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At Locate Translate, we understand the importance of converting audio recordings and handwritten notes into structured, usable documents. Our Transcription and Notes into Template services are designed to simplify your workflow, improve data organization, and save you valuable time. Whether you have recorded interviews, meetings, or handwritten notes, our expert team can transform them into professional templates. Locate Translate assists in up to 40+ languages. 

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Transforming raw audio recordings and handwritten notes into organized, usable templates is essential for efficient data management. At Locate Translate, we excel in providing this service, offering you tailor-made templates that align with your specific requirements. Our team of skilled transcribers and data entry professionals ensures the utmost precision in your transcriptions. Whether you need interviews transcribed, research notes converted, or any other form of data organized, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our commitment to data security and confidentiality means your sensitive information is in safe hands. Trust us to simplify your data management, making your information more accessible and your processes more efficient.

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Transcription / Notes Pricing 

Pricing varies according to language combination, the specialism of documents, and quantity, and we offer three different services Urgent, Quick, and Standard.

However, it should suffice to say that our translation service is competitively priced and that we deliver high-quality translations.

To know more about rates and queries, please email or call 0208 609 4852.


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3-4 day delivery.

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Our expert translators are not only native speakers and degree-qualified, but also experienced and quality-conscious specialists.

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Once your document has been translated, we pass it on to be proofread by our specialists, ensuring 99% accuracy.

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Urgent Translation Services

As a global translation services provider in Aberdeen, we deliver quality translations within short & urgent timeframes.

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Our native language professionals take into account individual idiosyncrasies in the source text and convert them into the desired target language.

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We only work with native-speaking translation professionals. Every translated text undergoes a stringent proofreading process before delivery.

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We have a dedicated team of professional project managers who are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to help you with your translation needs.

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