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We’re a leading localisation agency in the UK, providing businesses with all sorts of localisation and translation services.

Localisation and translation are often used interchangeably. However, there is quite a difference between the two and Locate Translate knows it well.

Translation involves converting the source text in one language into another language by respecting syntax and grammar rules. That is about the gist of it. However, translation work does also take the language as a whole into account by including language-specific idioms and mannerisms to respect each language’s styles and standards. Translation work is perfect for medical and legal documents, technical publications and scientific journals where the target language needs to keep the original meaning of the source text.

Localisation so that Spanish is not Spanish to someone from Mexico because localisation goes way beyond mere translation.

Localisation is the translation AND adaptation of content to the respective target market. This includes, among other things, the transfer of words from the source language to the target language, but also the analysis of the target text to adapt it to the local market.

A translation that is correct for one country may not be appropriate for another despite being in the “same” language. At this point, we suggest localizing the translation, and adapting it to the “local language” and country. This means that wording and terms, but also currency, time and date information are adapted to the cultural customs of the country of destination of the translation.


Leading Localisation Agency UK | Full-Service Translation Experts

What We Offer

We, as a leading localisation agency UK, offer a full solution for all localisation projects, this includes localising content, market research, desktop publishing, English transcription, and assisting with multilingual marketing projects.

Leading Localisation Agency UK | Full-Service Translation Experts

Dedicated Account Manager

An experienced dedicated account manager to work with you through every aspect of your localisation project.

Leading Localisation Agency UK | Full-Service Translation Experts


We take confidentiality very seriously and all projects are completed with NDA’s in place. As well as all information held in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Leading Localisation Agency UK | Full-Service Translation Experts

Multiple Projects

With our team of linguists we are able to rapidly complete multiple localisation simultaneous and increase efficiency.

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Progress Tracking

Our transparent approach in working with our clients and partners means that you are always in the loop and know the exact progress of your localisation project.

Leading Localisation Agency UK | Full-Service Translation Experts


We work with your to plan and achieve the best results for your localisation project.

Leading Localisation Agency UK | Full-Service Translation Experts

Teacher Training

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What People Are Saying About Our Localisation Service

“We were looking to launch our new printer range globally and Locate Translate were able to help us create engaging localised content for our target audiences.”

Marketing Manager 

“We manufacture unique engineering products  in the UK. Our plan to export to south america and south east asia was possible due to the localisation that Locate Translate did for us “


“Locate Translate have a very strong design and localisation team that allowed us to rapidly expand our services across 3 continents.”

Franchise Director

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The better we know your target audience, the better we can localize for you. The country makes a big difference. For example, Spaniards speak different Spanish compared to Colombians or Argentines. Americans speak English differently to the British. The same applies to numerous other languages and countries.

Reach your Target Audience

marketing localization

Marketing Localisation

We assist with all marketing localisation this can include localisation of text content, desktop publishing, subtitling and voice overs for marketing videos.

website localization

Website Localisation

Our website localisation are carried out by native linguistics, we are also able to includes desktop publishing ensuring images, fonts, photos and videos are localized.

Find out how we can help

If you are already interested in our localisation and translation services, please feel free to contact one of our account managers directly for a more in-depth discussion. Alternatively, you can send us an email or fill in our online quote form and an experienced account manager will quickly get in touch with you.

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