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Accurate and professional translations of industry-specific language is what we at Locate Translate are all about.

Locate translate is a leading translation service based in London. We offer native-language translations catering to your specific needs. Trust is the basis upon we which we operate, ensuring a quality guarantee for our business customers, institutions and private customers.

Our team of professional account managers will manage your project from start to finish and find the ideal translator and proof-readers, ensuring a multi-level customer experience. Simply send us your documents in order to receive a free offer or let our customer service advise you in advance by phone.

“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes”

Günther Grass, Noble Prize Winner in Literature

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Flawless Translation & Collaboration

We deliver tailor-made solutions for your projects with excellent service, hand-picked translators and client orientated needs.

High-quality results are based on forward-looking project preparation and solution-oriented project management. Our qualified team – from account managers to specialist translators – is dedicated to taking care of your translation needs and to advise and support you every step of the way.


Super fast turnarounds to meet your deadlines. With our team of linguists, we are able to offer language services on the same day, next day and even over the weekend service.

With a dedicated account manager providing updates in real time and project progression, your always informed.

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Synchronization of your language needs with the right translation professional is the key to keeping the original message intact. You tell us what you want, and we will find the best solution that fits your requirements. We cover a wide range of industries, including legal, marketing and medical and life sciences. You can rest assured that the right person is taking care of your translation.

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World-Class Productivity

We guarantee the highest industry standards for translation services at competitive prices. Our many years of experience in the translation industry ensure the highest standards in human translation by native speakers.

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Fast & Easy Workflow

From the moment you contact us until the time you decide we are the right fit for your translation needs, we will strive to make the entire process as seamless and as simple as possible. We manage your needs, taking away the “difficult” in translations.

quality translations

Quality translations

It is our goal to deliver tailor-made results, including language-specific translations that do not dilute your message. Translation comes in many guises. For example, absolute accuracy forms the basis of any translation of a legal or medical document, whereas, the greatest possible recreation of sentiment and meaning may be required for an in-depth one on one interview.

Video Translation Services UK

Locate Translate performs quality video translation in the UK. We have been providing the service for years now and know the job inside out. As a reliable corporate translate service provider, we have worked with international companies who needed corporate video content translated and re-voiced into multiple languages.

In case you wonder, we translate video content into 30+ languages. Whether you want us to add subtitles or captions, or just re-voice, our in-house translators can help you with that.

We translate all sorts of video content, including:

– Explainers and adverts,
– E-learning and animations.

Choose us for professional video translation services UK  if you have a plethora of video projects of different varieties to be translated and re-voiced.

Urgent Translation Services

Locate Translate is the power-house of rapid human translations. Global companies turn to us for on-demand, urgent translation services.

If you have struggled to find rapid human translation solutions of standard quality, now is the time to request the service from Locate Translate, which is carried out by our professional linguists who translate with utmost accuracy and speed.

We can propel your business to global recognition by helping you surpass your competition swiftly.

Say, for example, we provide document translation from Arabic to English and official document translation services to help you outperform your competition. But you should not forget that we offer urgent translation services in 30+ languages.

Translation and Transcription Services

Our combo of translation and transcription services make for a winning combination, which international companies have been deploying with our support to expand to new markets.

We offer a wide variety of transcription services, including:

– Legal transcription services to help you out at your upcoming hearing,
– Medical transcription services to streamline patient care and help organize your medical records,
– Audio file transcription service to transcribe it into your target language,

and more.

Backed by the terrific linguistic expertise we have, we are, as the transcription company in the United Kingdom, fully equipped to provide quality transcription services UK in any industry with the fastest turnaround.


The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

Mark Twain

Just as Mark Twain wrote, a single word can make all the difference in translation. Therefore, we, at Locate Translate, strive to find the ideal native speaker with industry specific knowledge for your translation needs. Anything less than 100% accuracy is not good enough for us.

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Our expert translators are not only native speakers and degree-qualified, but also experienced and quality-conscious specialists covering a wide range of subject areas.

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proofreading as standard

Quality assurance through the four-eye principle. We never leave things up to chance. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, well, we, at Locate Translate, believe that four eyes are better than two. In other words, once your document has been translated by our expert translation professional, we will pass it on to be reviewed and proof read by another one of our specialists, ensuring 100% quality in what we deliver.

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As a London based translation agency with a global footprint, we are able to process, allocate and complete your translation needs within even the most demanding timeframes. Adherence to deadlines is the key to our success. All you need to do is say when and we will deliver.

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Our language professionals will do their upmost to take into account any individual idiosyncrasies in the source text and convert them into the desired target language. Everything we produce for you will be true to content, target group-specific and highly precise.

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Our six step approach ensures optimal quality and client satisfaction. With a dedicated account manager will gage your needs and assign the work to the appropriate language expert. We only work with the very best native-speaking translation professionals. Every translated text undergoes an astringent proofreading process, because even the very best translators make mistakes.

account manager


Competent support and professional management are the key to any translation project. At Locate Translate, we have a dedicated team of professional project managers who are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to help you with your translation needs. We will accompany you from start to finish and only stop when you are fully satisfied with the end result.

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Find out we can help!

If you are already interested in our translation services, please feel free to contact one of our account managers directly for a more in-depth discussion. Alternatively, you can send us an email or fill in our online quote form and an experienced account manager will quickly get in touch with you.

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