to the original documents and copy accurately their context in the target language. This is made possible because we assign only those translators who are native speakers of the target language and are conversant in the subject matter of documents to work on your project.

Professional Document Translation Services

At Locate Translate, we accept documents in multiple formats, including hard copies, scanned docs, & PDFs to deliver translations of personal as well as business documents in the shortest timelines. While our linguists are busy translating your documents, our project managers send our clients regular updates concerning their projects. All along our QA team and editors check every translation completed for accuracy to ensure we deliver only the highest quality translations. 

Call us on 02086094852 or email our project managers at hello@locatetranslate.co.uk to receive an instant QUOTE on our translation document services. Get quality translations without breaking the bank, yet no compromise on translation quality!