Urdu into English Interpreting Services

Experience seamless communication with our top-notch Urdu into English interpreting services. Our expert interpreters prioritize your needs, ensuring flawless interpretation and efficient project management. Say goodbye to language barriers today!

experienced linguists to interpret and moderate conferences

Experienced Linguists

At Locate Translate, we provide Urdu into English Interpreting services and vice versa. We partner with highly trained linguists proficient in Urdu. This enables us to offer a wide array of Urdu into English interpreting and moderation services, tailored to your unique needs.

qualified and accredited interpreters

Qualified Linguists

Our proficient linguists are ready to support you in diverse situations, including face-to-face meetings, telephone and video interpreting, and multilingual moderation, all tailored for Urdu into English interpreting services. At Locate Translate, we exclusively work with the most qualified language experts to ensure precise handling of your needs.

Our linguists possess university degrees, necessary language diplomas, and industry expertise, guaranteeing accurate interpretation and capturing every nuance.

native linguists

Native Linguists

Our team of expert linguists at Locate Translate includes native speakers and bilingual professionals in Urdu and English. Their proficiency in understanding and adapting to intricate language subtleties guarantees a communication process free from misunderstandings. With their experience and linguistic insight, we ensure accurate conveyance of content and context, fostering effective communication with partners.

Interpretation Services & Moderation Services

face to face interpreting services at locate translate

Face to Face Interpreting Services

In today’s interconnected world, where international business meetings and conferences are commonplace, effective communication holds paramount importance. On-site interpreting services bridge language gaps and enable seamless interaction among individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds. At Locate Translate, we recognize the significance of in-person communication, demanding linguistic finesse, empathy, and skill.

Our skilled interpreters understand that nonverbal cues contribute significantly to communication, comprising around 60 to 65% of the message. This underscores the crucial role of in-person interpretation, where our language experts excel not only in their domain but also in capturing nuanced expressions, ensuring uninterrupted on-site interpretation services.

telephone and video interpreting

Telephone & Video Interpreting Services

In a modern and connected world, telephone and video interpreting are gradually supplanting face to face physical encounters. Not to mention that it is cheaper to have a conference call or virtual video conference because there is no need for the involved parties to travel.

Sometimes known as video remote interpreting, video interpreting involves the direct translation of the spoken word among two or more parties speaking different languages over a live video feed. Telephone interpreting follows the same principle without actually being able to see the speakers.      

The advantage of video interpreting is that the interpreter is still able to capture body language to better convey the message. This is not possible with telephone interpreting where what is being said is the primary focus. However, both methods are useful depending on your needs.

multilingual moderation

Multilingual Moderation

In an increasingly globalised world where language barriers are ever more prevalent, multilingual content moderation has become unavoidable when communicating effectively across multiple languages. Strong stakeholder relationships are key to any company or brand. Multilingual moderation protects the brand and allows for a fully immersive overall communication strategy.        

At Locate Translate, we only work with carefully selected and trained multilingual moderation professionals. Once our experts have been briefed with regard to your project and have fully familiarised themselves as to your needs, they are then able to deliver comprehensive moderation of all of your content.


Why use Interpreting Services?

use interpreting to reach global audience

Global Reach

Understanding different languages overcome barriers and cross borders, allowing for communication across the globe. The ability to interpret what is being said between various parties speaking different languages creates synergies, fosters cooperation and grows businesses. Global reach through expert interpretation brings people from different cultures together by opening up a dialogue.

interpreting services

Increased Opportunities

Doors automatically open when language barriers fall, resulting in increased opportunities for companies and people. Without language interpretation one would be limited to the borders of one’s country. Experienced interpreters create opportunity and communication between people.

audio and video interpreting

Audio & Video Interpreting

Audio and video interpreting allow for instant access to clients, stakeholders and people without the need for travel. Meetings between different parties speaking another language can take place from anywhere on the planet. Audio and video interpreting make talking to other people easy.

legal interpreting services

Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting requires expertise. Every word and every nuance of an expression is important here. Interpreting legal dialogue involves understanding the associated terminology in two or more languages. A profound knowledge of the respective legal and administrative systems is of crucial importance in order to be able to produce precise legal specialist interpretation.

business and travel communication

Business Travel & Communication

Business travel and communication focus on a country’s respective target culture, people and language. For this reason, Locate Translate attaches particular importance to native and foreign language competence among its specialist interpreters. Furthermore, a high degree of intercultural competence is essential for seamless interpretation when communicating during business travel.

use interpreting service to communicate to more people

Speak With More People

The ability to communicate in foreign languages brings people together, fostering dialogue and business opportunity. Speaking with more people from across the globe creates synergies through the exchange of ideas that were otherwise not possible due to language barriers.


Popular Interpreting Services

international telephonic interpreting services


International Telephone Interpreting

International telephone interpreting allows our clients to communicate internationally with people across the globe. No matter where you are in the world, we can arrange a fully qualified interpreter who will help you with your language needs. You can speak directly to your target audience in the required language via a teleconferencing service of your choice.

International Interview Moderation

Our highly trained multilingual facilitators and moderators will help maximise your market research output. The moderator or the facilitator keeps the interviewee(s) focused on the main topic by asking the right questions and then ensuring that the right answers are obtained. At Locate Translate, our international moderation and facilitation services are used for conducting group discussions or one on one interviews, whether they are conducted face-to-face, via telephone or video.


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A dedicated account manager to understand your requirements 


Native, Certified & Experienced

Certified & Experienced linguistics within industries niches


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video and remote interpreting


Video & Remote Interpreting Services

Video and remote interpreting allows for more personal interaction with people due to the added visual context and cues. A dedicated language specialist will facilitate seamless communication in any language and place. There is no need to travel or clock up those miles. All you need is internet access, a computer, a mobile phone or tablet, making it possible for you to fully immerse yourself in a face to face interpreting experience without actually being physically present in the same room. We also offer Zoom interpretation services!


Quality Assured

Languages Covered


What Our Clients Say

interpreting services

Our clients needed an interpreter for their complex legal matter. We come across locate translate through their website and I have to say their interpreting service was second to none!

solicitor interpreting

Jane Wilkinson


interpreting services

Locate translate were are able to provide a quick and cost effective interviewing moderating service for our market research across eastern Europe. Allowing us to meet our global market research objectives within budget

marketing researcher

Arnold Wang

Market Researcher


Areas we Cover

market research interpreting

Market Research

In market research, market analysis is the systematic analysis of existing market data for a specific market at a specific point in time. Market analysis can be carried out using different data collection methods. A distinction is made between primary research and secondary research.

How suitable is a certain market for you or your company? Market research answers this important question. Every market participant, whether a company, founder or private customer, can carry out a market analysis. In any case, it serves as the basis for decisions. Providers and consumers collect and evaluate information in order to make buying or selling decisions. One can also rate a current market or identify new markets.

marketing interpreting services


Long-term planning is tantamount to long-term success. This applies to your marketing strategy as well as your corporate strategy. At Locate Translate, we will support you with your marketing goals, resulting in more business and increased success.

Medical & Life Sciences

There is an abundance of technical terms and abbreviations in the medical field – and our specialist interpreters can help. Our qualified team of expert interpreters covering a broad spectrum of languages are up to the challenge. We aim to realize your interpretation requirements carefully and precisely. Whether medical reports or interviews, we use the necessary specialist terms, getting the message across to the client. We will certainly leave nothing out, adhering to the highest quality standards.

legal interpreting services

Legal Interpreting Services

We have the crucial legal know-how when it comes to aiding you with your interpretation needs in the legal field. Interpreting legal language requires expertise. Every word and every nuance of an expression is important here. Legal interpretation services

mean nothing other than facilitating legal dialogue in a foreign language. A profound knowledge of the respective legal and administrative systems is of crucial importance in order to be able to support in a legal interpretation situation.

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