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Locate Translate is your premier partner for a comprehensive spectrum of specialized services, meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic requirements of both qualitative and quantitative market research sectors. Our global clientele, spanning the medical and consumer market research domains, trusts us for top-notch Questionnaire and Discussion Guide translation services. With Locate Translate, you gain access to a world of language insight and expertise, ensuring that your research resonates with a diverse international audience.

24 Hour Translation Service Available
48-72 Hours Standard Service

Discussion Guide Translation

Questionnaire and Discussion Guide Translation Quality 

Utilizing our dedicated in-house and in-country teams of translators and proofreaders, we facilitate translations between any language and English, in both directions. Our in-house quality assurance (QA) teams meticulously conduct multiple quality checks on your translations to ensure precision and excellence before delivery.


Efficiency is our hallmark. Upload your audio file, and within 1-2 days, or 3-5 days, depending on the file size and your chosen package (Urgent, Quick, or Standard), you’ll receive a meticulously transcribed document.

Specialized sectors

At Locate Translate, we excel in a diverse array of specialized sectors. Our translation services are synonymous with high quality, a hallmark of our commitment to precision. We proudly engage exclusively with native-speaking translators and proofreaders who are not just highly qualified but also specialists in their respective fields. Their selection involves rigorous multi-tier recruitment processes, ensuring that the quality of translations we provide, whether executed by our in-house or in-country linguists, consistently meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our extensive experience traverses a multitude of sectors, reflecting our adaptability and expertise. We’ve navigated the intricacies of business and financial documents, legal contracts, and manufacturing brochures. Simultaneously, our services extend to the nuanced world of medical notes, market research Questionnaires and discussion guides, and the intricate realm of website translation. At Locate Translate, we’ve harnessed profound language insight, making us your trusted partner for linguistic excellence across these specialized domains.

Translation in Different Languages

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Locate Translate houses professional Translators to provide Translations for your Discussion Guide and Questionnaire with an industry specific mastery for your Market Research projects. Write to us at and we will get back immediately with a FREE QUOTE.

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