At Locate Translate, we support international market research studies through questionnaire translation and transcription of audio in over 30 languages; which means we help research firms with survey translation into any native language spoken in the area of study. 

Language Requirments for Conducting Global Market Research

Businesses fund global market research projects to see if commercial success would be viable for their product or service in an overseas market. Ultimately, the goal is to expand the business to new territories, and also sometimes to do an image makeover in an international market. 

Knowing that requires quality data to be collected, analysed, and drawn into clear insights. And market researchers have many tools at their disposal that they utilise to help businesses collect data. 

However, the quality of the data collected depends on how well your respondents understand the survey questions. That in turn would depend on whether or not these surveys are in the native language of the target audience in the study area. 

Necessity of Language Services

If it’s not in the local language, there’s every chance that they may not understand it well enough to respond in the manner expected. With that said, the necessity of language services only becomes clearer when it comes to multilingual questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Global Market Research Revenue in 2022

20-50% of an organisation’s marketing budget goes into funding research activities. No wonder then the global market research turnover is forecasted to cross 82 billion in 2022.

Three Sectors That Spend The Most on Research

  • Consumer Non-Durables (CND)
  • Media and Entertainment 
  • Pharmaceutical

By the earlier estimates, annually these three sectors’ research spending is over 51% of the total market research turnover. 

The Purpose of International Market Research Studies


  • Provide businesses with insights about market characteristics.
  • Identify problems and opportunities to capitalise on. 
  • Develop tailored marketing strategies based on real data. 
  • Turn data into business insights.

Types of Market Research

Qualitative and quantitative research are two major types of market research. And each is explained below:

Quantitative Market Research

As the name suggests, the outcome of quantitative research is stats. Businesses utilise this method when they need statistics or percentages – numbers like that. And the most typical forms of quantitative research are online surveys.

Qualitative Market Research

On the flip side, qualitative research is more detailed and open-ended. And involves asking open-ended questions to get detailed answers. Various forms would include surveys, one on one interviews, and focus groups. 

Benefit for Business

As is evident from the enormous spending on market research, businesses can gain lots of benefits by investing in international market research studies. To begin with, it can propel your growth in the overseas market and help your business expand without hassle.

Market research equips you with market understanding. That itself is a tool, which you can use to reach a much wider audience, and efficiently market your products and services in any market anywhere. However, there’s a catch!

What is the Catch?

The catch is this: without knowing the culture and language of the market under study, it’s not possible to understand everything about it or gain insights. 

But a normal researcher or even a firm, doesn’t have the linguistic capability to undertake a multilingual and multicultural market research study on their own. They need outside support to tailor their studies to the chosen audience, language and culture.

Translation and Transcription Services 

That’s the reason translation and transcription have become imperative for market research firms to conduct research globally and with success. Translation services help researchers get their questionnaires, surveys, marketing material, and proposals translated. Transcription services help them transcribe audio files into their chosen language. For audio files where speakers spoke a language other than English, and you need English transcripts, you will be provided with transcription translation services as well.

Market Research Translation Services


When the chosen audience understands the content fairly well, their responses to surveys and questionnaires happen to be more apt and precise. That means the chances of success of your research more than double.

It’s for this reason that market research translation has grown in popularity given its immense utility in the research sector. You will be provided with questionnaire translations with cultural and linguistic differences taken into account. Similarly, you can also get retail case studies translated into multiple languages. Additionally, if you’re in the automotive sector, translations help you create focus group material tailored for the target audience. 

Survey Translation Services

Survey or questionnaire translation services involve the translation of a survey into the local language widely spoken by the audience under study.

Survey Translation Involves


  • Native linguists translating survey materials into the target audience’s native language
  • Creating multilingual questionnaires for foreign markets and audiences
  • Translating open-ended responses to English for analysis

Survey Translation Process


  • Send query to 
  • Mention your target market, language, and research goals
  • Receive a non-obligation market research translation pricing quote 
  • Approve the quote for the translation process to begin 

Questionnaire Translation Services

Questionnaire translation is the same as survey translation and involves translating survey questionnaires into the language of choice.

Why Use Professional Translators for Questionnaires

Translating questionnaires is a demanding task. Even a tiny error can lead to incorrect data. That’s why professional translators are so important for handling such translation projects with diligence so that no errors creep in.

Only experienced translators adept in market research can deliver accurate translations of surveys or questionnaires and other market research materials.

Necessary Skills for Market Research Translators

So if you wonder what are some of the skills translators should possess before hiring one for your project, we have listed a few here. These skills will help you select the best language services provider for your market research project:

Sector-Specific Expereince

Choose only translators who have worked on market research projects before. That’s to say translators should be experts in market research subject matter.

Native Speakers

Native speakers know the local culture and language well enough to translate the text accurately and without errors.

Research Terminology

Someone who knows the technical aspects of research projects and is conversant in research terminology is in a better position to provide you with accurate translations of questionnaires or surveys.

Market Research Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of converting audio into text. And market research transcription involves transcribing focus groups and research interview audio files.

Audio Transcription Services for Focus Groups and Interviews

Market researchers conduct focus group discussions to know more about target markets or their products whether for pharmaceutical companies or technology companies. Then there are interviews that are conducted over the phone or in person, which need to be transcribed and translated into the required language. 

That’s why focus group transcription and interview transcription are so important for market researchers. For this, researchers need a transcription agency to partner with that is experienced in the market research industry.

Furthermore, you should partner with a transcription agency that can deliver verbatim research transcription services with the same accuracy and confidentiality as intelligent verbatim research transcription services for focus groups and interviews.

Why Partner with Locate Translate?


If you are a market research firm or an individual researcher in need of language services, Locate Translate is your perfect partner with impeccable linguistic capability and experience in the field of research. 

We can offer market research translation and transcription in over 30 languages. We can both transcribe and translate focus group interviews and one-on-one interviews with customers with utmost accuracy and security. Similarly, we can provide you with quality translations of surveys or questionnaires performed by native speakers experienced in the research industry.

To get in touch, please call on 0208 609 4852 or email us at You can also fill in our contact us form.

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