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Providing transcription services to legal, medical, academic, market research and media clients throughout Birmingham, London, Belfast and the UK. Our professional audio transcribers can turn your recordings into high-quality text (or transcripts).

Our professional transcription services take into account your unique transcription requirements and offer a tailored solution. Different firms across Birmingham have been using our typing services for reasons like it’s accurate, confidential and delivered within deadlines. By using encrypted data sharing systems, we ensure all your files and recordings are safe with us, and that as the best transcription company we ensure data security and GDPR compliance throughout the process. We provide English transcription as well as foreign language transcription services in Birmingham.

While we take care of your transcription, dictation and typing needs, you get more time to focus on taking forward your organisation.  Here in this blog, we discuss how you can choose the right transcription company. Read it and know about all the critical points to tick before picking a transcription company in Birmingham.

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Medical Transcription Birmingham

For medical transcription in Birmingham, you need transcriptionists who have medical backgrounds so that they can pick complicated medical terminology accurately and with ease. Locate Translate’s audio transcribers can be your valuable partner in transcribing medical records like a patient’s medical history. We take pride in the fact that we continue to deliver accurate medical transcripts to healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals that have record accuracy when it comes to medication and disease names, acronyms and terminology. Contact today for medical and pharmaceutical transcription by native and expert transcribers.

Court Transcription Services Birmingham

The leading solicitors and law firms have worked with Locate Translate whenever they needed court transcripts. From the transcription of witness statements to court complaints, our court case transcription services in Birmingham suffice to provide you with full-service transcription solutions for all your requirements. We deliver legally accepted transcripts that can be presented before a judge. All the while ensuring our process remains confidential and encrypted from beginning to the end when transcribing PACE interviews, ABE interviews, witness statements, forensic investigations or delivering legal aid transcription or specialist expert witness transcription.

Market Research Transcription Birmingham

All market research companies whether in Birmingham, London, Belfast or elsewhere in UK understand how invaluable market research transcription is to their business. We continue to deliver quality transcription services to research firms, converting audio to the text of the interview and board meeting recordings, and telephone recordings,  in a confidential manner. Whether it’s verbatim, full verbatim or detailed notes transcripts that you require, we can deliver accurate transcripts of all types with agreed-upon deadlines.

Academic Transcription Services Birmingham

We specialise in academic transcription for universities that use our services for transcription of research interviews, focus groups, lectures and seminars and for converting to text teaching materials. From qualitative research transcription to quantitative research transcription, Locate Translate delivers confidential academic transcription services in UK and cities like Birmingham, London, Belfast to clients from universities and colleges. We’re trusted by leading institutes for the sheer quality and affordability of our transcription services.

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Low Cost

Affordable transcription services in London. Relatively low cost compared to other service providers.

Dedicated Support

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each project to keep clients informed about the progress.

100% UK Based

We’re a UK-based transcription and translation agency. All transcribers are native speakers of your target language.

QA Team

Quality control team to ensure standard transcription practices are followed and transcripts are accurate.

Transcription Pricing in Birmingham

Pricing varies according to language combination, the specialism of the audio, and audio quality and we offer three different services Urgent, Quick, and Standard.

However, it should suffice to say that our transcription service is competitively priced and that we deliver transcripts of the highest quality.

To know more about rates and queries, please email or call 0208 609 4852.


Same day delivery.


Next day delivery.


3-4 day delivery.

Transcription Process

Locate Translate follows a straightforward transcription process which can be completed in 3 steps depending on the size of the audio/video recording and language requirements. However, below are the common steps involved:

Upload Audio/Video Files

Upload recorded file securely via email or paste its URL if it’s on the web.

Transcriber Works On It

We assign a professional transcriber to generate transcripts from video and audio files.

Receive Your Transcript

Transcript from video to text is delivered as an editable document via your preferred delivery mode.

Why Choose Locate Translate?

Locate Translate is a London-based transcription company that specialises in Audio and Video Transcription and On-Site Note Taking. We offer formidable customer support and robust standards of security and accuracy.

Locate Translate stands for human transcription of audio recordings bound by laws of privacy like GDPR and Data Act 2018, with transcribers who are signatories to a ‘non-disclosure agreement’, guaranteeing, therefore, your data is in safe hands.

Care, discretion, and finesse are our gold standard in professional transcription, contact for a FREE QUOTE.


Accurate Transcripts

In-house QA team to run daily QA checks to ensure transcripts are over 99% accurate and that files received from transcribers are improved before delivery to clients.

Experienced Transcriptionists

Native transcribers, dedicated project managers, QA team, etc, & linguistic resources for transcription in multiple languages.

Transcription Security & Confidentiality

Strict data security measures, GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 compliant,  to protect your clients’ data & privacy.

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