Easily Accessible Ukrainian Translation Services for Refugees

Easily Accessible Ukrainian Translation Services for Refugees

Easily Accessible Ukrainian Translation Services for Refugees

In the hour of unprecedented circumstances, we don’t want language barriers to cause further problems to the Ukrainian refugees who continue to leave war-torn Ukraine in droves for safer countries. Let the language be the thread that binds together the diverse web of humanity. 

Wars divide and inflict pain; languages allay our fears and unite us. Whatever our present circumstances, we can always find courage, delight, and comfort in words. And language solutions can fill the gap if the speaker and the listener, don’t share the same language. Since languages bring us together, we must ensure accessibility and affordability when it comes to language translations. 

Even more so for refugees who’ve fled their home countries to seek shelter in the US, UK, Europe, etc. where they’re required to present legal documents like passports, birth certificates, academic results, and marriage certificates, for authorities to process their applications. 

Translations to and from Ukrainian have never been so vital as they’re now with the Russia-Ukraine conflict showing no signs of receding. At Locate Translate, we’re working tirelessly to make our Ukrainian translation services accessible for all Ukrainians caught up in the horrific conflict in their country. 

Locate Translate is a UK-based translation company that can cater to all your translation needs while entering new territories with unmatched speed, accuracy, and competitive pricing.

Access to Quality Document Translations for Asylum Seekers


To make the traumatic situation less traumatic for you, we offer translations of a wide range of documents under one roof and into 30+ languages.  With the motive to ensure safe passage for you and your family from Ukraine to the country of your choosing. 

The certified document translation services we provide refugees include translating birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, academic results, and more. These translations performed by native translators are fast, cheap, and secure. 

All our translations are approved by embassies worldwide, the UK Passport Office, the NARIC, The Legalisation Office and other government departments in the United Kingdom, recognise our translations. In simple terms, wherever you intend to go, the documents delivered by our accredited translators will be acknowledged by the concerned authorities. 

Levels of Certification for Documents


Locate Translate provides all levels of certification for your documents, including the following:

  • statements of truth, 
  • sworn translations, 
  • notarisations, 
  • and legalisations with an Apostille from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.



Discounted Ukrainian to English and English to Ukrainian Same-Day Translation Services for Ukrainian Refugees


With a quick turnaround, we can provide truly fast translations or same-day translations to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Simply put, you can rest assured that you will be delivered quick Ukrainian to English and English to Ukrainian translations with impeccable accuracy at discounted prices for all your certificates and personal documents to leave Ukraine with ease or for business purposes.

For further information about the Ukrainian translation services that we offer, feel free to give us a call at +44 208 609 4852 [UK], 0208 609 4852 [Europe] or email us at hello@locatetranslate.co.uk!