English Certified Translation Services for Documents

Are you in need of a certified translation service for your non-English documents? You can get your documents translated here at Locate Translate at affordable rates where we offer quality translation documents services. In the United Kingdom, official document translation means that an accredited language service provider (LSP), such as Locate Translate, certifies the accuracy of the translated document. This means, we officially stamp, sign and attach a statement of truth, declaring that the completed translation is an accurate and true representation of the original document. Request a FREE QUOTE on English Certified Translations!

Certified Document Translator, Locate Translate offers businesses across the niche premium quality certified translations in the UK. If you come from a non-English speaking country to the United Kingdom and need official document translation services, look no further. Here at Locate Translate, we deliver certified document translation in 30+ languages.

We provide fast, accurate, and affordable document translation services for immigration near you along with translation services for medical documents!


Locate Translate certified translation service means we issue certificates of authenticity for all of our translations. Translations completed by Locate Translate are accepted by UK authorities including the Home Office and UK Passport Office to name a few.

Certified Document Translations Include:

* Fully certified, accredited and recognised all over the world
* Our certified document translation is accepted by government bodies such as the Home Office, Courts of law, DVLA and many other organisations both public and private
* We offer competitive pricing for all of our certified translations service whichever language you require.


Official Document Translations Services

We fulfil our client’s exact requirements for their certified translation needs and legalised translation. Our guarantee at Locate Translate is that we offer professional, confidential and accurate certified English translations of any non-English documents for all of our clients.

If your documents are required to be Apostilled this means that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is required to stamp or seal your documents.

We can arrange translated documents to be Apostilled by the FCO and have your documents delivered back to you.


What Does Certification State?


Once we certify a document includes that it is a “true and accurate translation of the document.” It will include the date the document was translated. Our certification stamp will also include the contact details of our approved translation agency.

What Does the Certified Translation Service Cover?

At Locate Translate offer certification for any type of document. We certify the following type of documents daily. Personal documents, official documents, certificates and diplomas, passports and ID’s, legal files and materials, business and corporate documents as well as government documentation.

Professional Translation Services for Documents

  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Divorce Certificate Translation
  • Medical Report Translation
  • Police Record Translation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Bank Statement
  • Driving License Translation
  • Bank Statement Translation
  • Insurance Claim Translation
  • Certified Translation for Official UK use
  • Certified Translation for abroad

Certified Translation Documents Services

Our authenticity certificates are issued and signed on our letterhead paper with the official translated document. Our certified stamp confirms that the translations and transcriptions will be accepted by government agencies all over the world. Contact now for translation documents services.

Locate Translate follows ISO Quality management processes. Because we ensure the highest standards are followed and our translated documents are delivered accurately.

All of our linguists are native speakers of the language and specialised in niche areas. To ensure exact and accurate translations every time. Locate Translate also provides NARIC translation for documents.

English Certified Translation

As a leading language service provider, Locate Translate are able to provide an accurate, fast and reliable certified translation service to all of our clients. We offer one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry as a standard service. Also, we can offer a same day translation service or even over the weekend certified English translations of non-English documents .

What is a Certified Translation?

A Certified translation is when a translation is completed by certified institutions and they certify the accuracy of the translated document.

In what circumstances would you need a certified translation?

Certified translations are required in a variety of situations. Such as submitting a draft, contract, educational, commercial or medical documents to another party or organisation that are not a native of the language of the document you need to submit.

This means that those documents would need to be translated in their language, so they can understand the contents. This is where using a legally certified company such as Locate Translate are able to translated and certify the translations.

 Governments agencies across the UK always require certified translations and Locate Translate certification service means that your documents would be accepted.

We use our legally certified stamp on all of our translated documents to makes the documents easily and readily accepted by all government agencies and departments.

When are Certified English Translations of Non-English Documents Required?

If you have an official document or a document that you will submit then to a government agency that is not in English you are likely to need them to be translated and certified.

You will also need a certified translated document if you are going to be using documents for legal purposes.



What is Considered "Certified"?

A translation is deemed “certified” where it was completed in one of the following situations:
1. The document has been translated and certified by an approved language translation provider.
2. The document has been translated by a “sworn translator” (only relevant for outside of the UK).
3. It is certified in front of a legal solicitor.

Legalised, Sworn or Certified Translations

Locate Translate is officially accredited and approved to provide legally recognised certified translations. We provide our certification stamp of authenticity of the official translated document. We only work with approved linguists who are native speakers and therefore our translations are always 100% correct. Our translators have first-hand experience in specific industry niches such as Legal, Luxury goodsMedical, and Marketing.

Translated and Certified by Native Language Experts

As a translation agency based in London, we are able to recruit the best linguist talent. We provide expert translation services for a variety of matters whether it’s legal documents needing to be translated for government bodies or translated documents for the Home Office.

All of our certified translations are accompanied by a legal stamp of authentication confirming the accuracy and reliability of the translated text. Not all agencies are able to undertake certified translation and care should be taken when seeking document certification. Our linguists undergo rigorous checks to ensure that they are suitably qualified to translate for us.

Who Can Officially Certify my Translation?

In order for certified documents to be recognised, they need to be translated and certified by the same approved translation agency.

Many people think that simply being able to speak two languages fluently will allow them to translate and certify documents. However, this is not the case.
As an officially registered translation agency, we are able to translate and certify documents for our clients.

Certified Translations UK

The Locate Translate team offer fast reliable and accurate certified English translations service to all of our clients. As an approved and officially recognised translation agency we have been trusted to certify documents for global corporations as well as individuals.

Because we have an in house translation team, we are able to offer super-fast turnaround times for translations and deliver on short deadlines. In addition, all translations are completed by native linguists with niche industry experience. All of our translations are officially and legally recognised around the world. We provide all of this at competitive rates without compromising quality.

Examples Include Our Certified Document Translations In Following Languages:

How Long Does a Certified Translation Take?

Our standard certified translation service will take one working day. However, if your document contains a large word count this may take longer.
We are also able to provide same-day certified document translation services for individuals who need documents translated urgently. Therefore if you also need the translation to be notarized as well as certified this may take longer.

I Am Not Sure What I Need to Do

At Locate Translate we have a team of experienced and friendly staff who are able to assist with all types of translations services.

Contact us by email at hello@locatetranslate.co.uk or call us on 0208 609 4852 to have a chat. After you speak to one of our staff, we would be able to assist in helping you choose which type of translation you need.

What is Our Translation and Certification Process?

We follow a very straightforward procedure with strict quality procedures in place.

Once you have sent over the document you need to be translated an experienced project manager will contact you to confirm the details and deadline. Once this is confirmed with you they will assign this to the correct language translator.

We cover over 30+ languages so we are always able to help our clients. The expert translator will then start to translate the document, once finished this then goes to another professional linguist for quality control.

This ensures that the certified translation you are receiving is 100% accurate. Once it has been approved by the second linguist it is sent back to the project manager who will certify the document and provide the stamp of authenticity and certification.

Certified Translations UK

What Does Our Certified Translation Service Cover?


  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Death Certificate Translation
  • Divorce Certificate Translation
  • Academic Certificate Translation
  • Driver’s License Translation
  • Insurance Documents Translation
  • Adoption Papers Translation
  • Medical Report Translation
  • Immigration Documents Translation
  • Passport Translations
  • Many other types of documents
certified Translations UK

Do I Need a Certified Translation?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may need a document to be officially translated and certified. Generally any document that needs to be translated will be used for legal purposes and will therefore have to be certified.

For instance, the types of documents that normally require certification include birth certificate, marriage certificates or documents intended for official use, such as contracts or patents.

Our fully complaint translation service includes a declaration by Locate Translate and our accreditation to translate and certify the document. We confirm that the translation is a true, accurate and professional translation of the original document and include our London headquarters contact details as required by law. The certification stamp also include the original signature of the approved project manager who was responsible and handled the translation project.

Apostille Translations

An Apostille translation is typically required when presenting documents overseas. It is the same procedure as a notarised translation however with an apostille translation, it requires the document to be validated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. These types of translations are valid for all countries abiding by the Hague Convention.

If you are not sure if you need this type of translation certification let us know and we will be happy to assist. We work closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and are able to provide translated documents with the Apostille as required.

Notarized Translation

In some instances, you may be asked for a notarized translation. This is a further certification process and the difference is that it will be stamped in front of a solicitor or public notary. They will provide a signature and official seal to legalise the translations.

In most cases, this is not required, and only certified translations are required. If you are not sure let us know and we will be happy to assist.

Sworn Translations

Sworn translations are another type of translation certification. These methods confirm that the linguist has carried out the translation truthfully and the translator must do this in front of a solicitor or public notary.

Most of the time sworn translators are completed outside of the UK. In the UK officially approved language agencies such as Locate Translate are able to provide certified translations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Certified Translation Done?

We have made our certified translation requests as simple as possible for all of our customers. All you need to do is scan your document or take a good quality photo of the document and upload it on the contact us page.

Alternatively, you can send an email to hello@locatetranslate.co.uk with your request and attaching your document. You will receive a response from our team within 15 minutes with a quote for the certified translation.

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