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Content Analysis [Multilingual] for International Market Research

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Locate Translate is your one stop translation and data management office for getting the job done right. Management of client expectations and delivering results is what we do.

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative research is a tried and tested data analysis method that is effectively used in the pharmaceutical and life sciences’ industry. This data gathering technique allows for comprehensive and detailed results if used efficiently when conducting surveys. It varies compared to quantitative research, which can be employed in conjuncture with qualitative analysis. 

Simply put, quantitative data gives you the numbers that can support the basic general points of your research. Qualitative data provides the details and depth you need to fully understand the data, allowing you to draw the necessary conclusions.

Qualitative data is a collection of information that describes a topic rather than measuring it. Think of impressions, opinions and points of view. Qualitative surveys are less structured. The goal is to deeply penetrate into a topic and to obtain information with regard to the motivation, way of thinking and attitude of the respondents. This results in a deeper understanding of research questions, providing an in-depth insight into respondent psychology and motivation.

Quality Assured

Quality forms the basis of everything we do at Locate Translate. Without guaranteed quality assurance, it simply would not be possible to manage content analysis because attention to detail and precision are the cornerstone of this discipline.

Data Management

Data management involves a collection of measures, procedures and concepts. The aim is to provide data for optimal support for the various processes associated with any given project. Data management includes measures to ensure data quality, consistency and security as well as data lifecycle management.

Various aspects and elements of data collection, data access and data storage are taken into account as part of data management. These include, for example, data quality, data protection, data consistency and data lifecycle management. Data management encompasses the complete life cycle of data, from data creation and data collection to data archiving or deletion.

The advantages of effective data management:

  • Protection of critical information
  • Compliance with the relevant compliance requirements
  • Optimal support of business processes
  • Ensuring data protection and data security
  • Efficient management of large amounts of data
  • Optimization of hardware and software resources such as storage space and computing power

1st & 2nd Stage Content Analysis

At Locate Translate, we offer an in-depth analysis of your content. Our experienced team of account managers will be able to advise you once we have gained an understanding of your requirements.

Our multi-year experience in dealing with clients from across the globe enables us to understand and deliver solutions to complex client mandates. We’ve listened to you and offer a broad range of specifically tailored qualitative market research language services to suit your every need.

1st stage analysis of your project arms us with the necessary tools to support content analysis needs. We can analyze an existing report for you or write up a new one from scratch. It is up to the client to decide which service is required.

Content Analysis [Multilingual] for International Market Research
Content Analysis [Multilingual] for International Market Research

Content Analysis Experts with Top Language Skills

Our content analysis experts cover a broad range of languages. We guarantee that we only work with the very best talent in the industry. Not only are our content analysis experts native speakers in the required language, but they also possess the necessary skills and knowledge in the pharma and life sciences’ industry.

Contact our friendly and dedicated account managers to see how we can be of assistance to you. We will take the time to listen to your needs and set you up with an experienced content analysis professional with language skills.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Our team of account managers will help you manage your projects. After a full briefing of your requirements, we will immediately get to work. At Locate Translate, we know that project planning is the key to any business or project success.

It is our goal to help you manage the information gleaned from face-to-face and telephone interviews with end product users, consumers, healthcare professionals, physicians or any other relevant agents in your field of research. Our multilingual content analysis experts have years of experience in analyzing data in multiple fields. They will help you make sense of the wealth of gathered data and prepare a report based on your findings.

Managing your business really doesn’t have to be hard.

Content Analysis [Multilingual] for International Market Research

"Our clinical trials needed content analysis from German into English and Locate Translate were able to provide a super fast turnaround- Amazing work"

– Healthcare Researcher

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If you are already interested in our language and content analysis services, please feel free to contact one of our account managers directly for a more in-depth discussion. Alternatively, you can send us an email or fill in our online quote form and an experienced account manager will quickly get in touch with you.

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