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The perks of partnering with the UK’s best transcription company are many. Especially when it comes to legal or court transcription and market research transcription. Since legal and market research companies constantly require support from transcription companies UK to help with audio transcription to text – whether of interviews or court recordings. Such companies would much appreciate the ease and peace of mind the two invaluable gems clients get from the top transcription company in the UK

Backed by over a decade of experience in legal and market research transcription, Locate Translate gradually rose to the coveted top position through sheer dedication and fine-tuning of the service it provides.  If Locate Translate tops the list of leading online transcription service providers in the UK, it’s because of our hardworking project management team and vetted audio and video transcribers who painstakingly convert audio and video to text. 

We’re today the major suppliers of transcript services to top law firms and market research companies in the UK and worldwide. If you want to try us out, just email us your requirements and attach your audio files to receive an online transcription quote via email within an hour.

Best Transcription Companies UK

The urge to use only the best transcription companies in the UK can be daunting. With many options available, all claiming to be the best, it’s dizzying for even the shrewd project managers of law firms and market research companies to choose the truly best. However, we save you the trouble, and headache, by introducing Locate Translate to you as the only truly best transcription company in the UK that’s the best match for your requirements and can exceed your expectations.

Additionally, we’re the most affordable audio transcription company delivering 99% accurate transcription output. All the while keeping transcription rates truly cheap and focusing on data security. So without troubling yourselves with sifting through details of dozen companies offering transcription, go with the best transcription company in the UK for the 2022 edition, Locate Translate. We can provide you with audio transcription as well as video transcription services.

Audio Transcription Service UK

When it comes to the legal and market research industry, a major consideration for clients from such industries is to choose the right transcription services with a focus on the accuracy of transcripts, the security of data and the proficiency of audio transcribers. Our transcript services are used by top legal aid professionals and market researchers. You too can use us for:

      • Audio typing services

      • Typing services

      • Audio text transcription

      • Audio transcription to text 

      • Transcription audio to text

Video Transcription Services

It’s often a case that market research companies and courts have video recordings to transcribe. What’s pertinently required by professionals in these fields is video transcribing services, and Locate Translate has been the leading provider of video transcription services for over a decade now. Different companies use our professional video transcribers to convert video to text and for recording transcription.

Characteristics of Top UK Transcription Companies

You might want to know what characteristics make a transcription company one of the finest in the domain. It’s better to learn about such characteristics from one of the UK’s best transcription companies like Locate Translate and see what they have that others lack. 

      • It has human transcribers for transcribing audio and video recordings
      • It’s cost-effective without compromising on quality
      • It’s 100% UK-based and any offshore transcribers employed are vetted for their skills, professionalism and sector expertise
      • It complies with GDPR in general and with the UK version of GDPR in particular and adheres to Data Protection Act 2018
      • It’s willing to sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” with client companies and uses encrypted channels for data sharing

The Best UK Transcription Company Winner is Locate Translate

Locate Translate

Secure, High Quality and Quick Turnaround Time

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

 Locate Translate has a team of native, UK-based transcribers and delivers 99% accurate transcripts with the quickest turnaround time. One of the highlights of Locate Translate has been its emphasis on data security and encrypted online system for sharing of files. Also, it has standing among its competitors for dedicated project management, which is guaranteed to offer you a calm and pleasant experience. Their project management team is commended for handling largescale projects with ease and quickly. Below is a brief overview of its key highlights:

      • Instant transcription quotes
      • Quick turnaround time
      • Robust data security
      • 100% UK based
      • Quality project management
      • 30+ languages

An Overview of Locate Translate’s Transcription Process

Locate Translate follows a straightforward transcription process which can be completed in 4-5 steps depending on the size of the audio/video recording and language requirements. However, below are the common steps involved:

Step 1 – A client gets assigned a dedicated project manager who communicates with the client’s team to understand further their requirements before assigning a transcriber.

Step 2 – A native transcriber whose expertise matches your requirements gets to convert audio files into text.

Step 3 – Transcripts delivered by transcribers are passed on to the QA team for rigorous quality analysis to establish their accuracy.

Step 4 – only after establishing their accuracy, transcripts are delivered to the client via secure online channels.

Picking the Right Transcription Company for your Company

The most important consideration for any legal or market research firm is how to pick the right transcription company. You can and should begin with your own requirements, and keep ticking other boxes like the quality of transcripts, data security and NDA compliance, turnaround time and foremost industry-specific experience.

We’ve got a detailed blog on things to consider before picking a transcription company. You can find it here. Still, we will take the opportunity to summarise key considerations to look for in a UK transcription company – by the way, you will find all these things in Locate Translate. 

      • Transcription Accuracy
      • Transcription Security
      • Experienced Transcriptionists
      • All Types of Transcripts
        • Verbatim Transcripts 
        • Full-Verbatim Transcripts
        • Detailed Notes Transcripts
      • HTTPS and Encryption
      • NDAs and Privacy Policies
      • ISO Accreditations

Call us on 0208 050 2426, email or contact us using our online transcription quote form if you want to know more about our transcription services.

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