Turkish Translation Services Performed by Certified English Turkish Translators

Looking for professional Turkish translation services? Based in London, we’re the leading provider of Turkish translations for individuals and businesses. At Locate Translate, we assign professional English Turkish translators to deliver English translations of your Turkish documents and vice versa. Whether you’re a business, immigrant, individual, foreign student in the UK, private or public institute, you can rely on us for quality English to Turkish translation service.

You can use Locate Translate for Turkish medical translation, Turkish legal document translation, legalised and certified Turkish translation, Turkish transcreation, Turkish financial translation, and more. We offer managed services for all your translation, interpreting and transcription needs in the Turkish language.

24 Hour translation service available
48-72 Hours standard service

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Translation Rates

Pricing varies according to language combination, the specialism of the document, quantity and we offer three different services Urgent, Quick, and Standard.

However, it should suffice to say that our translation service is competitively priced and offer translation of the highest quality.

To know more about rates and queries, please email hello@locatetranslate.co.uk or call 0208 609 4852.


Same day delivery.


Next day delivery.


3-4 day delivery.

Documents We Translate

Business Documents

(Translation Services List)

  • Patents
  • Manuals
  • Contracts
  • Brochures
  • Handbooks
  • Court Documents
  • Marketing Material
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Technical Documents
  • Engineering Documents
  • Government Documents
  • Websites & App (+ Localization)

Personal (Certified)

(Translation Services List)

  • Police Clearance CRBs
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Wills & Testaments
  • Death Certificates
  • Bank Statements
  • Birth Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Medical Reports
  • ID Documents
  • Diplomas

Top Features

Experienced Linguists

Experienced linguists who leverage their linguistic skills to offer accurate translation in 30+ language pairs.

Time-Bound Manner

Our translators complete projects in a time-bound manner to ensure delay-free delivery of translations. 

Affordable Pricing

Locate Translate is the provider of competitively priced translation services based 100% in the United Kingdom.

How It Works

Upload Document To Be Translated

You can email us the document to be translated or fill out our contact form to send us project details along with your document.

Our Professional Translator Works On It

We house a vast pool of professional translators to translate documents in 30+ languages 24/7 with 99%+ accuracy, 100% guaranteed.

Receive Your Translated Document Via Email

Translated documents are delivered via email or through any other preferred mode of delivery that you have chosen at the time of sign up.


english to turkish translation agency

Best Turkish Translation Agency London

Locate Translate is a specialised translation agency providing high-quality professional Turkish translation services. Our professional and certified mother tongue Turkish translators are experienced in multiple niches. Private individuals, businesses, private and government organizations use Locate Translate for their variety of Turkish translation needs, such as Turkish document translation, Turkish marketing translation, certified Turkish translations, Turkish medical translation, Turkish legal translation services, etc., provided at competitive prices with unmatched accuracy.

We are able to provide expert Turkish to English translations and vice-versa in industry niches such as legal, medical, market research, marketing, patents, technology, gaming and business and finance. With a 100% success rate in document translations, we have helped countless businesses with their documentation process in over 30 language pairs, always exceeding client expectations.

Professional Turkish Translator to English

If you’re looking for quality translation services in London for your business or if you’re an individual looking to translate your birth certificate, marriage certificate, visa documents, death certificate, wills, know that you’ve come to the right place, at Locate Translate we offer premium translation service at affordable rates.

Certified English to Turkish Translation Services

We’re an ISO certified translation agency providing certified translations of documents in the United Kingdom. Our strict compliance and ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications mean that we carry out standard translations at affordable prices. Locate Translate stands for consistency, reliability and accuracy, which you can leverage for official translation of documents, a service tailored for businesses, educational documentation, healthcare transcripts and patient reports, technology documents such as patents, user manuals, product descriptions, etc.

Fast, Accurate, and Quality Translation Services Everytime!

English to Turkish Translation Audio

You have an audio file that is in English and you want it translated into Turkish so that your audience speaking the Turkish language can understand it. Well, you have come to the right place. Locate Translate provides Turkish translation of the highest quality. Whether it is Turkish audio translation, or text, or video, we offer it all under one roof at Locate Translate UK.

Turkish Transcreation

Not just plain translation, we also specialize in Turkish creative translation or transcreation. In other words, we will adapt your marketing copy in the target language to replicate the emotions found in the source language. In addition to translation, we also provide services like transcription, interpreting, multilingual desktop publishing, link checking, proofreading and editing, subtitling and voice over, adverse event reporting services, etc. in the Turkish language.

Our Translation Services in Turkish

Get in touch with Locate Translate for a free consultation on any Turkish language service, including the following:

Turkish Translation of Documents

Turkish Certified Translations

Interpretation to and from Turkish

Transcription to and from Turkish

Turkish Localization of Software

Turkish Marketing Translation

urdu desktop publishing

Turkish Desktop Publishing

urdu subtitling and voice over

Turkish Voiceovers and Subtitling

urdu editing and proofreading

Turkish Editing and Proofreading

Translate English to Turkish 24/7 with 99% Accuracy

Partner with Locate Translate, a top provider of translation services in the UK. Whether you want to translate business or eCommerce website, Google, Yahoo or Bing adverts translation, product descriptions or user manual, look no further than Locate Translate. You can translate English to Turkish or vice versa at cheap rates but with the highest quality.

In short, Locate Translate offers Turkish to English and English to Turkish translation of legal, business, technical, educational documents:

technical documentslegal papersmarketing and advertising copiesacademic and research papersbusiness documentsdegrees and diplomas certificateswills and testamentswebsites

Our accredited English Turkish translators are certified in niche specialities. As a result, we are able to offer translation in a variety of sectors such as tech, science, medical, legal, marketing, research, and more.

English to Turkish Translate

With Turkish being spoken by more than 100 million people around the world, including communities in the UK, Germany, France, using our translation services in Turkish and Turkish localization means that businesses can expand and target Turkish-speaking audiences around the world.

We have native Turkish speakers spanning several continents each specialized in their own dialect. If your business is looking to expand into countries such as Turkey or Cyprus, we can help with our Turkish localisation and translation services.

We also offer translation services in Turkish to individuals for a number of reasons such as legal translation services, medical translation services or Turkish interpreting for day-to-day tasks.

Our expert Turkish translators have experience working with all types of legal documents including trademarks and copyrights contracts, patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, wills and trusts, employment and other business documents, leases, and more.

Industries We Serve

Turkish Life Science Translation

Locate Translate delivers specialised life science translations in Turkish . We break down language barriers assisting global organizations with the development of new drugs and medical devices. We have specialised Turkish speakers from various Turkish speaking country to ensure texts are understood and translated correctly. Especially in life science translation services, it is vital that translations are managed by expert project managers and native Turkish speakers. This type of translation is often used by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and (CRO) contract research organisations.

Turkish Website Translation

A professional Turkish website translation service for your organisation.

With web content being increasingly important to appear in local markets. We ensure that with our localised Turkish content your brand is seen.

With an in-house developer on hand ready to assist with technical aspects of the Turkish website translation projects, we can definitely assist. Customers in local Turkish speaking markets now demand localised, native content and this is where the need for Turkish website translation comes into Turkish. If your business wants to succeed in Turkish, it is vital to ensure that the website is localised into Turkish and optimised to appear on Google for the keywords that your Turkish audience will be searching for.

We take into account each client’s needs before tailoring a solution that suits them. This includes understanding the tone of voice and demographic of your target audience.

Turkish Marketing Translation

Locate Translate provide Turkish marketing translations, Turkish desktop publishing and transcreation services to companies around the world.

This means that we are able to assist in the complete design and Turkish transcreation project. Turkish is written right to left and designing and creating content to reflect this is very important.

Our dedicated native Turkish speakers are able to work on localising your marketing content to ensure your brand and message are communicated effectively towards your Turkish -speaking audience. We are also able to assist with SEO in Turkish to target Turkish speaking consumers or businesses.

Turkish Medical Translation

Medical translations or pharma translations are among the most demanding and complex types of translations. It involves specialised information, knowledge, and challenging terminology.

A Turkish medical translator will have extensive knowledge and experience in relevant specialised fields allowing them to accurately translated text, transcribe audios, or interpret professionally.

We deliver accurate reliable Turkish medical translations to our medical clients. These translations range from documents, clinical trials, patient information leaflets, and questionnaires into or from Turkish.

We have a specific team of experienced native Arabic linguists to work solely on Turkish medical interpreting and translations.

Turkish Market Research

When conducting Turkish market research, it is important to note cultural insights. Our Turkish market research translation services include transcription, interpreting, and localizing content for the Turkish market.

Most of the requests we receive from our market research clients are for Turkish transcription services. Our market research language specialists are able to assist when conducting research in Turkish . Ensuring you get quality and reliable data from your Turkish respondents. Our mother-tongue Turkish speakers guarantee that all cultural nuances are respected when completing any translations or interpreting. In addition to this, we can also offer Turkish interviewing moderating service. This is where one of our Turkish speakers will ask the respondents questions in Turkish on the client’s behalf. This ensures that their answers are not lost in translation.

Turkish Legal Translation

Our Turkish legal translation services can be provided to legal firms, companies, and individuals. Assisting in translation and certified Turkish translation. Legal translation services can also include interpreting or Turkish transcription of an audio or video.

Our qualified Turkish interpreters are vetted and each is skilled in a particular area of specialism. This ensures that they deliver high-quality Turkish legal interpreting services. For legal interpreting services, our Turkish interpreters hold relevant certifications such as DBS, Home Office and MoD clearance.

english turkish translators

Skilled Turkish Translators


At Locate Translate our team of translators and linguists complete translation projects, interpreting projects, and transcription projects daily. We can therefore respond to urgent translation requests quickly. Our Turkish translation services offer both Turkish and English translation and English to Turkish translations.

Our promise is that all of the Turkish translation work carried out is done by a Turkish native speaker from the country that the Turkish this ensures the quality, accuracy, and most importantly means that the translations sound natural. The Turkish language is an Altaic language or the Turkic language branch. The origin of the language can be traced back to approximately 1300 years ago in central Asia.

The first written records were recorded and emerged during the Ottoman empire. The Turkish language uses the Latin alphabet, however, it is variant as it has undergone many changes in the past hundreds to accommodate the Turkish language itself. The standard version of Turkish is considered to be the language spoken in Istanbul Turkey.

Translator English to Turkish

We offer a variety of turnaround translation times, including Turkish same-day translation services, 24-hour translations service and even over the weekend service.

Our standard turnaround is 48-72 hours, and unlike other agencies, they limit the number of words that can be translated in a day. We organise and work closely with the linguist team to complete the maximum we can in a 24 hour period.

As expert Turkish translators, we assist individuals, businesses, corporations and organisations from around the world. They trust our Turkish to English translation services as well as English to Turkish translation services.

Our process is that each client is assigned a dedicated account manager to understand their business requirements and liaise with the client whenever required. You can think of it as an extension of your existing business.

We understand that time is valuable and important, so we adhere to strict deadlines to deliver translation work. While managing a translation project can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. Therefore we offer a fully managed translation service, where one of our qualified project managers will be handling all of your translation needs.

Translation Process

We follow a very straightforward process with rigorous checks in place to ensure the highest translation quality possible.

Just get in touch with your requirements and one of our relationship managers will be able to give you a comprehensive quote as well as an estimated deadline.

You will then be introduced to a dedicated project manager who will understand more about your project, objectives, and goals. Once you have sent your documents to be translated or audios to be transcribed. They will assign your project to native linguists for whatever language you require. The project manager would be your point of call and they would ensure your translation project is delivered back to you within the promised deadline.

With our extremely strict data protection policy in place, you can rest assured that original or translated documents are always kept confidential and never exposed to third parties.

We are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements and work with password-protected files for your project. Rest assured your translation project is 100% safe and secure with Locate Translate. If you need more information about our quality or data control procedures, feel free to contact us.

Turkish to English Translator

Our Turkish translation services are used by public sector law firms, doctors, and government bodies.

With our Turkish translators having a wide breadth of experience and each specialized in a certain niche industry they are able to translate perfectly to or from their mother tongue.

Our Turkish translators work with your business to ensure the best translation results. With proven experience and excellent references, our translation services are second to none.

Being able to read and speak Turkish does not automatically make people translators, it requires examination, experiences, and an understanding of adapting languages.

Our professional and experienced team are able to assist as well as advise which documents, in particular, your business should have translated.

Our Turkish language service does not stop at translation, we also assist with Turkish transcription, Turkish subtitling, and voice-overs as well as Turkish interpreting.

Turkish Certified Translations

Certified Turkish translation agency for Turkish Certifications. Our reliable, fast and accurate certified translations are available in all 30+ languages 

All of our Turkish certified translations are carried out by real people. Real native Turkish translators who are fluent and have extensive industry experience in English.

We never use AI – artificial intelligence – for our translations. Global businesses, governments, and organisations have learnt that for reliable translations is it best to have human translations.

We carry out thousands of Turkish certifications every month and are familiar with the forms, requirements, and official applications.

Locate Translate has experience working with all types of legal documents including patent applications, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, merger and acquisition agreements, employment and other business documents, leases, and much more.

Our experienced, efficient, and speedy certification team delivers work that is recognized by Turkish authorities, institutions, employers as well as UK authorities, and other countries from around the work.

We have extensive experience in the certification of passports, letters from government departments, medical histories and letters from doctors and hospitals, driving licenses, financial documents, and contracts.

Our service allows you to prepare UK documents for Turkish-speaking countries such as Turkey or Cyprus or prepare Turkish documents for use in the UK. 

Turkish Translate [Turk to Eng]

While Turkish is the official language only in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. There are many other countries where Turkish is spoken these include countries such as Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan. Our native Turkish translators are able to ensure 100% satisfaction with all Turkish language translations completed, whether it website translations, business translations, legal translation of medical translations.

A bit about our Turkish translators. Our high-quality translation, interpreting, and transcription services are completed only by linguists who have extensive experience in their industry nice. This means that your project would be completed by a professional Turkish translator who knows your industry inside out. Our USP is that our translators have the sector-specific insight to ensure translations are completed with the correct terminology and accuracy.

This means that you know your translation will be completed not only with linguist accuracy but also with industry terminology included. Industries that we have immense experience in include legal, medical and pharmamarketing, market research, market research, financial and luxury goods.

Turkish Interpreting
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We are able to accommodate Turkish interpreting services at short notice and at competitive rates.  Turkish interpreting services are provided to individuals, the public sector, GP practices, solicitors, and businesses. Other examples of interpreting include asylum and immigration, family and children issues, crime, housing, mental health, medical issues, social services, welfare benefits, and more.

Our mother-tongue Turkish speakers guarantee that all cultural nuances are respected when completing any translations or interpreting. Locate Translate has translators from each Turkish -speaking country in order to ensure that every spoken word is understood in the correct dialect.

We can provide different types of interpreting in Turkish including, Turkish Court Interpreters, to law firms, Turkish interpreters for businesses, and Turkish interpreters for business meetings.

We offer a variety of interpreting services include over the phone, face-to-face interpreting, or video interpreting. In addition to this, there are various types of interpreting that we offer including simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, Adhoc interpreting, and even whispered interpreting.

Certified Turkish legal translators specifically trained in ‘legalese’ and practice-area-specific terminology.

We also offer a range of legal and litigation services including Turkish document management, Turkish electronic data discovery, Turkish deposition services, Turkish virtual data rooms, Turkish on-site document identification, Turkish court reporting, and Turkish transcription services. 

Turkish Transcription
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We offer transcription services in Turkish from audio or video files.

Our Turkish mother-tongue speakers are able to transcribe your file accurately. With linguists from each Turkish -speaking country, we can definitely assist with Turkish transcription services.

Most people do not realise the level of difference in the Turkish dialect and if a translator is not qualified they would be unable to complete translations.
Our skilled linguistics can transcribe in Turkish or directly into English or vice versa.

We provide successful end-to-end solutions adapted for the Turkish language projects for global distribution. Within our network of specialized Turkish linguists that have extensive experience working with the highly technical subject matter and terminology.

There are various types of transcription available this includes intelligent transcription, verbatim and time-stamped also known as time coded.

With intelligent transcription, the “errms umms” are not included in the transcription. With verbatim transcription, every sound that is spoken is transcribed this would include “errmms, umms” and stutters.

Time coded also known as time-stamped is when the audio is transcribed into segments of 30 seconds. We are able to offer custom time codes as requested. 

Locate Translate is able to choose the most qualified linguists for your Turkish multicultural/multilingual communications project. We offer a wide array of solutions to meet our clients’ needs. This includes Turkish brand consulting, Turkish multicultural marketing, Turkish voiceovers and subtitling, Arabic document translation, Turkish typesetting and graphics, Turkish interpretation, staffing services, Turkish website localization, Turkish interpretation, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Countries Speak Turkish?

There are in the region of 70-80 million native Turkish speakers in various countries around the world. These countries include Turkey (approx 72 million), Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Greece, and Romania. Iraq, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Iran, Turkmenistan. 

How Much Does Turkish Translation Cost?

We offer straightforward, simple prices with no surprises. For translation and copy typing, we charge a per word rate. For transcription services, we charge a rate per audio or video minute. This is also the case for subtitling or voice-overs.
Turkish Marketing services such as desktop publishing are charged at an hourly rate.

How Can I Translate an Turkish PDF to English?

At Locate Translate we have clear and straightforward pricing for translations of pdf documents. We price all translations based on the number of words, after inspecting your Turkish pdf we can give a fixed price for the Arabic translation service.
We are also able to offer an Turkish certified translation if required, which is where the translated document would receive a certification stamp from our company.

Ready to Go Ahead With Your Turkish Translation Project?

Locate Translate houses native linguists with technical expertise who offer top-quality Turkish translation services tailored to suit your business needs. Call us at +44 208 609 4852 or share your project details at hello@locatetranslate.co.uk.

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