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Generate more value from your recorded audio and video by using our professional audio transcription service and video transcription service, respectively. We’re UK’s leading transcription service provider for the legal, medical, interview, podcast, court, and business sectors!

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Professional Transcription Services London


Pricing varies according to language combination, the specialism of the audio, audio quality and we offer three different services Urgent, Quick, and Standard.

However, it should suffice to say that our transcription service is competitively priced and that we deliver transcripts of the highest quality.

To know more about rates and queries, please email or call 0208 609 4852.


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3-4 day delivery.

Transcription Process

Upload Audio/Video Files

Upload recorded file securely via email or paste its URL if it’s on the web.

Transcriber Works On It

We assign a professional transcriber to generate transcripts from video and audio files.

Receive Your Transcript

Transcript from video to text is delivered as an editable document via your preferred delivery mode.

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Media Transcription Service

Media companies use Locate Translate for their daily transcription needs. Our transcription from video to text is highly regarded for its sheer quality and affordability by media agencies world wide.

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Legal Transcription Services

Whether it’s depositions, arbitration or dictation, lawyers and law firms trust Locate Translate to transcribe a video to text. You, too, can use our video to text transcription service. Have videos you want to transcribe to text? Get in touch for professional court transcription services!

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Medical Transcription Services

There is an abundance of technical terms and abbreviations in the medical field – our specialists know them all. Our team of expert transcribers provide you with accurate transcribing services of medical reports, interviews and use the necessary specialist terms.

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Business Transcription Services

Locate Translate provides businesses and financial organizations with well-presented transcripts delivered at speed. To transcribe audio and video to text accurately, we assign an expert audio-typist conversant with business and financial terminology.

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Education Transcription Services

Audio and video transcribing services for educational institutions at the lowest possible transcription cost! Our transcribers have the linguistic expertise required to undertake your project. Be it paragraphs and punctuation, technical vocabulary and contextual sense, we offer institutions error-free transcripts.

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Marketing Transcription Services

Marketing firms use Locate Translate’s online transcription services to transcribe phone calls, meetings, and market research. We specialize in the video to text transcribing as well!

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Interview Transcription Services

Businesses, marker research agencies, healthcare professionals use Locate Translate to transcribe recorded files of interviews both in audio and video formats.

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Podcast Transcription Services

Podcast transcripts can propel the reach of your audio shows and help you gain a loyal audience by having podcast episodes transcribed into well-written texts.

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Transcription UK

Locate Translate provides transcript services in the UK to a range of clients, including a diverse selection of industries. We leverage the language skills of native speakers to deploy cutting-edge transcription services in the UK, including transcription services in Belfast, transcription services in London, and more. We can offer targeted, high-quality multilingual UK transcription services in over 30 language pairs.

We offer an array of transcription services online, such as

We cover our clients’ industry-specific needs in a variety of languages while ensuring the highest quality. A special account manager is assigned to work with you from start to finish. Everything will be taken care of from assigning the work to a transcription and translation expert to delivery of the final document and the ensuing post-delivery service. 100% client satisfaction is guaranteed!

Transcription Service | Multilingual & English Transcription

Audio Transcription UK

We only work with highly qualified native speakers in the language of your choosing. This alone guarantees a high-quality finished document, conveying the original message in the spoken word to text.

Never will we use machine transcriptions. We would consider that a real breach of trust, simply because you cannot deliver the 99% accuracy for which we strive.

Transcription Service | Multilingual & English Transcription

Video Transcription Service

As the provider of professional transcription service, we only work with native speakers proficient in the language(s) involved.

As before, we never use AI for our transcriptions when we convert video footage into a written document.

Transcription Service | Multilingual & English Transcription

Research & Survey Transcription

At Locate Translate, we also cover research and survey transcriptions in group scenarios. The primary aim here is to capture the speakers’ message and convert it into text without losing the actual context and emotion. This type of transcription is particularly useful when conducting research in the medical field.

Audio Transcription Services UK in 30+ Languages

The vast pool of professional transcribers ensures we are able to offer our services in multiple languages.

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The Edited Transcription

The edited transcription primarily focuses on getting the message across by omitting certain sentences or phraseology that are considered unnecessary, are grammatically incorrect or excessive. The readability of the document is the ultimate goal, making it more appealing to the target audience. The edited transcription is best used for speeches, conferences and seminars.

verbatim transcription services

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription includes everything in the form of the verbal and non-verbal components taking place in the audio or video file. In other words, the finished document will include stammers, colloquialisms and hesitations, basically including the parts that the intelligent transcription leaves out.

This type of transcription is ideal for capturing the emotional thread coming from the speakers and serves as a very reliable tool for research, especially in the case of the medical field when interviewing physicians and patients. By accurately recoding the respondents’ answers through complete inclusion of everything they say, it is possible to get an idea as to how the topic of discussion is actually perceived.

intelligent transcription services

The Intelligent Transcription

The intelligent transcription is all about accuracy by determining the gist of the message through intelligent interpretation of the essence and tone of the original content. It only involves light editing of the audio or video file by omitting the “noise” such as the “mm hms”, “ums” and “errs”. Other than that, the message and to a large extent the wording remains the same.

Intelligent or smart transcription is most common in the medical field and business communications.

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If you are already interested in our audio video transcription service, please feel free to contact one of our account managers directly for a more in-depth discussion. Alternatively, you can send us an email or fill in our online quote form and an experienced account manager will quickly get in touch with you.

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