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Adverse Event Reporting Clinical Trials

Locate Translate provides high-quality, reliable and accurate Adverse Event Reporting for Clinical Trials.

An adverse event (AE) is an occurrence (including abnormal lab values), any symptom or disease that transpires in connection with the use of a drug or medical device, regardless of the fact whether it is causally related to the drug or medical device or not.

Managing adverse events in clinical trials, and during interviews with physicians and patients can be extremely trying, especially when a foreign language is involved. At Locate Translate, we only work with highly experienced language specialists who understand the healthcare industry and how AE reporting is conducted, hence are better equipped to provide top-notch adverse event reporting for clinical trials.

Our team of dedicated account managers will assign your project to an experienced multilingual linguist, depending on what you need done. We cover a broad range of services, including translation, transcription, proofreading, content analysis and interpreting.

Adverse Event Reporting for Clinical Trials - Locate Translate
Adverse Event Reporting for Clinical Trials - Locate Translate
Adverse Event Reporting for Clinical Trials - Locate Translate

Welcome to Our Medical Specialists

Our medical specialists consist of a team of experienced linguists with medical and pharma knowledge and experience. This unique structure allows us to collaborate with medical professionals directly, creating a fully immersive and comprehensive language service for our clients.

Information exchange and dialogue between our account managers, linguists and physicians make our service wholly unique in the language services industry.

adverse event reporting for clinical trials

Meet Our Expert Linguists

Our linguistics are carefully selected and screened in their niche. Rigorous checks are carried out by our compliance team to ensure only the best linguistics are working on our projects. Our linguistics are native speakers of their target language with extensive experience in their source language. Before carrying out a project in an industry niche, linguistic demonstrate they have the required expertise in that niche.

adverse event reporting for clinical trials


An experienced medical practitioner with 10 years of experience in the field of adverse event clinical trial, helping develop and deliver the vaccines of the future. Fluent in 4 languages.

adverse event reporting for clinical trials review


An experienced medical market researcher with a Masters in Biomedical Sciences and over 5 years in the biomedical industry. Fluent in 4 languages and understand exactly what our pharma and life science clients are looking for, including adverse event reporting clinical trials.

adverse event reporting for clinical trials review


A dedicated and experienced lawyer specialised in patent and IP for medical devices, and the biopharmaceutical sector. Fluent in 3 languages. and adverse events in clinical trials 

adverse events in clinical trials

Our Mission Is to Provide Professional, Transparent & Honest Adverse Events in Clinical Trials

adverse event reporting for clinical trials


We deliver tailor-made translation solutions for your projects with excellent service, hand-picked multilingual translators and client orientated focus. We will always strive to find the ideal native speaker with industry-specific knowledge for your business translation needs and AE reporting. Anything less than 100% accuracy is not good enough for us.

Clinical Trial Transcription

At Locate Translate we also cover research and clinical trial transcriptions in group and one-on-one scenarios. The primary aim here is to capture the speakers’ message and convert it into text without losing the actual context and emotion. This type of transcription is particularly useful when conducting research in the medical field.

Many of our clients in the medical and sciences industry request adverse event reporting clinical trials service when they want to gauge patients’ or physicians’ reactions with regard to a new hypothetical drug launch for the associated disease. Generally, the finished product results in a verbatim transcription.


There is an abundance of technical terms and abbreviations in the medical field – and our specialist interpreters can help. Our qualified team of expert interpreters covering a broad spectrum of languages are up to the challenge. We aim to realize your interpreting requirements carefully and precisely. Whether during interviews or meetings in person or via video link, we use only the best people, helping you get your message across.


Our comprehensive Locate translate proofreading service only uses the very best native-speaking language specialists who are fully versed in AE reporting. Proofreading forms an integral part of AE reporting. When collecting information on specific drugs, treatments and medical devices, you need to be able to anticipate the need for adverse event (AE) detection, processing, and reporting, which is what we will do for you.

Content Analysis

Our content analysis experts cover a broad range of languages. We guarantee that we only work with the very best talent in the industry. Not only are our content analysis experts native speakers in the required language, but they also possess the necessary skills and knowledge in the pharma and life sciences’ industry.

Experienced Linguists

Our qualified and experienced linguists are able to support our clients in various situations, including translation, transcription, face to face meetings, telephone and video interpreting and multilingual moderation. At Locate Translate, we only use the most highly qualified language experts to ensure the seamless handling of our client’s requirements. More importantly, we only collaborate with the most qualified linguists who have the necessary AE reporting training.

“The great thing about working with Locate Translate is the dedicated project manager, I have been working with Jessica for over 2 years now and it is like having an extended part of our organisation. She understands all our requirements and even offers suggestions to help us gain more insight into our trials”

Brett Vasquez

Pharma Market Research Agency

Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same-Day Appointments are Available for adverse event clinical trial.

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