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Fashion & Luxury Translation

Locate Translate offers quality Fashion & Luxury Translation, Multilingual Content Creation for Fashion Brands.

We have a wide range of experience covering multiple language services and disciplines for the fashion and luxury goods and services market. We not only focus on fashion houses and clothing brands, but also marketing and market research agencies. We can specifically adapt to your needs in this best in class industry.

Our experience in the luxury goods market, ranging from fashion to design, from art to cosmetics, from hotels and resorts to private homes and furniture, has shown us and our clients what a high-quality multilingual language services can do for the luxury sector.

What is the difference?

You want language to stand out from the crowd! Whether you work in luxury fashion, the high-end automotive segment, the hotel industry, cosmetics, watchmaking or in the wine and spirits trade, your customers always want the best quality and so do you.

It is clear to us that simply translating a text or doing random language work is no longer enough to ensure international excellence. For this reason, we have the necessary resources in place to provide you with an all-round service, including translations, subtitling, desktop publishing and localisation.   

At Locate Translate, you are at the right address, because perfect quality work is what we do.

Fashion & Luxury Translation, Content Creation - Locate Translate

Types of Industries

Fashion & Luxury Translation, Content Creation - Locate Translate


Clothes are people – you can’t not communicate who you are through the way you dress. 

Fashion equates to fads – it is something ephemeral and not eternal. For some, fashion may just be a superficial topic, for others, however, clothing has a much more profound value.

Because people often define themselves through their style and thus adapt to society – or deliberately want to differentiate themselves from it.

Fashion expresses the generally prevailing taste in a certain area of the industry. It is never final and always changing. As the concept of time is particularly important here, being adaptable and always en vogue with the newest language is what differentiates s successful language specialist from the rest.

Luxury Goods

A luxury good is a class of goods that a consumer perceives as a luxury or maybe an indulgence. In economics, it is a class of goods where demand increases disproportionately in relation to the rise in income. Luxury goods can cover everything from cars and watches to exclusive olive oils and wines. 

Luxury goods projects should by no means be taken lightly. It is a highly diversified and specialised industry. 

This part of the luxury market requires perfect mastery of a complex vocabulary that only a professional translator can handle. For example, how do you tell your Japanese audience that your Scottish whiskey is powerful yet creamy with a soft finish? You need a specialised linguist to get the job done.  

luxury goods translation
cosmetics product translation


Coined in the 16th century from the Latin word “cosmeticus”, the term “cosmétique” (instead of decoration) spread throughout France in the course of the 18th century and morphed into the term cosmetics in the English language.

And just as multilingual as its history, cosmetics have a multifaceted use. Cosmetics are not only there to take care of the body but to also have a beautifying effect and possibly also express social prestige. Decorating and caring for the body is as old as mankind itself. The type and extent of cosmetics depend on the respective cultural understanding of the social group using it.

Unlike the other segments in the fashion and luxury industry, the cosmetics segment not only involves branding and design but also a type of science in the form of the products’ composition. This complex nature requires expert handling that only the very best linguists specialised in the trade are able to handle.

Popular Services for Fashion & Luxury Goods

At Locate Translate, we cover a broad range of services for the fashion and luxury market. We offer top quality services without question.  

fashion and luxury goods translation

Fashion & Luxury Goods Translation

Fashion & luxury goods translation requires patience and sensitivity with an artistic flourish!

Our professional native-speaking translation professionals will work diligently to deliver a perfect end result. You can be sure that your translation work is in expert hands because our people know this industry like the back of their hand.

When it comes to punctuality, we always make sure that we deliver on time. Our account managers always make sure that the deadlines set with you are strictly adhered to. We respond promptly to inquiries and will promptly give you an answer with an offer that meets your budget and requirements.

Fashion & Luxury Translation, Content Creation - Locate Translate

Fashion & Luxury Desktop Publishing

Our expert graphic designers and team of professional linguists will make your website, branding strategy, content and marketing campaign fit any design or fashion segment in any language. At Locate Translate we create solutions. We make sure that designs remain consistent and professional by slightly adjusting layouts and designs without changing the original message.

Different languages use different word counts, potentially disrupting design and flow. Multilingual fashion and luxury desktop publishing is the solution.

 We always guarantee that multilingual content looks professional in every language. We ensure that professional and tailormade concepts and content are not disrupted through translation. All of your fashion and luxury publications in one.

fashion and luxury localization

Fashion and Luxury Localisation

Localisation is the translation AND adaptation of content to the respective target market. This includes, among other things, the transfer of words from the source language to the target language, but also the analysis of the target text to adapt it to the local market.

This makes fashion and luxury localisation so important. A translation that is correct for one country may not be appropriate for another despite being in the “same” language. Localising the language brings you closer to your customers. Knowing the correct fashion jargon in each country or market will make or break any fashion and luxury promotion.

Fashion & Luxury Translation, Content Creation - Locate Translate

Fashion and Luxury Subtitling

Fashion and luxury subtitling involve the transcribing of the source audio or video into a source script by paying close attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. At Locate Translate, we make sure the end result is perfect, no matter the language.  

We first transcribe the source audio into a source script including time codes. We then have one of our specialised teams apply the translation in the target language (following our quality procedures). But before our task is completed, a native linguist reviews the final work ensuring cultural nuances and accurate translations are 100% correct.

fashion translators

Created for your audience

Our translators work extremely carefully and pay attention to every little detail. More importantly, your audience is just as important to them as it is to you.

We only work with native-speaking experts. Any completed work is then checked internally by a native-speaking language expert. Know-how and perfection are important.

Our specialist linguists have several years of experience in the industry and therefore the most precise knowledge in their field. We ensure that everything we do is especially created for your audience.

Getting your message across

A dedicated account manager will be your first point of contact at Locate Translate. He or she is your personal contact for the entire duration of our cooperation.

This makes your work a lot easier. The account manager coordinates our teams of language and industry experts and ensures that projects run smoothly from start to finish. In order to provide you with a flawless result, all of our work is checked again after completion by competent native speakers before approval.

Let’s work together to get your message across to the right audience.

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Fashion & Luxury Translation, Content Creation - Locate Translate
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