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Locate Translate is one of the UK’s leading online English transcription service providers with years of experience and transcribed minutes running into millions. Get in touch with us for business, academic, legal, medical, and research interviews transcribing services. With us, you get premium quality English to English transcription services in the UK.

Upload your audio file and get a transcript within 1-2 days and 3-5 days depending on the size of the file and pricing package chosen: Urgent, Quick and Standard

We’re ISO 9001 certified transcription agency and our compliance with Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR mean that information/audio/video shared with us is fully protected, and encrypted. Additionally, our transcribers are signatories to the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means we uphold the confidentiality of your project.

English Transcription Services UK - 24hr Turnaround Transcriptions

What Sets Our English to English Transcription Services Apart From The Rest?


Low Cost

Competitively-priced English to English transcription service. Relatively low cost compared to other service providers.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support staff assigned to keep track of your project. Staff will remain in touch with you to keep you updated.

100% UK Based

We’re a UK based transcription and translation agency with an office in Enfield, United Kingdom. All transcribers are in-house working with us.

Quality Control Team

Quality control team to ensure standard transcription practices are followed while transcribing and checking each transcript.

Locate Translate Transcription Services

Audio & Video Transcription Services

Locate Translate’s specialization lies in digital transcription and has been providing accurate and confidential English to English transcription services for years now. Catering to transcription needs of a variety of niche-specific industries such as healthcare, market research, media, and legal niches, we have transcribed interviews, business hearings, audio and video recordings.

We have the knowledge, access to the latest digital transcription technology and linguistic expertise to provide quality and accurate transcription services in the UK with a quick turnaround. We can help with:

UK Audio Transcription Services

Locate Translate offers high-quality audio transcriptions in the UK to our worldwide clients. Digital audios have to be transcribed accurately in order to serve the purpose, for that you need a reliable online English transcription agency by your side. We’ve worked across industries and transcribed a wide range of audio formats, so you can easily bank on us.

Accurate Audio Transcripts

Irrespective of whether the uploaded file is audio or video, an interview or a dictation, group discussion or internal workplace hearing, we have always exceeded quality standards to produce top-notch transcriptions.

Our in-house, UK-based transcribers do an excellent job to produce transcripts accurate to the minutest detail, and you can blindly rely on it, so have done our countless clients who vouch for the accuracy of our English audio translations and transcripts.

UK Video Transcriptions Services

We offer an array of video transcription services, tailored to cater for your specific needs.  We’ve undertaken and successfully completed countless verbatim transcription and full verbatim video transcription projects; produced high quality time-stamped transcripts and closed captions whenever asked for the same. We deliver what we promise within a deadline and renege on our quality, accuracy and confidentiality promises. Two essential features of our English to English video transcription services:

1. Quick Turnaround Times

We provide quick turnaround times on video transcriptions, sometimes do so within a 24-hour time period to deliver transcripts.

2. Security and Confidentiality

GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 compliance equip us to guarantee full security and confidentiality to our clients.

medical transcription services

Medical Transcription Services

Locate Translate has been providing medical transcription services to healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals for over 5 years. With in house medical transcribers to leverage their expertise in the medical transcription domain, our service stands out for its sheer quality, accuracy, optimum use of medical terminology, in specialized medical fields such as mental health, mammography, sclerosis, sonography, glaucoma, cancer, and more.

With our English to English transcription services, we transcribe into textual form a patient’s interview recording and a pharmacist’s discussion recording wherein he is discussing trial results of a new drug. With the help of Locate Translate’s English transcription services, you too can get accurate transcripts at cost-effective prices, like other healthcare providers, research facilities and clinics who rely on us to convert healthcare or medical-related spoken information into text.

Interview Transcription Services UK

For cost-effective interview transcription with unmatched quality remember the name, Locate Translate. We’ve been transcribing business interviews both in audio and video format and have marveled at verbatim English transcriptions services across sectors, besides proofreading and editing interview transcripts.

Market Research Transcription

Transcribers with a real background in market research, if that is what you are looking for, rest assured that you have come to the right place. Locate Translate houses market research transcribers with expertise in the field who offer top-notch verbatim research transcription services in the UK.

With a standard English transcription template in place, thoroughly customized to cater to the requirements of individual projects, our transcripts promise consistent quality across domains and formats. 

We make it easier for businesses to eke out valuable insights from their market research and analyse results to identify key market needs. This is possible because the market research transcripts we deliver are accurate, precise, transcribed to the last detail. 

There are other resources companies can leverage to understand their customers, such as focus groups interviews and spoken discussions, which Locate Translate helps transcribe into text format in easily comprehensible English. You can use our transcripts to know your target market and hunt for trends to identify new opportunities for your business.

Closed Caption Transcriptions 

At Locate Translate, we have closed caption transcription specialists who pay utmost attention to accuracy and easy comprehension while offering closed captioning services.

Wondering what are closed captions?

Like subtitles, closed captions also show words as spoken in a video but closed captions go a level further to provide additional information such as sound effects, describing scenes and background noises, even music, tone, atmosphere, etc. 

(Refer to our blog, How to Make a Video More Accessible, if you want to know more about closed captions!)

Legal Transcription Services UK

We provide legal English transcription services in the UK to individual legal clients, law firms and businesses. Our legal transcribers have a specialized understanding of the legal field and can transcribe complex legal terminology as efficiently and effectively as possible. You bring audio recordings to us and we will have them transcribed in quick time. We’ve provided legal transcription services to commercial property solicitors, legal secretaries, assistants, and executives.

legal transcription services UK

Why Choose Locate Translate English to English Transcription Services?


Accurate Transcripts

Accurate not just in the sense of the content but requirements as well. In other words, whatever your unique needs, we will transcribe in a way that meets all your needs. Each transcript we produce is subjected to rigorous quality checks to ensure accuracy, as well as make sure your requirements are met.

Experienced Transcriptionists

We have a team of experienced and native English transcribers to carry out transcriptions. You can be sure of their experience and English language proficiency. Additionally, our transcribers have great typing speed to ensure transcription services are delivered within deadlines in a reliable manner.

Transcription Security & Confidentiality

Strict compliance with GDPR and Data Protect Act 2018, in addition to the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by our transcribers make us a reliable transcription agency in the UK. You can enjoy peace of mind when partnering with us for English transcription services knowing that all the sensitive data and personal information you share with us is encrypted, protected and remains confidential.

Remember that if you want us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your business, firm, organization for additional assurance, we will be happy to comply with your request.

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