Types of Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates the speaker’s words or thoughts while the speaker is still speaking. There is usually a slight delay (of about 30 seconds) from the time the speaker starts speaking and the interpreter starts interpreting.
This is not a word for word translation more how the interpreter would render the speaker’s thoughts or idea.

adhoc interpreting

Ad-Hoc interpreting

Ad-hoc interpreters usually accompany one or two people and assist them with understanding a language as well cultural nuances.

consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message.

Telephone Video interpreting

Telephone/ Video interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter converts the spoken language from one language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other.