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Locate Translate is your one-stop destination to meet professional translators for all your translation needs here in London, the United Kingdom and anywhere else in the world.

Why Us?

Get Locate Translate onboard and never worry about going through the time-consuming and tiresome task of hiring freelance translators every time the need for translation crops up. You can access a remarkable team of professional native-speaking translators spread across the globe for quality translations in over 30 language pairs.

Your Translation, Interpretation and Transcriptions Needs are Taken Care of by our Native Translators, Interpreters and Transcribers for Hire

Hire Translators

Do you need translators for your business but don’t have time to hire one for your next project? Don’t worry, Locate Translate houses vetted translators specialized in niche industries providing accurate translations to our clients! Get assigned Project Manager to cater to your translation needs.

Hire Interpreters

Healthcare, legal, market research and media professionals use Locate Translate to hire professional interpreters for their interpretation projects. The reason they choose us is simple: we house a vast pool of linguistic talent that we leverage to do interpreting for your business.

Hire Transcribers

Use Locate Translate to hire experienced transcriptionists for your audio/video transcription project. Irrespective of whether you need transcription for legal, medical or business purposes, our transcribers for hire can convert an audio file into an accurate transcript or text documents at best prices.

Need a Translator?

Do you need a translator for your translation project? You can hire a translator/s for a translation project of any volume in any language for any industry at Locate Translate.

You can get professional translators to work on your project within minutes after sending us a request. That way, you won’t have to spend hours and hours negotiating with freelance translators and fixing rates and then re-negotiating when the need arises for translation in another language. You can get rid of that cumbersome process by hiring translators from Locate Translate to work with translators in 30+ languages directly.

How to Hire a Translator?

Hiring translators involves lots of negotiating. But businesses don’t have plenty of time on hand to find and bargain with translators. Locate Translate helps streamline the process.

At Locate Translate, we put your interest first and offer tailored translation solutions. You’re saved plenty of time by working with us as we assign a professional Project Manager who caters for our clients’ translation needs. He’s someone who will take the burden of hiring freelance translators off of you and do it for you instead.

Communicate your requirements to our Project Managers so that we can assign a specialist native translator experienced in your industry niche to undertake your project.

The Best Freelance Translators for Hire in 2022

Locate Translate is your one-stop destination for hiring top translators for 30+ languages who are native speakers of your target language and have proven experience in your niche industry. All our in-house and network of remote translators are time-tested, accredited, and certified to undertake translation in any industry. By outsourcing your translation projects to us, you will no longer need to hire individual translators for each language every time you move to a new country. You can access our international team of best freelance translators to work for you.

Answers to Your Questions

Language & Translation Experts?

We’ve got the availability of the finest language talent for translation, transcription and interpreting for hiring. You can hire different translators for each project and language with our straightforward hiring process. 

Pick & Choose Translators?

We’ve assembled a team of talented in-house and remote translators, interpreters, transcribers to hire for your language projects. Based on your requirements and the industry you’re in, you can pick and choose translators accordingly.

Dedicated Project Manager?

Instead of hiring freelance translators for every project and language, we make things easier by assigning a dedicated Project Manager to overlook the whole process of getting the most fitting translator to work on your project.

Save Time & Money?

By working with us, you save plenty of time and money. At Locate Translate, your search for translators ends. So do negotiations, which is a time-consuming process. Under one roof, we cater for all your translation needs. Furthermore, we offer services at affordable prices, which makes us one of the most affordable translation companies.

High Quality?

Get high-quality translations at Locate Translate performed by accredited translators available for hire. 

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