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The COVID-19 pandemic saw many things rising and falling. Among things whose fortunes exploded was Zoom. Its widespread use as the go-to video conferencing platform is a testament to its popularity. Hundreds of millions of people and businesses all over the world use Zoom. Zoom was purposefully built to facilitate communication when physical distancing became the norm. But when a business has clients located across the globe, who speak different languages, things become awry a little. You realize something is amiss. But not anymore. With Locate Translate’s Zoom simultaneous interpretation services in 75+ major languages, you can communicate freely with any client anywhere in the world. Our professional Zoom interpreters have mastered the art of Zoom interpretation and remote language interpretation in video and audio conferences and ensure participants understand each other effortlessly even though they speak different languages. 

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24/7 Customer Support

A professional personal project manager is assigned to oversee your Zoom interpretation project. Available 24/7, he is responsible for managing the interpretation and translation team to streamline remote services.

Quality Assured

We assure top quality backed by our linguistic expertise. You can rest assured that the service provided to you is offered by native linguists, who’ve mother-tongue expertise in the target language.

On-Time Delivery

Consistently meeting deadlines has made us one of the UK’s reliable language service providers in the domain of remote language interpretation. We are committed to the on-time delivery of your project.

Convenient Zoom Interpretation and Translation Services

The convenience brought about by Zoom to video conferences has made in-person meetings and conferences redundant. Zoom, in fact, has become a reliable platform mediating and streamlining online communication among patients and doctors, students and teachers, clients and businesses, employees and employers. The advent of Zoom has expedited the need for the replacement of traditional interpretation methods and practices with remote interpretation services. Locate Translate has been at the forefront of Zoom simultaneous interpretation innovation with interpreters mediating communication among participants while conferencing remotely.

Zoom Simultaneous Interpretation in 30+ Languages

With Locate Translate as your language partner, you can enjoy quality Zoom language interpretation and translation in 75+ languages. At Locate Translate, we house native-language interpreters proficient both in source and target languages. Besides linguistic expertise, their domain specialization is taken into consideration when assigning interpreters to audio/video conferences. In simultaneous interpretation, we can assign interpreters who can translate as many language pairs simultaneously as required by our clients. Additionally, as a full-service language solution provider, we can also offer English transcription, subtitling and voiceover services for recorded Zoom video conferences.

Remote Language Interpretation via Zoom

With time, things change. It’s nowhere more evident than how we communicate, especially post-pandemic. Remote language interpretation has become a need of the hour with social distancing and lockdowns paving the way for remote conferencing via Zoom. In-person interpretation is less relevant in the present scenario. Instead, the focus is shifting to remote language interpretation and translation via Zoom where interpreters render their service remotely while you conference using the Zoom platform. Our translators and interpreters provide specialized interpretation support to our worldwide clients, such as Live Simultaneous Interpretations on Zoom and Real-Time Consecutive Interpretations on Zoom.

Live Simultaneous Interpretations on Zoom

Simultaneous interpretation is called so because the speaker and translator speak at the same time, translating speakers’ words into the target language, which is broadcasted to other participants in the conference via a private audio channel. Mostly via earbuds worn by participants. Rendering, consequently, multilingual conversation possible and empowering participants to communicate freely in a manner akin to natural conversation.

Real-Time Consecutive Interpretations on Zoom

You may prefer consecutive Zoom interpretation in which the Zoom interpreter and the speaker talk in alternation. That means the interpreter lets the speaker finish talking before interpreting his/her speech. So both the speaker and interpreter talk alternatively. Of course, the time consumed in consecutive interpretation is more but it allows enough room for all parties to hear each other clearly. As such, the communication is more meaningful and rendered correctly.

When Do You Need Zoom Interpretation Services?

You may need services such as Zoom language interpretation, translation and transcription when conducting Webinars, WebCasts, e-Learning, International Business Meetings, Remote Healthcare, Diplomatic Meetings, and more.

Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services


Audio and video web conferences or webinars have become a norm today and are used for all sorts of purposes, such as to conduct meetings. The shift to the online mode of conferencing via Zoom has given rise to the demand for Zoom interpretation and translation services for Webinars. Our Zoom interpreters and translators are all pepped up to take remote conferencing via Zoom to the next level through our Zoom interpretation video services.

Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services


Our interpreters can make webcasting more rewarding for your business by translating webcasters words into multiple languages. As part of our Zoom video interpretation services, we offer simultaneous Zoom interpretation to help participants easily understand what is being said by the webcaster. To make the video conference more accessible to the audience, we also offer the option to insert translated subtitles or transcription on recorded webcasts.

Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services


The pandemic has popularized the phrase Zoom classes. Through our Zoom language interpretation services, E-learning can be made accessible to a wide range of learners speaking different languages. At the same time, it can empower teachers by giving them the freedom to lecture comfortably in their mother tongue. While teachers speak in their mother tongue, your students will hear the same in their own preferred language making learning more fun and easy.

Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services

International Business Meetings

Travel is still risky and many prefer to stay indoors. But online, it is business as usual. The void left by social distancing is being filled by internet-powered remote audio/video conferencing via Zoom. International business meetings are on and thriving in full swing. The option to conduct business remotely is viable, so there’s no reason to fret over lockdowns preventing meetings in the physical environs. Our interpretation and translation services propel remote Zoom business meetings to new heights by providing linguistic solutions to overcome language barriers.

Financial Translation

Remote Healthcare

Health emergency as the current pandemic is, it has quite emphatically revealed the inevitability of remote healthcare in crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking cognisance of the dire need for telehealth services, we have come up with a unique solution in the form of Zoom language interpretation service to help bridge the linguistic gap between patients and doctors, physicians and scientists. You can now get quality healthcare without leaving your home in any language possible with our interpretation services for the healthcare sector.

zoom simultaneous interpreting

Diplomatic Meetings

It’s obvious that when diplomats of two countries converse the information shared is sensitive. Locate Translate as an ISO certified and GDPR compliant translation company with interpreters who’ve signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we’re committed to protecting privacy, maintaining the confidentiality of the project, and securing the information shared. Our linguistic expertise coupled with technical prowess makes us one of the leading translation agencies in the UK specializing in Zoom language interpretation services.

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Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services

If You Belong to Any of the Following Industries, Our Remote Video Interpretation Services via Zoom Are for You

We’ve linguists and interpreters trained extensively in specific fields with impeccable linguistic expertise.


Bank & Finance





Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services


Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services

Legal Service


Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services


Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services

Luxury Brands

Zoom Interpretation [Simultaneous & Consecutive] Services


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